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Starlink Mission ctm magazine

On Thursday, February 3 at 1:13 p.m. EST, Falcon 9 launched 49 Starlink satellites to low Earth orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This was the sixth launch and landing of this Falcon 9 first stage booster, which previously launched Crew-1, Crew-2, SXM-8, CRS-23, and IXPE.



  • Steven Gulie on February 3, 2022

    Beautiful. Thank you SpaceX for making the future a better place, today.

  • Drawing Dead on February 3, 2022

    3 launches in what…5 days?

  • pav2k on February 3, 2022

    Please put the ships dish antenna on a gimbal, Elon!

  • Emmanuel Garcia on February 3, 2022


  • Tom Foster on February 3, 2022

    Just beggars belief that this could be done. I am still awestruck in the technology and skill that has gone into this, when it was only yesterday that we were struggling with rocketry. It is so artistic in the way it is all precisely done. This only proves that the best of men are outside of governments, productive and uplifting.

  • Matt Jackson on February 3, 2022


  • mampe4122 on February 3, 2022

    Spacex has been a bright spot over the last two years of covid. Thanks for the great camera views.

  • Dolphin Mind on February 3, 2022

    How good is Starlink? 653 speed tests since April 2021 on Oregon coast. Avg download: 159 mbps. Avg upload: 16 mbps. Highest download: 401 mbps. Persistent non-correctable antenna obstructions: ~20%. I'd chew off my own feet before I gave up my Starlink.

  • endo funk on February 3, 2022

    Onward and upward…. can't wait until starship achieves this frequency, reliability and more.

  • Mitchell Folbe on February 3, 2022

    In honor of the Olympics, it would be cool for the 1st stage to do some extra flips and spins before touchdown.

  • Prisco on February 3, 2022

    very interesting starlink launch!

  • Chris Brown on February 3, 2022

    I'm already losing track of launches. 🤣 2 launches in one week. Jeff you need to pull your finger out! 🤣🤣

  • wincav on February 3, 2022

    Mind boggling! I can watch various launches many times and am always impressed.

  • Charley Soulik on February 3, 2022

    SpaceX Elon Musk
    Congratulations! Thanks be to the Living GOD, the Only Source forever existed.

  • kevinchristopher antonieli on February 3, 2022

    Very Cool 😎 I Love ❤ You SpaceX 🚀

  • Andris Laskins on February 3, 2022

    It's been more than hundred times. And i still tear up a bit after a launch. Oh how i would like to work on that, even to sweep the floor.

  • László Pálfi on February 3, 2022

    This is really fantastic! I enjoy every minute of these lunches and landings.
    Although I wonder why SpaceX cannot show the landing from the ship? It always freezes and disconnects. There must be some serious interference. Why don't they use a drone with a camera that would stream the video to a StarLink satellite?

  • Back2basics 59 on February 3, 2022

    SpaceX it would seem is singlehandedly keeping the lights on at NASA space launch site.

  • henk baksteen on February 3, 2022

    Finally a day launch

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