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Slow-Cooked Aubergine | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

Slow-cooked aubergine with minimum preparation and maximum flavour. Bursting with sweet and savoury flavours.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Andres Melena on April 29, 2015

    What brand are the knives?

  • Dog on April 29, 2015

    Me: Here your food Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay taste 
    Ramsay: IT'S FUCKING RAW!!

  • Dervint on April 29, 2015
  • Sriharsha Rao on April 30, 2015

    Gordon Ramsay is the alchemist of culinary science. He is the world's best!

  • nicholas fisher on May 3, 2015

    Hey Ramsay can you show some awesome recipes for cooking Tilapia?

  • Grill la Grill on May 3, 2015

    Needs to zoom in more.

  • EGW250 on May 4, 2015


  • Mike Butler on May 7, 2015

    Pomegranate molasses!!!??? How doth one find this?

  • Anderson Monke on May 9, 2015


  • Trollsif Stalin on May 10, 2015


  • Somaki on May 12, 2015

    와 진짜 맛있어 보여요. 매번 보지만 요리실력이 부럽습니다… 제가 영어는 전혀 모르지만 항상 요리하시는 모습이 멋지세요.

  • Sorraya on May 20, 2015

    i've never seen so many people so angry about zoom feature

  • Aya Ferrad on June 7, 2015

    He made that in 44 seconds? LOL

  • Edward on June 10, 2015

    am i like the only one not fucked to cook these and just watching this for entertainment  and to get hungry ?

  • chris's garden on July 3, 2015

    This is fucking really nice fucking best ive had for a fucking long fucking while,for fucks sake

  • Renee Mehr on August 31, 2015

    I always use pomegranate molasses on my food

  • Ryan Cheng on September 6, 2015

    canned tomatas? fuck me!.. bloody hell

  • ED LT on September 26, 2015

    Where do you find bread like that? All I can find are those whimpy white toasts

  • Tommy Nico on December 14, 2015

    That's fucking Eggplant you DONKEY!

  • Sigilstun on March 22, 2016

    Just use this shit that you would never have available in your kitchen. A touch of unicorn tears. A leprechaun hair, delicious. A lovely trilobite grind, you know, for that subtle spice of 65 million years in the making. The laugh of a welsh virgin. (good luck with that shit)

  • ketchup Ketchup on March 23, 2016

    What is wrongs with everybody… Eggpalnt, Aubergine, Brinjal.. they are all mean the same vegetable in english IMO… Stop fighting or pointing out what you call it… I am indian and call it Baingan.

  • marcus4485 on April 19, 2016

    i thought gordon hated canned foods

  • Qamar Tjahaja KiRA White on June 8, 2016

    All is vegan until cheese come in XD

  • DanielC on August 3, 2016

    71 didn't manage to make the toast

  • stingy on August 4, 2016

    umm, eggplant?

  • AlienMidget123 on August 17, 2016

    Oh hell no

  • alone will on September 7, 2016

    lost me at the CANNED tomatoes….

  • Melonie Jen on October 31, 2016

    I'm ready to die if he just makes me one fucking meal

  • RueTheDay on January 19, 2017

    looks yummy. doubt id ever be able to make that >.<

  • Rati Dolui on December 31, 2017


  • Catalin Chira on November 14, 2018

    I've cooked this today for dinner and it is amazing ! The combination of pomegranate and mint is so delicious. For my taste ( due to chopped tomatoes and the molasses) is little too sour so: 1 spoon of brown sugar – "In!". Also I added 2 chopped chilli peppers and a few bay leaves and "a little touch"of chilli powder for spiciness => "Divine" ! Average time to prepare: "Sharp" 40minutes. Cost of ingredients to cover 2 adults, roughly 20euro. Job done !

  • Poppy Gloria on August 14, 2019

    excuse me? CANNED TOMATOES!!?

  • Carenski on August 25, 2019

    Did somebody screengrab this video and crop it to remove some channel logo before posting it here? Hmm…

  • Carenski on August 25, 2019

    Hey, did Gordon just prepare a meal using "a can of chopped martyrs"? Hmm…

  • Tom Sparks on March 2, 2020

    I made this after waiting to do so for awhile as I thought it was a fabulous Aubergine recipe, but after adding the pomegranate molasses, the flavors sort of deflated. The aubergine also fell apart into shreds of nothingness after I had browned the chunks beautifully. I think it's backwards — totally lost the aubergine.

  • Tom Sparks on March 2, 2020

    BTW — does any of the commenters even actually cook here? Boneheads.

  • zeymla damla on August 8, 2020


  • pundar33k on August 24, 2020

    This zoom is giving me a headache

  • Koinonia on November 17, 2021

    Definitely have to make this for my mum, without the bread

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