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Steve Hilton: Biden White House only has a position on protesting ‘if you protest against them’ ctm magazine

Fox News host Steve Hilton tore into the Biden administration for its double standard when it comes to condemning protests that don’t align with their political stance on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #nextrevolution

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  • Mike Remvidas on June 13, 2022

    I’d love to do smash down on these war pigs 🐷! One by one ! Pig by pig ! Look at them , diaper wearing old ,decrepit washed up criminals ‼️👌🏼🎪🤡

  • Michael Meredith on June 13, 2022


  • Skiggly Stars on June 13, 2022

    Spot on target Steve.

  • Unknown Person on June 13, 2022

    Clear as can be even with most media lying to us. Our eyes don't deceive us.

  • Ricardo Acain on June 13, 2022

    Does Maga even have the decency to bring toilet paper with them after the crap show?

  • josephwalter dodge on June 13, 2022

    The entire World sees crime, Fox News feels guilt.

  • David W Hulbert IV on June 13, 2022

    Total traitors to the US…

  • james Hall on June 13, 2022

    Welcome to the United States of Liars, Thieves and Cowards.
    Bring on the Civil War

  • Max Dai on June 13, 2022

    ##【新真相三】## 日圓貶值【匯率「跌跌不休」】,這必定是【日本的年長官員為了〈暗中"替自己"斂大財〉的斂財計】!也因此,日圓(不停地)貶值【匯率(不停地)下跌(即(不停地)擴大價差)】,因為(藉此)日本的年長官員就可確保自己【斂得最大的錢財】(來享"最頂級的"清福)。+++ 這也是為何,日本的年長官員(不停地)【【*找藉口*】】來支持〈日圓匯率(不停地)下跌〉【來(不停地)擴大價差】,因為(如此)他們就可【斂得最大的錢財】(來享"最頂級的"清福)。++++++ 2014年日本曾經以「(激進的)日圓貶值」的方式來刺激出口及提振日本經濟,但(2015年6月)日圓匯率貶到「1美元兌125日圓」時,當時的「125弱匯率」明顯使日本經濟走下坡,也因此,過去七年來,日圓匯率從未貶「超過 125」,直到最近,日圓匯率(不但)貶「超過 125」且已經貶到「134」,而日本的年長官員卻仍然繼續(不停地)【【*找藉口*】】來使〈日圓匯率繼續(不停地)貶下去〉,「上述事實」證實了(前面提到的)〈〈〈目前日圓貶值【匯率「跌跌不休」】,這必定是【日本的年長官員為了〈暗中"替自己"斂大財〉的斂財計】〉〉〉。++++++ 另外,日圓大幅貶值必定會推高進口〈原料、物料、商品〉的成本【而造成「物價高漲」(通膨)】,此種的「通膨」無法提升工資,因為,「成本高漲」而造成的「通膨」會使企業的利潤減少,因此,企業無法提升工資,這也是為何,日本公佈4月份的實際工資時,顯示【日本的實際工資是連續四個月「下降」】。

    ### daichs 2022-06-09 (台灣時間)


    ### 由於(至少)17年來,我完全沒有任何收入,我已經【【窮到(十多年來)沒錢繳〈全民健保的健保費〉】】,因此,【最重要】的真相是,(既然)我已經【【窮到(十多年來)沒錢繳〈全民健保的健保費〉】】,因此,(當然)【絕對絕對】沒有人與我「暗中合作」斂財。(既然)沒有人與我「暗中合作」斂財,當然也沒有人與我「打暗號」。

    ##【新】【新】## 【(至少)17年來,我完全沒有任何收入,我已經窮到(十多年來)沒錢繳〈全民健保的健保費及國民年金〉】,(至今)我仍然是同樣貧窮。因此,除了〈有可能會危害到我〉的情形之外,我不想浪費時間寫(其他的)真相報告。(對於其他的問題)我也不想浪費時間寫詳細的解釋。((註:〈日圓匯率(不停地)下跌〉"不但"危害到日本人民的經濟,也危害到〈我父母養老的錢〉。))

    ##【新】【新】## 【〈我自願被槍斃〉的保證內容】至今仍然「全部有效」。這也就是說,過去(至少)17年來(至今),「從未」有人提供(或承諾未來給)我【〈錢財或收入〉(或"暗"錢財或收入)】!

