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Sean Duffy: Guns aren’t the problem ctm magazine

‘The Big Saturday Show’ co-hosts sound off on the causes of nationwide crime spikes.
#FoxNews #TheBigSaturdayShow

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  • John H. Adams on February 5, 2022

    Democrats just want are guns. No more. No less.
    They want servants. Not Americans.

  • Joshua Gomez on February 5, 2022

    They can make little moves all they want. But until they really address the issues with the laws it wont make a huge difference. The cops aren't the problem.. The laws need fixed. For 80+ years we have been throwing people in jail for non violent victimless crimes far longer than violent criminals.. Its stupid… Violent crimes should be felonies.. Non violent issues shouldn't be crimes. It should be dealt with differently.

  • Jing Li on February 5, 2022

    Toddler tripped and fell. Mom screamed and accused the floor of hurting her child!
    Yeah, blame the gun!!

  • Lawnmower American on February 5, 2022

    You cannot improve the lives of people who don't want your help.

  • Del Beard on February 5, 2022

    Man without a gun is a fool

  • Ray Wells on February 5, 2022

    Democrats arent interested in crime control in the least, they are just interested in disarming Americans, abolishing the 2nd Amendment and getting your vote regardless if your here legally, a convicted felon/criminal or your typical citizen trying to survive the crime ridden streets.

  • H McCarty on February 5, 2022

    Demorat idiots know nothing bout nothing got their d*** an balls an their on the job an low blow joe is running round tbaggin all of them

  • A Aa on February 5, 2022

    And Democrats are wondering why crimes are rising.

  • william sanchez on February 5, 2022


  • Joel Wilson on February 5, 2022

    Look North to Canada!

  • Anthony Gentili on February 5, 2022

    Anyone can build a gun ..more people know how to build a gun than people who know how to change their brakes

  • jack wilson on February 5, 2022

    I have said this in the past. A low number of thugs are running the show for all of us law abiding citizens. Why hasn't vigilantism happened yet. if the thugs are not put in jail you wont either.

  • David Wood on February 5, 2022

    This is what happens when you down breed it doesn't matter about your college education you're still an idiot

  • The Hound on February 5, 2022

    Notice in the thumbnail picture of this video that there is uncovered flesh at the ear holes and just below the face shield to the top of the collar bone. With demonstrations from 170yards and 290yards on My channel using the long-range, silent and undetectable weapon-of-urban-warfare [WOUW]. One can take out PIGs from a safe distance and remain undetected. The femoral arteries are unprotected also. Severed the PIG bleeds out in 8 minutes 49 seconds. This is how you take out any Kyles roaming about.

  • Joseph Bailey on February 5, 2022

    Everyone carry a gun to defend yourself. 2nd amendment states right to bear arms. Why is it not illegal to make it illegal to carry

  • Phil on February 5, 2022

    Name the gun law criminals obey and I’ll get on board.

  • Eight Lives on February 5, 2022

    America needs more lamp posts!

  • Larry Schenk on February 5, 2022

    It's all part of their plan. A very extravagant far-reaching plan. Quite well planned out it seems.

  • Barbara Cline on February 5, 2022

    Sean, finally someone got it, these cities that allow crime, want increase in crime ,to pass their main objective to take away guns.

  • Edward Runyon on February 5, 2022

    Tammy they're radical for standing up for their rights, why would you say that

  • John Slomko on February 5, 2022

    It's the PEOPLE that HAVE the GUNS

  • Stoopid Pursun on February 5, 2022

    Guns are TOTALLY the problem! Guns mean people won't be dependent on and wholly subservient to an authoritarian state! That is a HUGE problem when you're a liberal!

  • The Hound on February 5, 2022

    Legally-elected president Joe Biden's science-based administration created 6.6 million jobs in the president's first year in office! This is the highest number of jobs in the first year created; by any president in history!

  • Randy Murphy on February 5, 2022

    OK folks time to go buy more guns now!!!

  • Hemat Sinanan on February 5, 2022

    unfortunate how Black people follow these ideologists and wonder why they have bad outcomes. Wakeup Blackies.

  • The Hound on February 5, 2022

    Create jobs with The Green New Deal. Pay everyone a living wage. Provide free dental, hearing, vision, and healthcare. Generate vast amounts of wealth with robotics and artificial-intelligence. Provide free: childcare and college educations. And there will be no: crime, murders, or homelessness. And no need for racist, Qu Qlux Qlan, WASP-PIGs.

  • The Hound on February 5, 2022

    The ONLY threats AmurderKKKa faces is extinction by the year 2060 due to catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]; and the anti: science, truth, facts, and reality; leprous-pestilence of the CRAGW-denying, WASP-Skinned-QrumpliKKKlan [WSQ].

  • Laura Roberts on February 5, 2022

    Let's go after guns, but do a robbery with a gun and it's a misdemeanor….sounds legit….*big eye roll*

  • guy leblanc on February 5, 2022

    He wants your guns like Trudeau in Canada wants our guns once you give them up you are at the mercy of the Government just like Australia and many other Countries who have done the same never going down in either country I would say we all are not that stupid they have a bigger plan and the good people of these two great counties will need them too defend against tyranny if one day it comes too that just hope it doesn't.

  • The Hound on February 5, 2022

    Who does it serve The Holy Trinity or Satan? Does it vote in the best interests of its family and our Mother the Earth? The first obligation God placed upon it at birth is to protect its family, the oceans, and our Mother the Earth. It is a mortal-sin to vote QrumpliKKKlan; and a slap to the face of Jesus Christ as He hangs nailed to the cross!

  • Nathanial Taylor on February 5, 2022

    I agree guns are not the problem. I actually know the real problem. Or should I say who. there seems to be a certain group of people that continue being the ones doing most of all the crime. 2020 protests. Yea it's mostly all those people.

  • RC M on February 5, 2022

    America needs to wake up and face the truth about Democrats. They never stopped being slave masters. They just traded the chains for rules, regulations and laws. They could care less about what is right. They could care less about what actually works. They just want to be in absolute control. They are the most dangerous enemy this country has ever faced.

  • Victor Duban on February 5, 2022

    To little to late DA lol…

  • David Ellis on February 5, 2022

    Yes, guns are the problem, and the big money special interest groups that control it all. Like the NRA and all gun manufacturers. Bit of course, there is no putting this evil genie back in the bottle. The second amendment was our founding father's big mistake. It was there for a singular purpose after the Revolutionary War and should have had an expiration date. It doesn't say that all individuals should have guns., but big business has drummed it into the right's heads for years.

  • Frank Lopez on February 5, 2022

    Stay armed to all good people out there our rights are being infringed on and it’s time for the citizens to say enough is enough these criminals are the problem not the guns

  • dean weber on February 5, 2022


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