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Scientists try to assess the impact of the Omicron wave in South Africa | DW News ctm magazine

South Africa was the first country to sound the alarm about the Omicron variant. Now the wave has passed – and other countries are looking to learn from its experience. Data shows how the Omicron variant causes a spike in case numbers – because it is highly infectious – a lot more than previous coronavirus variants. South Africa’s fourth wave was therefore sharper – but also shorter. But crucially, the Omicron wave has so far resulted in fewer deaths than previous waves. There were also fewer hospitalisations this time around. Some experts conclude that Omicron is less dangerous. But others have warned that many cases may go unreported or undetected, so the real numbers of cases and deaths could be much higher. They’re warning not to underestimate Omicron as a “milder” variant.

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  • Baltazar Gąbka on January 18, 2022

    "For the first time in history the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who refuse to take it."

  • Gol D. Roger on January 18, 2022

    Never learn it's lesson.

  • Stuart LaBrosse on January 18, 2022

    And here comes Deltacron!!! Or that other one!!!🤘😤🤘🤣😂 The coronavirus is here to stay!!!

  • Cozy Road on January 18, 2022

    Is it just me or are they a little disappointed we're doing okay?

  • Eros Barba on January 18, 2022


  • Golden Mean on January 18, 2022

    Where is the last tick of the latest Case came from? I just checked until 17th, continuing going down.

    You cannot learn from South Africa as only 26.6% of the population Vaxed. Natural immunity is the king and some community report says lasts over a year.

  • Ian Campbell on January 18, 2022

    Two recent sets of interesting facts: 1) almost the entire population of South Africa has had Covid. 2) Netherlands was in a state of lockdown when Omicron arrived. What happened next? record case numbers, just like every other western country. What good did "the measures" do in either country?
    – It should be clear by now that infection control measures in the form of mandatory population-wide lockdowns, mask laws and social-distancing laws have no benefit. No benefit at all. Zero.
    – When "the measures" appear to have had a benefit this is solely due to coincidence with the natural rise and fall in case numbers.
    – The only real effects of "the measures" are the negative social and economic ones.

  • azt3ca on January 18, 2022

    Come on DW, let’s milk those COVID clicks!!!

  • Bagong Mundo on January 18, 2022

    I see a ray of hope for the world just by watching this video…

  • kongqianfu on January 18, 2022

    9:50 "A lot of South Africans have preexisting immunity, sadly not so much due to vaccination but due to having had COVID before… 10:21 South Africa has paid a very high price in that many people died in the previous wave simply because they could not protect themselves due to the poor socio economic circumstances of thier lives."

    Natural herd immunity is effective for the survivors, but costly is terms of lives lost. And those who die tend to be poorer. This is the scenario western nations in their "hysteria" are trying to mitigate. Not trying to agrue which way is better, just want us to have the whole picture in mind when discussing the different approaches

  • errol on January 18, 2022

    Ots bs don't take the vaccine it cause the problem weakens the immune system.

  • Sasan on January 18, 2022


  • cheene morata on January 18, 2022

    Higher number of infections only in rich countries they are d target of big pharma

  • Graham Joseph on January 18, 2022

    "news" now is just one gigantic ad for faxxeens
    the unbelievable power … of suggestion

  • Caribbean Man on January 18, 2022

    South Africa has now become the canary in the covid mine.

  • Alex Avalos on January 18, 2022

    Omicron is a gift from god

  • admvisserd on January 18, 2022

    Looking at the graph going up again doesn't look good

  • 45641560456405640563 on January 18, 2022

    News outlets finally catching on?

  • Luke Bandolino on January 18, 2022

    In the 4-th wave (with Omicron), South Africa recorded 4,000 deaths out of 630,000 cases, which means a mortality rate of 0.6%
    In the 3-rd wave (with Delta), South Africa recorded 35,000 deaths out of 1,350,000 cases, which means a mortality rate of 2.6%
    Thus, the mortality rate (so far) during Omicron wave was only 25% compared to Delta wave (75% lower)

  • Joe Ferreira on January 18, 2022

    At last,truth about natural antibodies, correct .Thanks Prof .

  • Pharaoh El Capo on January 18, 2022

    Of course it’s “endemic” now since big pharma already made all of their money/profits

  • O_O on January 18, 2022

    another brgrjamin quota recruit …

  • Leslie Hyde on January 18, 2022

    So far I have not contracted this virus. It's likely due to a combination of getting the initial two doses of the vaccine, receiving maintenance IVIG dosing and being on hydroxychloroquine (for Sjogrens, an autoimmune disorder) along with making a concentrated 95% effort of being a hermit and isolating from society.

  • JUR O on January 18, 2022


  • Huevito on January 18, 2022

    WE are vaccinated and its less brutal, pre vaccines i lost 4 extended family members

  • Everything Is Fine on January 18, 2022

    Africa will be supercharged. Low poke rate, natural immunity in a massive youth population.

    Meanwhile, in the first world, we are at the fourth poke.

  • Sannette van der Mescht on January 18, 2022

    If SA has high rate of natural immunity (many were infected) with just over 96 000 out of 60 million people dying, the disease was fatal for 0.16 per cent of the population (closer to 0,3 for Americans). So on all counts we have done well, with most deaths happening just as vaccines were rolled out. All round the country has fared better than most first world countries (as has the rest of Africa). The perspectives on the reasons for have to be much broader and I doubt vaccines have been even quite significant in any outcomes, if at all. A tiny percentage of the population were vaccinated during Delta, with increased vaccinations during Delta (too late to be effective) and then a drop off of vaccinations, only to pick up agin during Omicron (to late to have any effect).

  • Toby Henderson on January 18, 2022

    If they work for the government this is no longer scientists.

  • Sophia Wilson on January 18, 2022

    No masks?

  • Hunted [Again] on January 18, 2022

    Fairytale nonsense.

  • comment troll supremacist on January 18, 2022

    Variant hokey pokey

  • John Wang on January 18, 2022

    Declaring a disease endemic is more simply declaring that we're giving up on trying to actively contain the disease not that the threat is necessarily gone.

  • Donald Sebolt on January 18, 2022

    Someone tell Fauchi that natural antibodies exist, he is NOT the all knowing diety he thinks he is

  • Kamil Deresz on January 18, 2022

    I guess that nobody estimated simple difference between demographics and complicated difference between health care quality in Africa vs. Europe.

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