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Scientists At CERN Just Discovered Something That Changes Everything! webfi network

Given recent developments in the rekindled ambitions of particle physicists, the grand game of understanding the nature of the cosmos has therefore started, and evolution is about to break out. Scientists at the European Center for Nuclear Research, or cern, have restarted their cosmic gun, a large hadron collider. Before it underwent its repair, the collider had already been producing evidence that the universe may be hiding something remarkable. Join us as we investigate how scientists at cern have just unearthed an astonishing discovery that alters everything. What is the genesis of the cosmos and why does it contain matter as opposed to antimatter?
When scientists discovered the higgs boson, a long-sought after particle that gives the rest of the cosmos its mass but is still missing practically everything, with it several physicists made headlines throughout the world a decade ago. When the Sun Collider was turned on for the first time in 2010, optimist physicists claimed that the cosmos was up for grabs and that the Higgs boson was its intended target. This particle serves as the foundation for the standard model, a set of equations that explains everything scientists have been able to measure about the subatomic realm. However, the standard model is unable to explain some more fundamental aspects of the universe, such as its origin, the elements that make up the universe, and even why the higgs particle itself has mass.
Recent findings may help to clarify some of the riddles surrounding dark matter and other things, scientists are positive about it.
Since they can detect the gravitational signals of dark matter. This dark matter constitutes the majority of the universe, but scientists have yet to determine what it is made of. The most important thing scientists know about dark matter is that it is responsible for the universe’s expansion. It is so enigmatic that measuring it is difficult, if not impossible.
According to NASA, known matter, such as what humans are made of, accounts for less than 5% of measurable matter. Astronomers have deduced that the universe is densely packed with “dark matter,” a substance that cannot be directly observed but whose powerful gravitational pull keeps galaxies from colliding. According to the most recent research, dark matter outweighs visible matter by a factor of five

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  • Dumb Pig on September 20, 2022


  • Surendran Mk on September 20, 2022

    All this are not good physics. The physics had led astray. The structure of proton is very simple! There is no quarks! There is no higgs boson or higgs field! No dark matter or dark energy! Never a big bang. There is no good physicists now!sorry to say, Only educated idiots left.

  • Heartlez on September 20, 2022


  • Zerek on September 20, 2022

    okay… so what was discovered? why do these videos have bait titles? why do the first half of all these videos have information i already fucking know reiterated OVER AND OVER AND OVER? why not just get to the fucking point? im gonna start blocking these from my feed if you dont change your formatting its unbearable. i just want the new information without wasting 4 – 5 mintues to get to it… i know thats probably not profitable for you… SO SELL MERCH

  • Your Own Pics on September 20, 2022


  • M Bradley on September 20, 2022

    Dark matter exists in a mirror world. Very interesting concept.

  • Byrom Taylor on September 20, 2022

    we really should not be f around with all this…if the universrse big bang started from a single atom what if we accidentally do something wrong too. Its like a bind man runing around eventually he will bump into something and hurt himself. Knowledge is dangerous at first before it becomes useful. Not long in our past we discovered uraniumn and have learned how to split atons. sure we created nuclear energy and there was another way safer of doing this but we also discovered another way that would also have the added bonus of letting us make a bomb. Needless to say we picked the wrong way. We are too stupid to just keep doing this and believe everything will be ok because the powers that be suppress things that they cant either A weaponise or make profit from….I mean call me a skeptic but what if say scientists ever discovered viruses that could be mixed with a flu like thing ….they might patent a cure for it first then release it into the world and make lots of money selling use repeat remedys like vaccines….I mean it could happen ….oh wait …

  • Tony Marsh on September 20, 2022

    Hello, I have been working on an hypothesis for a radical alternetive to the standard model of the atom, which I believe could answer some of the problems. I believe that there are on two fundamental incredibly small particles particles that makes up everything in the universe.

    The reason why you have not been able to detect ' Dark Matter ', is because these particles are so small. I believe that all of the particles that make up the table of particles in the standard model, are all composites of these two particles. The following is a ver brief overview of my hypothesis.

