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See Ukrainian troops try out US-supplied .50-caliber machine guns ctm magazine

Amid ongoing concern that Russia may expand its control beyond the region in east Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pleading for more western weaponry. CNN’s Ben Wedeman goes to a drill where Ukrainian troops are trying out the fresh US-supplied rifles. #CNN #News



  • Tombstone FPV on June 21, 2022

    Send those Russians some good ole American lead.

  • adam mcgeough on June 21, 2022

    Putin please please keep pushing us in the west. I’ve got myself and 350,000 trained brothers that are gagging to get the green light on you!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🔥✊🏻

  • NewBurger on June 21, 2022

    US: "Yeah please, please, try them out.. just don't forget to pay the debt after that hehe. Well, if you can't, just share some of your natural resources. That will do too."

  • Manuel Moraila on June 21, 2022

    Soviet era? That M2 Browning dates back to World War 1

  • Frankwhite515 on June 21, 2022

    Makes me fucking sick seeing these piece of shit CNN commentators acting like actually give a shit about what's going on in Ukraine, while not batting an eye or even reporting on the liberal lunatics burning down our own country.

  • Donovon Williams on June 21, 2022

    I think it’s funny they tried to impeach trump for talking with Ukraine , remember dems ?? Btw this has been going on 4 years before they officially invaded I have some family there . They don’t need are help they have Europe . Americans are suffering here and the amount of money given to Ukraine could of given every person in the United States 1.6 million dollars . This is for hunter Biden and the big man .

  • Donovon Williams on June 21, 2022

    CNN plz don’t talk about anything you guys have been proven wrong on like 10 major subjects and continue being wrong . Last one was Jonny’s trial , you were some of the few that got him fired for being proven guilty . Now look . Russian collusion you were wrong . Hunter Biden innocence wrong again ? How many more times until your just propaganda

  • whee on June 21, 2022

    Ukrainians, especially children, have been abducted by 250,000 and taken to Russia, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians! These grudges against Russia will last forever! Among the children who survived this suffering, a person like Einstein may appear and in the future create more than all the bombs of today, such as the fusion bomb, and erase Russia from the earth!

  • That person on June 21, 2022

    Slava Ukraini !

  • Milagro Productions on June 21, 2022

    Best part is the gooodmorn8ng Vietnam

  • Dark W on June 21, 2022

    Give them some bigger systems. They're willing to train and fight. Whats the problem.

  • Zero-Three on June 21, 2022

    CNN: Guns are bad and we shouldn't allow anyone in America to have them.

    ALSO CNN: Watch Ukrainian troops enjoy American made firepower 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Valéntina officiél 🇫🇷 on June 21, 2022

    But some of those who delivers is already destroyed

  • Haze Pennington on June 21, 2022

    NATO countries need to give Ukraine All the rocket system's and artillery systems that they need,or Putin's will have his baby killers at the doors of Europe

  • Aaron Kosminski on June 21, 2022

    I dont like paying for a war for a diffrent contry would they help us

  • دحه on June 21, 2022

    The hypocritical West killed millions of innocent people in the Middle East and Africa, and now they are lecturing us with humanity 😅

  • salomon muradyan on June 21, 2022

    People that study and learn from the facts know that there is a clear winner…. Russians…. , And is not cause I support them, its just true, all the territories that were Russian target have been occupied and haven't been released

  • Arun Hang Kirat on June 21, 2022

    we suppoert russia..We are east ..if west doesn't dismiss NATO from world ..we will resist from Nepal

  • 1Starlodge on June 21, 2022

    all the weapons' left in Afghanistan

  • lalo rc on June 21, 2022

    All u guys are doing is giving them away to the Russians once they get captured or killed

  • Callme_josee RANE on June 22, 2022

    That’s a lot of freedom

  • minititan on June 22, 2022

    Time to denazify ukraine

  • minititan on June 22, 2022

    Rothchilds funded Nazi germany last time, now they are funding Nazi ukraine but putin gonna put a stop to that

  • Prince Barry on June 22, 2022

    Shame on US And NATO

  • Mariano Turgo on June 22, 2022

    Promises and plegdes of arms shipment is good but time is essentially very importantly in winning the war time of delivery of this arms is essential.

  • ken brown on June 22, 2022

    Why waste the bullets when they have challenges ahead.

  • Mark Flynn on June 22, 2022

    The Nazis love the new American weapons are killing thousands of Ukraine citizens blowing up the schools pulling up their cars and shooting old men women and children there’s videos and photographs and interviews live 24 hours ago of it taken place in Ukraine by several reporters stop you’re lying Biden gave 100 billion to the most corrupt country in the world that’s run by Nero Nazis that’s killing Jews women children and old men and women you’re a disgusting newsagency report the truth

  • MrCryAboutIt on June 22, 2022

    100% of all Battle-ready T-14 Armata's are already deployed in Ukraine, they're immune to Shells, Grenades, Bombs, NLAW's, Javelin's, RPG's, etc.
    The problem is, there are 0 Battle-ready Armata's, and we'll never ever know how cool it actually is because almost all info is classified

  • Scvngr Barblls on June 22, 2022

    While you're at it let fjb we need more stimulus on our hands also.

  • malice on June 22, 2022


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