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Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest ctm magazine

Roughly 1 out 25 shark attacks worldwide occurs in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, earning the nickname the Shark Attack Capital of the World.
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Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest

National Geographic



  • Sarah Demetry on January 16, 2021

    This video is a little overdramatized…I swam with blacktip sharks in Tahiti when I was pregnant. They are definitely not something to be scared of.

  • 🦋fellow Shelliow🦋😙 on January 25, 2021

    And why is batman here?… Joker ain't here so why is he?

  • SHADOWNINE79 on January 30, 2021

    Hug the shoreline like you hug you're girl

  • sswninja1 on January 31, 2021

    “BLACKTIP” dubstep starts playing

  • Kingship LLC on February 5, 2021

    Shark fin soup is the answer to new Smyrna's problems

  • Collie crazies on February 6, 2021

    When did national geographic and discovery become so dramatised and hyped up?? It’s ruined it

  • Collie crazies on February 6, 2021

    Don’t worry about black tips btw they are not the ones you want to worry about

  • Living History on February 12, 2021

    I had thalassaphobia before…. This isn't helping

  • yumi _ on February 13, 2021

    i’m going to daytona beach in the end of march and now i’m really scared

  • Dr. Funkinstine on February 17, 2021

    Are there sharks out there?
    Well let me see, it's the Atlantic Ocean.
    Umm, sharks live in the ocean.
    Umm. Maybe.

  • Robert Seneca JR on February 27, 2021

    We New Smyrna beach goers prefer shark bite capital…they’re not attacks, they sharks are curious and we are in their environment. They don’t have hands to feel things out..so they use their mouths. This is science. I remember when National Geographic was legit. This is just embarrassing. Take it from someone who grew up swimming here. Or don’t.

  • kelly Van hughes on March 2, 2021

    I came down to daytona to roof in 2015, and my whole crew went swimming and the next day a local coworker asked what we did the night before. We told him we all went body surfing in new smyrna. He said…yall are insane. Did u ever workder why yall were the only ones out there swimming at night? Never again

  • Celest Bernardino on March 8, 2021

    Why isn’t this beach CLOSED.
    If they know the stupidity of humans and how they still decide to swim knowing the danger
    Why not just close it and make it illegal to swim in it?

  • Craig Craig on March 15, 2021

    I live in Florida at the beach and Sharks are not really a threat don’t bother them and they don’t bother you just don’t look like there food

  • Amanda Castano on March 18, 2021

    September to November I really thought I could go because it was March 18 but then he said March😳 to April☠️

  • Sonya Brown on March 21, 2021

    The bottom line is New Smyrna Beach is the shark capital of the world!!!!!!

  • Sonya Brown on March 21, 2021

    Human beings must learn to have a respect for marine life

  • Lucas on March 23, 2021

    Bringing your children to this beach is child abuse.

  • Ijie Tolentino on April 7, 2021

    New Smyrna, just rent a killer whale from SeaWorld and let it swim there for a bit, Florida waters would be clear of sharks for a year.

  • Joeblow Johnny on April 15, 2021

    It's a case of mistaken identity for swimmers ! Nope those are NOT nurse shark ! …….There black tip ……… ! Told you…….I win ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Full Wave Recked on April 17, 2021

    I prefer jogging thru Africa with a large ham sandwich strapped to my back…

  • saucy yt on April 23, 2021

    i was the beach a month ago i was in the water and saw a black tip shark fin 50 feet away from me

  • Oliver Mejia on April 29, 2021

    Me: So let me find cool things to do in this beach since I've just booked a hotel.
    Youtube: Here you go buddy….

  • Ice Vencedora on May 6, 2021

    Them: Boast about it being the shark bite capital of the world

    Also them. Still swims at that beach.

    Who would want to get in ocean water known for sharks

  • Laura Lee on May 10, 2021

    Aint any of y'all watch what happened in that jaws movie SMH

  • Carinth on May 25, 2021

    I often wonder, were sharks kind of taught to eat humans, by humans.
    I mean crime syndicates and killers have been using the ocean to dispose of bodies for who knows how long.
    Maybe this is why sharks go after humans, because they've been fed bodies for so long.

  • Brian Griffin on June 7, 2021

    If you go in, use these, seasnakers.

  • catherine baring on June 10, 2021

    we almost move there

  • DarkWRLD_ YT on June 24, 2021

    I been here it fine

  • Yvette Jones on June 25, 2021

    To think I was swimming in that beach in April thinking wow there's hardly anybody at the beach. Its so nice here. I have to come back.

  • Charlie Newton on June 26, 2021

    Blacktips will bite you but hardly ever kill anyone. So yeah you could get bitten here but you’re not gonna die

  • Taylor Horne on June 29, 2021

    The fact that I’m at this beach rn

  • Shawn Harris on June 29, 2021

    Wow… Over 200 attacks since we started recording shark attacks. I'm a surfer who surfs these waters and Duval county waters and that scared me almost as much as the fact that 38,000 people died last year in auto accidents in the United States. Good thing I don't know anyone that's been bit by sharks… However, I do know quite a few people who have been in auto accidents, myself included.

  • •GD Lightning• on July 29, 2021

    I always go here with my grandparents, I live in ny and this is why I don’t go in the water

  • Craig Britz on August 12, 2021

    Why don't they use shark nets?

  • Fred Phillips on September 17, 2021

    If your kid got bit they would instantly become 100X cooler than you

  • Stacey:o #roadto31sub on September 25, 2021

    There are to many death in usa sea..

  • Antonio Oquendo on September 30, 2021

    People have no idea the difference between a curious or mistaken bite and an attack. If sharks were attacking you’d be dead and their would be aloooooot more “attacks” not just once in a while.

  • strueskills LESCOBRANDON on October 1, 2021


  • glossiiclaire on November 17, 2021

    1:04 IS I'M NOT EVEN JOKING ME AS A LITTLE KID WITH MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notreally on November 22, 2021

    "This problem must be solved" what problem? Sharks being in their waters? Frick off

  • traintrax on December 6, 2021

    I've had sharks swim right past me a few times even brushing up against me. They are everywhere

  • Yg Menor 🇩🇴 on December 21, 2021

    I always go here i miss my car 🙃🙃

  • Gavin Benton on December 27, 2021

    I surf at new Smyrna beach all the time and honestly, it’s not as scary as everyone thinks it is. Within a year, I’ll probably see about 25 sharks while I’m surfing, most of them being blacktips. I’m not stupid, so every time I see a shark, I get out of the water, but they usually won’t attack you without a reason. But I definitely recommend that you stay out of the waters if you don’t have a surfboard or any floating board. But usually they don’t really care for humans, sometimes they come to check me out but they haven’t ever attacked me yet(and I hope they never do).
    So, in conclusion, sharks aren’t as scary and vicious as everyone makes them out to be, but they are still to be feared, and if you see one, get out of the water immediately.

  • MrBoon on January 8, 2022

    Catch the Bull sharks and the great whites and re locate them to the soil. Australia has 3 times more fatal attacks because obviously more bigger sharks frequently visit our beaches. The Bullsharks and great whites should be slaughtered

  • MrBoon on January 8, 2022

    The blacktips are your friends they hunt and kill bull shark pups if you remove the reef sharks you’ll become infested with large bull sharks which will result in 5 times more fatal attacks

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