    ### daichs 2022-06-13 05:20 PM (台灣時間)

  • Randy Bennett on June 13, 2022

    Had the people found in the back of that truck were of BLM group, ready to protest, what do you think would have happened ?

  • purplestareye Karen Jones on June 13, 2022

    Yet we have political prisoners…AMERICAN CITIZENS WHOM HAVENT EVEN BEEN CHARGED for J6 . Yet STRIPPED of their rights & tortured by the Democrats for over a year & a half. Total set up by a evil corrupt government!

  • purplestareye Karen Jones on June 13, 2022

    Dangerous & EVIL

  • K.sophia Cavallo on June 13, 2022

    They.’re parrots Polly want.a peaceful protest?.

  • Paul Stainsby on June 13, 2022

    BIDENS GOVERNMENT is a disgrace bring back Trump GB America

  • JAE JIN LEE on June 13, 2022

    Demos must go

  • Marmi Phillips on June 13, 2022

    Your implementation of alliteration
    Underscores the cadence of destruction marching through this land..
    No longer one nation under God, indivisible with. Liberty and justice for all; the blood of innocence covers our flag and. Pride has purchased our fall

  • DoWaTu on June 13, 2022

    If people dont see the hypocrisy and STILL support an administration that acts this way then they are just too blinded and easily manipulated to be reasoned with…You can't fix "Stupid"

  • Christopher Shane on June 13, 2022

    Almost seems like they want one or more of the Justices assassinated to fee up a spot for them to fill before their numbers diminish in the Senate.

  • Larry Carter on June 13, 2022

    Let's just take her security away and see how far she gets f**k** b**

  • Ruth Lachar on June 13, 2022

    What Schumer said was inciting violence yet America stands by and let it happen because he is Democrat. When will Americans wake up and see what is happening to America.

  • grace bennett on June 13, 2022

    It makes me sick what's going on in our country the Biden administration so much corruption then you you have the media CNN ABC mnbc CBS the rest of the far left covering up sucking up to this administration trying to gaslight the American people of what's happening we need big changes in our government before it's too late we have been. Come the laughing stock of the world which makes us look weak to our enemies. Biden is the worst president we ever had people wake up enough is enough vote these bums out in November let's get America 🇺🇸 back on track

  • Billy Eksi on June 13, 2022

    You are right she is such a piece of 🤬🤬🤬

  • Swan Songs Z on June 13, 2022

    Biden is Public Enemy #1

  • Heaven 42# on June 13, 2022

    why don't you tell the public how we're being double played by the government and mainstream news, bad actors all of them

  • Reb Guthrie on June 13, 2022

    Schumer is a big bag of hot air.

  • Ramina Linten on June 13, 2022

    Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mark Bortle on June 13, 2022

    Time to protest in front of your housr. Craptastic

  • Heaven 42# on June 13, 2022

    That's okay Rome didn't burn in a day. Christians are no longer a majority only 10% don't listen to them

  • raymond phaneuf on June 13, 2022

    They are 1% , we the other 99% .

  • Leonard Tanner on June 13, 2022

    If they have no position on "PROTEST", then why was a fence erected around the Whitehorse???

  • David McNee, Jr. on June 13, 2022

    They also don’t agree with protests at the capital building…

  • A B on June 13, 2022

    He just hits her in the face while he crushes her into the ground. Oof. He escalated a peaceful protest into pretty intense violence. If only they'd treat actual criminals that way.

  • William Franz on June 13, 2022

    BIDEN did not incite protesters. The attempted comparison with Jan 6 is nuts. If there are protests outside OF SCOTUS, it is about the Court eliminating a fundemental right for the first time ever. Jan 6 was about Trump's big lie. The beneficiary was Trump himself. It involved stopping the peaceful transfer of power via a necessary constitutional step and proceeding. If there is a protest of SCOTUS , it will be of an opinion that is written and will be published.

  • Gap Recordings Namibia on June 13, 2022

    What the hell? was that not police brutality? It looked like he hit her?

  • Jason Bel on June 13, 2022

    What does it take to impeach this disgraceful president and his administration

  • jsoar47 on June 13, 2022

    They sure cared where you protested on January 6th.

  • Kenneth Paull on June 13, 2022

    If our government won't protect Supreme Court Justices; ……….. where does that put me?……… and you?

  • leonard lloyd on June 13, 2022

    Its against the law to protest where they're doing it!!!
    Once again, democrats need to enforce the laws on the books.
    Including our border laws!!!

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