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Sheriff gives details of what churchgoers did to shooting suspect ctm magazine

At least one person is dead and four are critically injured after a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, California, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. CNN’s Camila Bernal has more on how churchgoers stopped the suspect from potentially harming more people. #CNN #News



  • Execute Trump for Treason on May 18, 2022

    The GOP is to blame!

  • Wintermute on May 18, 2022

    I would have had a hard time not beating the shit out of the guy after he was detained.

  • Hsuan Hsuan Chung on May 18, 2022

    🙏 GOURN

  • MaybeGodwillsaveMe on May 18, 2022

    I'm shocked the church people didn't murder him, seeing how much these people are capable of hating minorities.

  • Tim on May 18, 2022

    Democrats solution more gun control. Criminals don’t care about gun control. They target "gun free zones" like supermarkets and churches.
    SCOUTS needs to release its ruling so NY/CA can finally defend themselves.

  • Tim on May 18, 2022

    Guess CNN only sees race as black and white. China on Taiwanese people is not mentioned as a hate crime.

  • RidgeRunner on May 18, 2022

    CNN never covers when , for instance, blackes killing whites !

  • Mrtube on May 18, 2022

    These cowards are brainwashed and radicalize by the whitewinger media

  • merak0044 on May 18, 2022

    What you need to do is get guns. If you have a gun this wouldn’t of happen…….Oh wait! Your buisness you call a country will send thoughts and prayers. Reap what you sow Murica!!!!!!!!

  • LelouchVi Britannia on May 18, 2022

    Are we really going to continue to allow racist to do as they like?

  • David Connell on May 18, 2022

    Song of the Republicans:

    “I want…
    Everybody dead !
    Me rich !
    Everybody dead !
    Me rich !
    This is the song,
    This is the song,
    This is the Republicans’ song!”

  • JB on May 18, 2022

    The only difference between now and the cowboy days is that the guns got more efficient at killing.

  • Let me guess,…..they made him an usher and handed him a tithes and offering plate to pass around to every other pew.

  • Hey, the good news is that when the shooter receives a guilty verdict at the trial, his capital punishment will be death by the electric pew……(too soon??)

  • jackgibs xxx07 on May 18, 2022

    We are going to find out trumper's are trying to start a race war in order to discredit Bidan.

  • Mr K on May 18, 2022

    So Commie Chixa seems to be support terrorists

  • FORMOSA on May 18, 2022

    The suspect's family is originally from Hunan, China.
    A Chinese refugee family to Taiwan.
    Chou was born in Taiwan, after that, Chou immigrated to USA.

  • Paul Sypersma on May 19, 2022

    Sin city,marv, hitmen doesn matter what you do to them.

  • Golgotha_Mythos69 on May 19, 2022

    I’ll answer that final question, and I challenge any “responsible gun owners” to counter my answer:

    Because America is a dumb, violent, and frightened country that was founded on both racism and genocide, and a misguided "pioneer spirit" that haunts us still.

    Because our county never outgrew this distrust and murderous hatred for “the other”, especially if they’re of a darker complexion or don’t "Love Jesus" OR are of Liberal political or perceived "immoral" leanings.

    We have a problem with guns because RW politicians keep LW policitians from passing sensible and sane FEDERAL gun laws. The fact that each state has different ones means they can flow like the dangerous contraband they are.

    But most of all, because RW fundie nutjobs mistakenly think they need to “defend their freedom from tyranny”, as even Dr. Oz's pathetic recent campaign ad grotesquely panders.

    The only tyranny is coming from Trump and his Christo-Fascist GOP!
    Gonna SHOOT ME NOW for telling the truth, Cult45?!
    The innocent blood of the Buffalo massacre is on Tucker Carlson's hands!

  • otani ayun on May 19, 2022

    USA is a joke of a nation…americans boast & brag about being #1 @ everything but lack any common sense…this is a second-world country @ best…people here will shoot anybody for any trivial reason

  • Master Man on May 19, 2022

    Thought they are supposed to turn the other cheek? Thought their god is supposed to protect them? Thought they are supposed to lay down their swords? They really don't believe what they preach do they?

  • server1ok on May 19, 2022

    This is labeled a "hate crime" in Europe. Should be "racial terrorism" in the States

  • Arkangel88Mr on May 19, 2022

    What a diss functional country.

  • Kingdom Of God on May 19, 2022

    This grandma and grandpa work together to safe themselves it amazing . My condolence to the family of the dead person but if everybody was hiding it would have been more death . Bravo

  • 愛聖 on May 19, 2022





  • Daddy AF on May 19, 2022

    Who needs god when you have kung fu?

  • Cyberpunk Podcast on May 20, 2022

    I feel sorry I have to lie to you like this. This is perfectly fine.

  • FlyBaby on May 20, 2022

    I bet a lot of these Taiwanese men had served in the military in the past. Taiwan has has conscription for many years.

  • r Andrew on May 20, 2022

    I love that officer's hair

  • Matthew Tierney on May 20, 2022

    Religion has never done anything good. The sooner people realise it's a scam the better.

  • vasp99 on May 21, 2022

    There is one way and one way only to push back and prevent our epidemic of fascist racist gun slaughter . VOTE ONLY FOR DEMOCRATS . Voting repub or third party means ENDLESS GUN SLAUGHTER . Get that fact into your heads and VOTE DEMOCRATIC .

  • ArtistDavidKingcom Pugcasso on May 22, 2022


  • Stiffler Antique on May 22, 2022

    TGPC, sorry for your terrible loss. I know this 1 dead man ram the shooter & saved his fellow Church goers.

    Way to come together and defend yourselves. Hog tied the shooter with extension cord is brilliant.

    Taiwanese, you rock!

    Dr Cheng's ramming was proof of his love-courage towards his people and his faith.

    I hope to visit this church one day & retrace the last foot steps of the good Dr. Cheng.

  • nEosapienZ on May 22, 2022

    The GOP wants to make it federal law that anyone can open carry anywhere. If you vote GOP, this is just one of many anti-social policies you’re voting to implement.

  • Hava Bird on May 23, 2022

    Repent, America. This is our only hope!

  • Hava Bird on May 23, 2022

    The answer is simple, actually. America kicked God out of schools, the public arena and chose death over life. People sre evil in their hearts. Truly it is His grace that America is still around. Repent while we can!

  • Trump terrorism is just getting started.

  • Captin Earth on May 23, 2022

    "Why are there so many guns there" is not a hard question to answer.

  • Robert Blokdijk on May 23, 2022

    Tots and pryer.

  • Kellie Kay on May 23, 2022

    Aren't all shootings hate related? You don't walk into a church and shoot it up because you have love in your heart 🤣 you mean 'race' related…

  • Dr. Kuku on May 24, 2022

    This is a targeted hate crime.

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