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Secrets in the Mist: Murder on the Mountain (Full Episode) | Dian Fossey ctm magazine

Everyone who knew Dian Fossey was shocked by her brutal murder, but not surprised. She’d made many enemies and long feared for her life. An inept police investigation provided few clues but eventually someone was charged – gorilla researcher Wayne Maguire. He fled the country before being sentenced to death and has lived with the consequences ever since. Did he really kill her, or has he been the victim of a 30 year injustice? And if not him, then who?

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Secrets in the Mist: Murder on the Mountain (Full Episode) | Dian Fossey

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  • Maria Pereira on August 28, 2021

    Badass warrior girl. Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall and Birute Galdikas they are all heroes. Much respect to all of them..

  • Philippa Mediwake on August 29, 2021

    I love you & women like you

  • Karin-from-Mannheim on August 29, 2021

    No Forgiving for her Killers and their Client. Never ever.

  • William Oxendine on August 29, 2021

    Good of her but we kill thousands babies each day and no one cares Ecclesiastes 11:5 we know not how bones grow in the womb of her that is with child

  • Beautiful Diva on August 30, 2021

    I’ve never heard of her but I’m sorry this happened to her.

  • Beautiful Diva on August 30, 2021

    15:10 what animal is that?

  • jessica on August 31, 2021

    Is there anymore resources on YouTube then these few channels to get the news from…

  • Alexis Gordon on September 1, 2021

    I cried watching the communication between the gorillas and her. The babies are beyond adorable

  • Vicki Carnes on September 2, 2021

    I do hope those who are responsible are found and held accountable. Someone somewhere know exactly who, where , when and why. Let's hope they don't take that info to their grave!

  • TopJimi on September 7, 2021

    Set up. Take her habituation and other research, start a business

  • William Whitcombe on September 7, 2021

    I'm not a 100% certain, but was that Dianne Abbott I saw among the group photos of the gorillas?

  • bulafestival2010 on September 7, 2021

    I love the movie..did they ever tried doing DNA testing again with regards to d hair samples taken so Wayne can be freed..

  • César on September 9, 2021

    monica killed her…

  • Montana on September 10, 2021

    Who was the person in the house that Wayne saw? That is why he went in her house,he said he saw someone in her house, who?

  • Chris HP on September 13, 2021

    The homeless bedroom evocatively punch because iraq unfortunately transport beside a motionless brian. steadfast, zonked john

  • Jonathan Peterson on September 15, 2021

    I’ll never understand how someone can see a gorilla and think “I’m gonna kill it”.

  • AMBER MROZINSKAS on September 16, 2021

    Beautiful and majestic ❤️

  • Veronica Rosario on September 20, 2021

    I grew up watching her i love this woman and yeah government,police did it they made it look like someone else did it miss you sweetie

  • Chris Blake on September 21, 2021

    Dang, must’ve been OJ SIMPSON

  • LeeAnne Hazel on September 27, 2021

    She should have been a nicer boss. You can’t treat people like a tyrant.

  • Joly Frye on October 15, 2021

    I remember Diane F. Her story captivated me. 🦍 I admire her dedication. However, it is never okay 2 B abusive towards your staff.

  • Kaiju AR on October 28, 2021

    She was probably killed by scumbag poachers. Now I feel like trophy hunting for the REAL prey, I'll collect poachers skulls like the Predator.

  • ღSwnsasyღ _ on November 9, 2021

    Wasn't the movie called, Gorilla's in the Mist? Such a great story and such a sad ending to an amazing woman..

  • कृतार्थ यादव on November 18, 2021

    She was a hero!A REAL HERO! ❤

  • कृतार्थ यादव on November 18, 2021

    Why do I think it was neither Wyane nor Rwelekana but someone else,someone really POWERFUL??!And,Wyane and Rwelekana were made only the SCAPEGOATS,and the latter was even killed!

  • Amy Kinville on November 19, 2021

    Because of, "Gorillas of the Mist," I watched when I was 12-14yrs old. I become more aware of endangered species. Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobo Chimps, Orangutans have truly grasped my curiosities. As an adult I'm thankful to be inthe generation where we were able to not only test their DNA but break it down more to understand the genes and the closeness of out or relations and the distance that is minute between each species and us. How we have changed since understanding DNA more and realizing our close relations to other species and how far we are from some species.
    Wayne Mcguire, thank you for selflessly helping the world see the suffering and struggling gorillas.
    Then going to another part of the world and helping humans survive their devastation in this same world different part. You are an incredible human being.
    I dont know many murderers that care for animals and other humans ads selflessly and deeply as you do.
    Also what motivation would you have had. You lost everything you had worked so hard for and a dear friend. An incredible mind he assisted daily and was in awe of. That was were he belonged in the world why would he kill the person that brought him there.
    He is innocent in my book.

  • Eric Smith on November 28, 2021

    Im dying and this story is breaking me to pieces! RIP Dian

  • Beth h on November 29, 2021

    Had Dian Fossey lived, I cannot help but think she would have been killed in the Rwanda genocide.
    We all know how volatile she was.

  • Latisha Hunter on December 7, 2021

    She just told us who killed her listen👂🏽👂🏽

  • DEAR CHRISTIAN CHIC on December 8, 2021

    This had to be an inside job

  • Toxichammertoe on December 15, 2021

    This lady had certain enemies because she was involved in other people's affairs …one thing you know about people's business its another thing you get involved… If she minded her own business she wouldn't have been killed. We gotta mind OUR OWN BUSINESS

  • baz sheasby on December 22, 2021

    Sad story for all parties :/

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