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See George Conway’s reaction to report about Trump’s draft executive order ctm magazine

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and conservative attorney George Conway discuss the draft executive order that then-President Donald Trump considered signing in December 2020 that would have directed the Pentagon to seize voting machines in key states, according to a draft published by Politico.

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  • Alperic27 on January 22, 2022

    this sick sob is truly ready to burn america to the ground to stop the justice efforts to catch up with him for his life of lies and cheating…. his is just a psychopath who hid for 4 years inside the white house from all his coming problems

  • Lee McLean on January 22, 2022

    Let's go Brandon

  • Martin Riley on January 22, 2022

    tRump was correct as he’s certainly a fraud as a president and known to be a massive disgrace.

  • garyl campbell on January 22, 2022

    That man has said fraud so many times he can say it like he believes it. Looser Trump.

  • pat comerford on January 22, 2022

    Is this an American Comedy or an American Tragedy? I wonder what Willy Shakespeare would say if he was around?

  • Gail Eastwood on January 22, 2022

    Just tells you how he can never be in a public office of any type ever again!!

  • Seasons Change on January 22, 2022

    Well rtrump is a TRAITOR along with being bat shit Crazy. The sooner he's locked up the better. Can't come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlton Odom on January 22, 2022

    tRump is a traitor but I sincerely doubt if our weak justice department do anything about it! Appears the USA is destroying itself!

  • Maggie Craigie on January 22, 2022

    You didn’t mean to say bat sh. i t but we know that’s what you thought just like Mitch McConnell.

  • Questionable Fish on January 22, 2022

    Anyone read the thing? Reads like a precocious 12-year-old’s first attempt at a thesis paper. Seriously. It should be written in purple sparkly ink with circles over the i’s.

  • Adventure Seeker on January 22, 2022

    It's just batsh#t!

  • Maureen Perez on January 22, 2022

    I hope Flynn's equally insurrectionist brother who refused to use his responsibility to call on the National Guard…during the insurrection. He needs to burn in Hell…TOO.

  • Flowbe12 on January 22, 2022

    This trump guy thinks he's a Ramases (Pharaoh). But look at how that low life ended up. A distrustful ruler with an outsize ego was finally put in his place when Yahweh laid down the law.

  • Mark Hammer on January 22, 2022

    As this drags on, it becomes harder and harder to believe that Trump ever wanted the office and its responsibilities. And it becomes easier and easier to believe what he wanted from the office was the legal protections it provided and the manner in which it insulated him from prosecution. And once it was clear after the election that he would no longer have them, desperation set in. Sadly, he was able to make that desperation contagious.

  • asbeautifulasasunset on January 22, 2022

    In 2000, the Republican thugs stole the election by means of the Supreme Court! When the votes were later actually re-counted, Gore won. It's a FACT. Where were the Republican patriots and protestors when the election of 2000 was stolen. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and once again the majority of people didn't have the President they had voted for. Was there protest on the part of people who voted for her? No, because the RULES provide that electoral college determines the winner. In 2020, Biden won majority of votes AND electoral college and loser Republicans won't accept the RULES or the FACTS. A reasonable man or woman accepts loss. It's part of life. No way an unreasonable man or woman should ever hold political office.

  • Livhappy on January 22, 2022

    CNN is still fake news

  • Ann Gaffney on January 22, 2022

    this is so crazy–if international interference was investigated . . . wouldn't have it uncovered Putin and his representative's interference? (eye roll) how courageous to take that risk. When Barr resigns and the next interim Attorney General do not support claims . . . again-Anderson is right: it is total batshit crazy.

  • Gloria Amadeo on January 22, 2022

    And is so terrible when T. didn't want to leave the presidency, no because he love the job or love is followers or even his country; but because the presidency was the only arternative he has to avoid be a civilian and face all the legal problems that were stand by in NY, is home town. And until now is still count that his close circle get him into the WH, before he is has to faces in person. It so terrible that he is using his followers for his personal agenda. If some kind of way don't work he drop the people like a dirty paper. His followers, who worship him, are just used, later, they will mean anything to him. Just rot in poverty and injustice.

  • mrmojorisin on January 22, 2022

    this all doesnt matter unless that guy is found guilty and the cronies go to jail or something because there is a part of the population that this wont change their minds and will still vote in crazies. is this the USA ????

  • J/ Banks on January 22, 2022

    🌬📢 Conway BR💪🏻, you had the needle on the record A👠👠
    along. 👈🏽

  • Robert Timlin on January 22, 2022

    Prison for all that were involved

  • Kris Canan on January 22, 2022

    The elected Republicans that took part and are still taking apart in the efforts to overthrow the US government should be arrested immediately and removed from office and that should happen at all levels, state and federal !!!!

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