    I hypothesize that everything in the universe is composed of just two incredibly small particles that I have proposed.

    One is a negatively charged monopole particle called a ' Harveytron ', which fills every available empty space between the nucleus and the boundary of the atom, and every available empty space throughout the universe, in a cloud called the ' Harveytron Cloud '.

    These particles make up the ' Dark Matter ', and the negative force of repulsion that is produced by them trying to repel each other in every direction, is the ' Dark Energy '. This is the force that keeps all of the planets suspended, and stops them from being drawn to each other, and is what is causing the expansion of the universe ( if it is ).

    The second is a corresponding positively charged monopole particle, called a ' Dannytron ', which, in combination with the ' Harveytrons ', make up all of the nuclei and therefore all of the nuclear matter in the universe. They are what makes up the other force of gravitational attraction between the nuclear matter of the universe.

    Starting with the atom, I believe that all of the particles making up the table of particles in the standard model are manmade, and just pieces of nuclear detritus following collider collisions.

    I believe that the nucleus is composed of successive layers of the two positive and negatively charged monopole ' Harveytrons ,' and ' Dannytrons ', that I describe, like a gobstopper sweet.

    The different elements being determined by the number of the positively charged ' Dannytrons ' contained in the nucleus. Beyond the last layer of positively charged particles there exists just the negatively charged ' Harveytrons ', which fill every available empty space between the nucleus and the outer boundary of the atom. This boundary is determined where the point of equilibrium is reached between the attractive force of the positively charged particles contained in the nucleus to the negatively charged particles in the ' Harveytron cloud ', and the repulsive force of the ' Harveytron cloud ' and the negative charge of the ' Harveytrons ' contained in the nucleus meets.

    Beyond this boundary, there exists only the negatively charged ' Harveytron ' monopole particles throughout every available empty space in the universe, creating a negative force of repulsion throughout the universe, and is one of the two components of gravity.

    I would contend that these monopoles do not give up their charge, and the forces of each, extend through each particle, which in the case of the positive extends to the boundary of the atom and the negative extends to the centre of the nucleus.


    I contend that the electron is not an elementary solid particle, but a cluster of the negatively charged ' Harveytron ' particles that I propose. These clusters form due to the mass of the ' Harveytron Cloud ' trying to reach the nucleus, and as any force is applied to the atom, a pulse of energy is ejected from one atom to the next as happens with the photon.

    The quantity of energy in these pulses is always the same and is a constant. The charge held by these clusters, is not equal to the positive charge of the nucleus, but just a proportion of it. The amount of charge equal but opposite that of the nucleus, is distributed throughout the ' Harveytrons ' contained in the area between the nucleus and the boundary of the atom.


    It will be noticed that there exists a massive excess of the negatively charged ' Harveytron ' monopole particles. These, although incredibly small ( too small to detect with the equipment we have }. do have mass, and as such account for all of the missing mass of the universe, and is the proposed dark matter.

    The force of repulsion they produce keeps all atomic nuclear matter such as the planets, suspended in space keeping them apart unless they get too close to each other, when they will merge. This is the proposed ' Dark Energy '. Because all nuclear matter is encased in these particles, it is forced against large mass of matter, as we are to the earth. This is the repulsive force of gravity, pushing matter together, It will be realized that this repulsive force is also pushing out from the large mass, as all of the negative particle are trying to repel each other in every direction. However, because the nuclear matter contains the compact mass containing all of the positively charged ' Dannytron ' monopole particles, in all of the nuclei. these create the attractive force of gravity, which is stronger that the repulsive force, and acts to try to attract nuclear matter to nuclear matter.

    Our atmosphere defines where the two forces of gravity reach equilibrium, beyond which, there is the constant repulsive force of the ' Harveytron Cloud ' (dark energy ). This force is a constant, and the total force of gravity is determined by the number of nuclei contained in a given mass of matter. The larger the nuclear mass, the stronger the gravity.

