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Senate Democrats Force Debate On Voting Rights Reform ctm magazine

Senate Democrats have moved forward to force a floor debate and vote on their voting rights reform legislation even as they face a filibuster from Republicans without changing Senate rules. NBC’s Sahil Kapur reports from Capitol Hill.

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Senate Democrats Force Debate On Voting Rights Reform



  • Leonard Bresland on January 19, 2022

    From Down Under: not that it's any of our business but is it possible to call a joint sitting of congress, as happens occasionally in Oz?

  • B PAPPAS on January 19, 2022


  • B PAPPAS on January 19, 2022


  • marmac on January 19, 2022

    So joe crow and karen (white tears) sinema are running out of excuses & deflections, that it is Voting Rights itself, they truly oppose – well duh!!!

  • over easy on January 19, 2022

    Voting rights bill, is a the right to comment vote harvesting fraud. I've observed it twice first hand. A team will go inside a care home and register residents by the names printed on the back inside of their collars, for laundry purposes. They know a loved one posses their ID, because these residents can't even keep up with their dentures. They also return and help them fill out the ballot.

  • Mark M on January 19, 2022

    You should be able to get a ballot any place a proprietor is willing to place them. "I'll have a quarter pounder, fries and two ballots please."

  • Marc Siste on January 19, 2022

    Requiring ID's to buy booze is a blatant infringement on my drinking rights.

  • Joesniffed HerFanny on January 19, 2022

    We already know big Tech and liberal media was complicit in election interference when are we going to address this??

  • Beth P. on January 19, 2022

    I am a minority and I have voting rights because I am US citizen with an ID.
    My vote has never been suppressed.
    This people are lying 🤥

  • Mike Wilson on January 19, 2022

    Bs! Democrats want to cheat! This bill would allow the federal government to take over state elections, get rid of voter id and make ballot harvesting legal.

  • James Lynn on January 19, 2022

    I wonder how many of these "protesters" are on Soros' payroll.

  • Be Nice on January 19, 2022

    Biden to donors: "Nothing will fundamentally change."

  • Mario Salami on January 19, 2022

    Does anyone feel that citizens of other countries should be choosing our leaders?

  • Miguel Martin on January 19, 2022

    what a fraud

  • Robert Schuler on January 19, 2022

    Yes, let them vote and put this Partisan crap to bed once and for all. Leave the Voting to the States just like the Constitution says.

  • Jake Baker on January 19, 2022

    There will be NO debate.
    I have NOTHING to say to Canada
    How dare they asks as they starve my son and hack my email account to delete evidence.

    So if you don't have viable and legitimate news, its best to say nothing!

  • Paul Schab on January 19, 2022

    I'd rail Katie Tur. She's probably a liberal, but I'll make an exception.

  • Brian A. Bell sr on January 20, 2022

    They barely debated

  • Tobias Birmingham on January 20, 2022

    Dems trying to keep the cheating alive.

  • Leave us alone on January 20, 2022

    This was so criminal snuck in an old Nasa bill….

  • Leave us alone on January 20, 2022

    Those people protesting outside… can they vote? Is there anyone on here that can tell me they couldn’t get an ID to vote? The only stories I know of are when a Republican walks into a place to vote and the poll workers say “I’m sorry you have already voted.”

  • STA on January 20, 2022


  • David Garvin on January 20, 2022

    This is a must read
    We have a racist establishment in our government we have an all white Republican GOP party with absolutely no diversity now we have a democratic party with diversity African-Americans and minorities which makes up about 40 African Americans and minorities in the Party now you have the 10 moderate Democrat all white strategically placed in the Democratic Party.
    To keep control to keep white privilege and power. So that the minority and African-American can never make any major legislation or pass any major bills like the HR 40 bill. Why is it OK for the GOP to be all white but is not OK for the Democratic Party to be African-American and minority only.
    In closing it does not matter that the Democrats control the Senate the house along with the presidency when you have the Senate which is controlled by the Republicans because they always have a 60 Vote threshold. Because it’s an all white party and they have 10 all white moderate Democrats this is to keep control and to keep African-Americans in minorities powerless

  • Teresa Ellis on January 20, 2022

    So they are trying to pass it where taxpayers will find campaigns?

  • Don m on January 20, 2022

    It's a great day for America when politicians can come together in a by partisan way to defeat items like voting rights and send them

  • Rick Caldwell on January 21, 2022

    This isn't a "voting rights" bill. No one is being denied the right to vote. This is a power grab by totalitarian progressives who want to utilize ballot harvesters to go into people's homes to do electioneering and harvest ballots from those who vote Democrat.

    Zuckerberg spent over $400 million dollars doing this in the 2020 election in battleground states. Now the states are making laws against this activity. BTW, electioneering at a polling place is a federal crime.

    No more mail-in ballots should be sent to people who do not request them without proper identification. Hired leftist progressives should not be allowed to electioneer and harvest ballots from people in their homes.

  • mike fobear on January 22, 2022

    trump won the presidency in 2016. With the exactly the same voting system in place, Biden won the presidency in 2020. The GOP voting suppression is a complete scam.

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