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See where intense fighting with Russians is happening on Ukrainian front line ctm magazine

CNN’s Sara Sidner travels to the Ukrainian front lines outside the Mykolaiv region where intense fighting is taking place between the Russian and Ukrainian troops. #CNN #News



  • Jan Wenger on June 7, 2022


  • Ivan K on June 7, 2022

    HIMARS needed here. Putinist artillery cannot reach them.

  • Raphael Protti on June 7, 2022

    They're standing just in range of the TOAST-1's. That's pretty brave.

  • Roy R. Luga on June 7, 2022

    Ukraine must WIN! Otherwise, Russia shall: 1. Control 1/3 of the world's food supply; 2. World's largest nuclear reactors; 3. World's largest manufacturer of arms and war ship, submarines, tanks, etc. – that's UKRAINE's potential.

  • hafidz hasan on June 7, 2022

    Its movies again?…lol

  • MadHatter on June 7, 2022

    How can you tell Russian truck smithereens from Ukranian ones? Words just come easy to CNN anchor! Russian destroyed Ukranian prospering!

  • MadHatter on June 7, 2022

    Recently Ukrainians claimed shooting Russian Su-25 jet down while Zelensky was visiting Lysychansk (allegedly). It turned out this was UKRANIAN plane shot down by Russian AA missile. A joke Ukranian style! Lie upon lie!

  • MadHatter on June 7, 2022

    Shakespear should be jealous! So theatrical and pathetic! I watered my handkerchief!

  • Joe Salomon on June 7, 2022

    This is CNN = B S .

  • Si Rave on June 7, 2022

    The Kremlin would like nothing more than all westerners to hate all Russians because that maintains status quo and their position…this is not the cold war anymore (Putin just wants it to be)! Not all Russians are our enemy, but their kleptocratic leadership sure is! Anyone can help from their home! Create a profile on VK (Russia's equivalent of FB). Start adding people. Post legitimate links and articles from Reddit or YT. Start engaging the average Russian (there are PLENTY of Russians on VK that are willing to engage). Yes, you'll get flack from some, but A LOT are completely against the war. I've already made friends and hope that either they can visit me or I can visit them one day. The average person in the West needs to communicate with the average Russian, WAKE THEM UP! Their state media LIES to them and unfortunately a lot of them are apathetic or willfully blind and ignorant to reality. Engage the ones 'on the fence', don't waste your time with those that drink Putin's piss. Use google translate if you don't know cyrillic. Russia needs a regime change! 😀

  • Raymundo Perez on June 8, 2022

    Thank you to CNN's Sara Sidner for going to the frontlines of the ongoing invasion and showing the stories n telling the story of the Ukrainian forces defending their homeland from Russia. Gods Speed.

  • 061966ninel on June 8, 2022

    The ration on artillery is the 10 to 1 in favor of Russia…So, hopelles for ukrainian stationated on this front.Russia is the one who's permet losing material not Ukraine. Memento mori ! Easy-easy, the propaganda accomodate herself with teh crude realitty…Ukraine is on the verge of a big defeat.

  • Myla Porter on June 8, 2022

    you would think that people evolved from the times when tzars go after lands of neighboring countries, but no! Some nations are really behind on their evolution process!

  • Hercegovac on June 8, 2022

    I, the commander and the dick, must have given an interview drunk

  • tyrell tsosie on June 8, 2022

    Why would you shoe a overhead view of our allies. Bad CNN. Anything for a viewing, I swear.

  • Nini Gee on June 8, 2022

    May God protect the Russian soldiers and help them to capture these evil vile disgusting Ukrainian Nazis 🇷🇺 🪆 🇷🇺 🪆

  • José Augusto Figueiredo on June 9, 2022

    And no referendum! It's a lot of will from the NATO terrorists and Nazis!
    Ukraine's president appears to agree to hand over the country's sovereignty to Poland.
    "The state is not a private corporation and in this case we see that the Kiev junta has already agreed to the annexation of Ukraine by Poland and voluntarily surrenders its national sovereignty"

  • Kat Lopez on June 9, 2022

    Hasn't the Ukraine president Begged, and Begged for help not only from the USA, but around the world , so He could fight the Invader of Democracy? Now CNN says is for show. The news segment was planned, so is the Erosion of Democracy

  • Kat Lopez on June 9, 2022

    It doesn't take a genius to figure it out who's pro- Democracy, and who's Pro- Special Interests, Big Money. At least don't fake it Trying to knock Down the President since day one. And going at it till the last minute. ( For how much was Democracy sold?

  • charles g on June 9, 2022

    Russian military go back to Russia leave Ukraine alone stop stop the War

  • J. Tech on June 9, 2022

    I hope American will one day regret the whole truth they have hidden from the world. Keep lying to your foolish self and people!!!

  • Marcus Legion on June 10, 2022

    Fake news

  • Judith Liberty Matias on June 10, 2022

    Glory to Ukraine 🙏🙏🙏

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