    The existence of the ' Harveytron Cloud ', provides a medium in which electromagnetic radiation, or any shock wave can travel through space.

    This is obviousely just a part of my hypothesis, however, if you were interested, I could make a copy of the latest draft my available to you. Kind regards,

    Tony Marsh.

  • Casey Coomer on September 20, 2022

    They need to stop screwing around with this shit!

    Maybe if they would people wouldn’t be getting sex changes & having Nazi’s in the government!!!!

  • Owen Frick on September 20, 2022



  • Scott Schell on September 20, 2022

    Don't worry about the post and the conspiracy theories they're not going to have time to put that in place they will cause an accident that is unheard of and an understood by many scientists will take decades to pick through the ruins and death we will Mash our teeth for a thousand years

  • Scott Schell on September 20, 2022

    After James Webb destroyed the Big Bang and two other of the greatest thinkers theories for the last decade no the last century I'll believe it when I see it you guys don't get a second chance after all that b***** don't even pretend like you know what Dark Matter might be it will take 5,000 years for you to figure it out it's not there

  • Susan Mueller on September 20, 2022

    Remember 3 words, DID PEOPLE DISAPPEAR? PLEASE watch on YouTube before or after this occurs! Much better, before! Hurry!

  • Journal Bee on September 20, 2022

    Dark energy is what's driving the expansion of the universe. Dark matter is what's keeping it together. Dark energy is poised to prevail, and in time, all objects in the universe will be shredded into tiny particles again. Isn't that exciting?

  • Ken Q on September 20, 2022

    The James Webb and the LHC are literally a Universe apart. Are we looking in and out, or before and

  • Ray Cosmic on September 20, 2022

    1 muon neutrino + 1 electron neutrino = 1 photon.

  • Aadil lakshya on September 20, 2022


  • Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers on September 20, 2022

    Click baiting is no way to run a channel. If this was about dark matter then state it.

  • Steven Rhoads on September 20, 2022

    I liked your video, very informative, well done. Now on subject to my knowledge they haven’t found the Seventh pair of quarks yet these will be in this case a triple negative quark because of what Cern starts with to smash together negative, positive,(p.n., n.p, n.n., p.p) etc. atoms. This video looks like they are using Negative, Negative atom smashing causing triple negative quarks which they may get this time around. They are fleetingly fast but it takes a lot of power to get to happen and extremely fast capturing of event. Triple negative quarks and triple positive quarks are assisting quarks when out numbered, when concentrated they create or destroy for instance a black hole is concentrated triple negative quarks it produces triple positive quarks and triple negative quarks on reaching capacity coming out it’s north and south poles and these poles can switch depending on size and what it is consuming. Have a great one and look forward to the future.

  • Rosalie Pan on September 20, 2022

    Dark matter and Dark energy are particles that are moving faster than the speed of light.

  • ThatWeSaw on September 21, 2022

    Dark matter is the electromagnetic field and gravity stacking and that holds galaxies together.

  • THE RECOVERY CH ANN EL on September 21, 2022

    How EMBARRASSING 😳 for you guys. I’m so embarrassed for YO

  • Kathleen Sisco on September 21, 2022

    It is a continual disappoint to click on article claiming 'fusion found' only to have yet another theory about dark matter.

  • Sarah Green on September 21, 2022

    I hate that I have no say on all the trials and unknown things that happen without truly knowing if it’s safe, something really bad can happen, cos they don’t know if it’s safe, that’s why they do these trials, but at what risk to the rest of us

  • Sarah Green on September 21, 2022

    How can any tests be truly accurate if they still don’t know what makes up all of space, if they r missing a lot of variables do we just ignore that fact so they keep getting funding

  • Tokho Ngaonii on September 21, 2022

    Two ways in my opinion..
    – Dark matter or energy is create by the expansion of empty Space to form new Galaxy .. And
    – relics of the supernova explosion

  • Albert Einstein 2.0 on September 21, 2022


  • paul popielski on September 21, 2022

    We are still learning and it may take decades before we really know enough to make a final answer. Keep trying.