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  • GoodStoryTeller on July 28, 2021

    Thanksgiving turkey recipe. My thanksgiving dinner had always been terrible because no one in my family can cook. I watched your videos and decided that I would make thanksgiving dinner at 15. And I made the best thanksgiving dinner for my family.

  • Raffarrazzi Rafy on July 28, 2021

    The top 10??? 🤔 Pretty much any recipe that has "Cayenne Pepper" on it.

  • mikeorclem on July 28, 2021

    If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.

  • Meeyen Tan on July 28, 2021

    Russiannnnn honeyyyyy cakeeee gotta be THE video 🥰… so is ur 1st ciabatta video 100 years ago and ur no kneading bread video (life changing to me)

  • Charles Gautschi on July 28, 2021

    Marcella Hazan Bolognese

  • Charles Gautschi on July 28, 2021

    Coq au vin

  • Lyon TheGreat on July 28, 2021

    My vote definitely goes to the bacon jam!

  • Marcus on July 28, 2021

    I know you're looking for 10, but I'll give you my top three favorites. 1) Italian Sausage Spaghetti 2) Best Baked Ziti, and 3) Prison MeatLoaf.

  • stan theman on July 28, 2021

    sour dough original vid

  • peppermolly on July 28, 2021

    this might not be the fanciest one, but i ADORE your rice pudding recipe video, it’s my go-to comfort food and has always been a hit with family

  • LimeTime on July 29, 2021

    Zombie Meatloaf… no joke. My daughter requests that video every single day… she’s 6, but I also don’t mind watching the video

  • Konesky on July 29, 2021

    Sweet Potato Buns ALL THE WAY

  • Janice G on July 29, 2021

    Go chef John! You are great! Well deserved! I like your apple pie, and carbonara and…well I can go for days! I’m so excited!

  • Sue-Lyn Yeoh on July 29, 2021


  • Barbara on July 29, 2021

    I just subscribed and I have no idea what rock I was living under… looking for a Cod fish pie and yup found your channel; will be making this weekend. Glad I contributed to the count down ♥

  • Zac Jarvis on July 29, 2021

    Tuna Melt !!!

  • H G on July 29, 2021

    Chef John I’m so happy to report that after watching your videos for years… today I finally made one of your recipes. It came out perfectly and my husband is a happy man. Thank you so much and congratulations on 4 Million – you deserve it!!!

  • Gerimae Oliva on July 29, 2021

    I love your channel! My favorite, Chef John!

  • Jennifer Kaplan on July 30, 2021

    Fondant potatoes. 😀

  • DreMarie0 on July 30, 2021

    The one I made the absolute most often is the best baked rice and beans! It brought happiness to me and my family during Covid, for sure ! So simple, so incredibly delicious <3 Thank you chef !

  • Spooky Truth on July 30, 2021

    My vote is for fondant potatoes. It's the video that brought me to your channel, and it wasn't so much the recipe as it was your presentation and sense of humor that kept me coming back. Congratulations on a truly epic achievement in the making.

  • Enn F on July 31, 2021

    truuueee — i love the way that Chef John never hides his mistakes!!! ^_^ he ends up saying "so don't do what i did!" hahahaha ^_^

  • VerdureVision on July 31, 2021

    Your Salisbury Steak and Tuna Casserole recipes gave us the will to live through 2020. But the French Omelette recipe (technique) blew my freakin’ mind, and made me LOVE cooking again. Thank you so much for that! 🙏❤️Best wishes for 4 million subscribers, Chef John!

  • R A on July 31, 2021

    Not sure it was the most memorable, but for me it was. Butternut Squash "wanton" ravioli is a recipe I make often and I think it was the first video I saw of yours. I will have to go back and watch it!

  • matty skinz on August 1, 2021

    Oh JC… I am never the same after watching your vids dude.

  • But that not all! Johnny tell them about the steak knives 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 and for the first one hundred peeps to reply At 4 million subscribers an official chef John's collectable coffee mug ☕. You only pay shipping and handling.

  • Nat Helm on August 1, 2021


  • Botch on August 2, 2021

    Congrats, Chef!

  • P C18 on August 3, 2021

    For me it’s the NACHYo cheese sauce, the onion rings and inside out grilled cheese

  • Silk on August 4, 2021

    How will YouTube celebrate you?

  • Goku808 on August 4, 2021

    Much love for you as always. Your vocal cadence is the best, you could narrate anything and it would be great. But I'm also here for the food as much as your vocal talent is great. Thanks for feeding me!

  • S on August 7, 2021

    It all started with inside out grilled cheese. Yes i could not make grilled cheese and you tubed it. Pre covid dinner was a matter of survival with little enjoyment. Time between lousy dinners was measured in days. Made it about 2 weeks on a good run. After a year of watching chef John, Guga, and Kent Rollins we reset the calendar when 1 year surpast from the last dinner fail. My kids cannot thank you enough for the priceless education your channel provided me.

  • elbob086 on August 30, 2021

    Been watching for years and just realised I wasn't subscribed

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