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Starlink Mission ctm magazine

SpaceX is targeting Monday, November 11 at 9:56 a.m. EST, 14:56 UTC, for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. A backup launch opportunity is available at 9:34 a.m. EST, 14:34 UTC, on Tuesday, November 12.

Falcon 9’s first stage supported the Iridium-7, SAOCOM-1A, and Nusantara Satu missions, and the fairing was previously flown on Falcon Heavy’s Arabsat-6A mission earlier this year. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.



  • DynoSauR on February 29, 2020

    My vacation home internet can only get 6 Mbps. DSL from AT&T which is currently $40 and is about to go up to $50 which I will refuse to pay. Please hurry up and bring this service online and let the people who have such crappy local internet sign up first.

  • Shaun Notyourbiz on March 6, 2020

    All "Flat-Earthers" should be put in prison.

  • Test Pilot Tim on March 6, 2020

    Hurry I need this service very urgent .

  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker on March 7, 2020


  • Jon Steedley on March 16, 2020

    I have service rated 50 Mbps by the ISP, but usually 18-25.
    Lately its been as slow as <5 Mbps, often buffering, barely usable w/ youtube, my main use.
    So yeah, BRING IT ON!
    Most of the ISPs are monopolies that don't have to provide decent service or pricing.
    ANYTHING that forces competition will improve the situation.
    I for one will gladly pay a little more for some COMPETITION in the market place.
    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! bring competition!

  • Rui Santos on March 17, 2020

    This is the fourth really done attempt to do this kind of things. The others have a kind of failed .. … 1- Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya …

  • Ali Alkinani on March 22, 2020

    i need service like this in my country ☹

  • Erylmz on March 23, 2020

    En kısa sürede türk telekom belasından kurtulmak üzere iyi çalışmalar

  • KAYSERSOSE on March 24, 2020


  • manis x on March 25, 2020

    Algeria Telecom

    more than a year for the end of your dictatorship !

  • kakashi mua on March 26, 2020

    maybe u can threaten the existence of great fire wall.

  • Cobia 1 on March 26, 2020

    Will I still be able to use my flip phone?

  • scottyGG on March 27, 2020

    and to think ive been getting my internet from a crushed CenturyLink dsl box for 13 years.

  • scottyGG on March 27, 2020

    i bet every time one of elon's crazy ideas works he just thinks "ha, told ya"

  • scottyGG on March 27, 2020

    i belive every century we get a genius what gives us a technological revolution.

  • scottyGG on March 27, 2020

    when elon musk dies he would have advanced space travel enough to be cremated by the sun

  • Activated Oxygen on March 28, 2020

    The ruthlessness of Elon Musk: It means that Elon will turn the world into a microwave oven, very bad for our body`s immune system.. Just wait for the next virus to hit.. with corona you ain`t seen nothing yet. Also: everybody who has chronic brain infection, like Lyme Patients, people with ADHD, Alzbeimer, autism, we talk about tens of millions of people around the globe.. all might suffer greatly when it is installed, many might die in great pain.. This has never been tested on people with these conditions.. I can tell you from experience, being EMF radiated is no fun when having Lyme Disease

  • PT on April 20, 2020

    Why is no video outthere how the satellites start? 60 satellites in a row, i am extremly interrested to see, how this look like at the start and how this work!

  • Samples on April 20, 2020

    David Ickes calls Elon and Gates fill in the blanks "p_yc_op_t_s"

  • rock stocks on the blocks on April 20, 2020

    Thank you Mr Musk for polluting our skys and everything else in betwen.

  • Carryminati's Fanclub on April 22, 2020

    Starlink mission is awesome 🇺🇸👑💕

  • Cristian Fattinnanzi on April 23, 2020

    Dear Elon, I am wishing you the worst evils. Then I would like to know, who sold you the Space? Isn't it a World Heritage Site? You have to pay handsomely all the 7 billion people who will no longer be able to see the sky as before, if you want to launch your fucking satellites ….

  • Adhara Astronomie on April 26, 2020

    On n'en veut pas de cet internet qui pollue le ciel !

  • Kresley Silva on April 26, 2020

    I just saw those flares in space here in SP/BR today 😀 I think is these Starlink. 3 "orbs" in the same distance; When the first disapear, other appears next in the last line. Nice!

  • Hari Purwanto on April 28, 2020

    the happiest employees in the world 😀

  • GAUTHIER Yves on April 28, 2020

    It's true, with skynet, all "humanity" will be able to have access to pornography, the dark web, the creepy and violent amateur videos, the neo nazi websites…

    In fact it will be "humanity" in all its splendor, revealed in every corner of the planet that was still untouched by all these horrors, a real humanist revolution !!!!

  • Jacare Downes on May 2, 2020

    Fucking madness….tech weirdos leave or planet…

  • Pedro Rita-Pereira on May 3, 2020

    23:23 reverse video

  • Conscious Truth on May 5, 2020

    who asked you to pollute the night sky and beam down more radiation? Did we vote on it? what is going on here?

  • Anderson Galo Sousa on May 18, 2020

    Gosto muito de ver vídeos da espace x ..acho muito bom 👍

  • Earth on May 30, 2020

    I can't tell its apoapsis

  • kvin akl on June 1, 2020

    23:21 – the most miracle moment

  • захватывающее зрелище поражающее воображение

  • Johnny Boi on June 4, 2020

    I don’t know how somebody could have possibly disliked, Ive watched every starlink launch and they are all amazing.

  • Vincent Williams on June 5, 2020

    This is what humans should be watching and learning…not looting. Just a thought.

  • ZnPZ / FEAssn on August 14, 2020

    Yes EL-ON long way through cgi, and for those here who are unconciousness long way to learn

  • Gaming With The Genius! on August 19, 2020
  • David De León on August 31, 2020

    Así dice el Señor Dios :

    "En aquellos días no dirán más: Los padres comieron las uvas agrias y los dientes de los hijos tienen la dentera, sino que cada cual morirá por su propia maldad; los dientes de todo hombre que comiere las uvas agrias, tendrán la dentera".
    JEREMÍAS 31 : 29- 30.

    Juicio: Complot contra un ungido de Dios .
    " Por tanto, así ha dicho Jehová: He aquí yo traigo sobre ellos mal del que no podrán salir; y clamarán a mí, y no los oiré".
    Jeremías 11 : 11

    JEREMÍAS 33 : 3. 💣💣💥🙌

  • David De León on August 31, 2020

    Nada tiene que ver las luces vistas en el cielo con supuestos satélites spaceX, imposible que un satélite viaje a la velocidad que lo hacen esas luces, y con qué combustible o energia/potencia lo harían para rodear la tierra desde noviembre hasta la fecha . Sin mencionar que nunca ha aparecido esta noticia en los grandes noticieros, CNN, BBC news , etc. , ni desde su lanzamiento ni después del avistamiento de esas luces en el cielo .

  • David De León on August 31, 2020

    Cual es el propósito de éste juguetito al espacio ? .. y, cumplió su objetivo? ..

  • NPC Nugget on September 6, 2020

    2120: Tesla Max Speed: 26894km/h…

  • Vitória Beatriz on September 23, 2020

    This. Is. Very. Good. And. Fantastic

  • Gaming With The Genius! on November 7, 2020

    14:48 [10]
    14:43 [15 or 16]

  • Queen LISA️ #StarlinkTürkiye on November 21, 2020


  • Fabio Ferreira Gomes on November 26, 2020


  • Debasish Sundar Ray on April 4, 2021


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