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See what Russians left behind after being run out of city ctm magazine

CNN became the first international television crew to enter Izium since the Ukrainians retook it from Russian forces. Izium has now been “liberated,” along with almost the whole of Kharkiv region, a Ukrainian military source told CNN. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports on why the city is a strategic loss for the Russian military. #CNN #News



  • Peter McLelland on September 21, 2022

    Ukraine should reciprocate with a hint that it has been supplied with tactical nuclear battle field weapons. – Put the 'doubt: back in Russia's court ?

  • J. Arthur on September 21, 2022

    You showed a lot of western made self propelled weapons there. Don’t think the Russian are the one that left them behind.

  • JACK on September 21, 2022

    The Russians made sure that each and every war machine were painted with Zelensky's initial before they gifted them to Ukraine.they had so much love n respects for Ukraine.

  • Robert Waterman on September 21, 2022

    The thing the Russians left behind was their pride, dignity and manhood, they have proved that they are so weak that even the French could conquer them. They are now the laughing stock of the worlds military organizations.

  • LU4O Official on September 21, 2022

    The truth is that Russia doesnt want a full war with Ukraine , but if they force it , Ukraine will be smashed for a day .. Hopefully there wont be such war , becouse gonna be a brood one ..

  • Riverside Garden Radio on September 21, 2022

    I think this can be explained simpler. There are countries that are donors (of labor, natural resources, etc), the so called "emerging markets" and there are countries that are recipients (of capital, hard currency emitters), the so called "advanced economies". "Emerging markets" would print their national currency debt as a function of those "advanced economies" FX reserves. One interesting side affect of this was that inflation was getting exported from advanced into the emerging markets. Russia ended up in the former category due to the treacherous agreements they signed after the cold war and now Russia, one of the biggest energy exported decides to quit. Western economic machine is in big trouble as it is set up to work differently and the entire notion of being "advanced" is now under question. Russia on the other hand, in theory at least, can simply redirect its resources for internal needs without FX reserve constraints on how much ruble debt they can print. What is interesting as well, is this is all happening at a time when Triffin's dilemma is playing out in the U.S, although I suspect it is still in its early stages.

  • Nikita Konstantinov on September 21, 2022

    unbelievable bullshit 😒 🙄 😤 common open your eyes, so sad about people, hwo must be inside 😢

  • weitzfc1 on September 21, 2022

    the media has predicted the fall of the ukraine , since february . along with all of the military experts.

  • F AlVa on September 21, 2022

    Running like USA in Afganistán or like in Vietnam?

  • Musuda Hussein on September 21, 2022

    Best ❤️.

  • lady bee on September 21, 2022

    Ukraine Army should be very careful . Russia Army might put hidden cameras at all the places they have captured and left or is a trapped
    Be wise Ukraine Army

  • Nunya on September 21, 2022

    New Russian moto: "We might be horrible people. We might suck at all the things your country finds trivial. We might not care about decency or truth… but we can fly to space on a tight budget. We might not know what to do when we get there… but damnit, not knowing what the hell we are doing is kind of our thing."

  • Rich Brown on September 21, 2022

    Not even close to what biden left behind in Afghanistan!! Biden is the biggest fool thats ever lived!! Like Peter the piper,led all rats to whitehouse to rape America!!!!

  • Gabriel on September 21, 2022

    fuck cnn

  • Max Headroom on September 21, 2022

    No shit sherlock. Jeez . . . . .

  • Rich Samkok on September 21, 2022

    We pray for this war to end 🌄

  • robi shkor on September 21, 2022

    Fake news

  • Provad Sing on September 21, 2022

    amazing tool ideas

  • Сделай сам. on September 21, 2022

    Stupid, stupid deceived people!!! His country for the sake of the oil and gas test site, and all that was necessary was to conclude the Minsk agreements. Well, it's all over soon. Yes, remember the pathogenic enemies in Washington, London and Kyiv!!!

  • kingsley offor on September 21, 2022

    May God give Ukraine victory against Russia IJN 🙏🙏

  • kaister901 on September 21, 2022

    Man respect to the journalist. As much as they give you a journalist vest to give you "protection" as it is expected of enemies to not attack journalist during war. Who ever follows that actually? Putin certainly isn't going to.

  • jozo duh on September 21, 2022

    Samo napred ukrajinci do slobode!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇷🇸

  • TrueKing Fubu on September 21, 2022

    Das sieht aus wie ein panzer von der Wehrmacht… Bei min. 2:50
    Das Zeichen auf dem panzer…. Was ist da los?