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Steve Hilton: Democrats don’t care about democracy, only power ctm magazine

Fox News host Steve Hilton says early voting is about saving Democrats, not Democracy on ‘The Next Revolution.’
#FoxNews #Fox

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  • David Hill on September 20, 2022

    ya well they will never have power again

  • Awtistiaeth on September 20, 2022

    there there dear, get well soon

  • Corina Gallegos on September 20, 2022

    Go republicans

  • Corina Gallegos on September 20, 2022

    Myorkas liar fire the killer

  • Carlos Serpa on September 20, 2022

    😂 how funny that the GOP doesn’t like early voting when it wasn’t convenient for them ! Fox News propaganda

  • Magik Dust on September 20, 2022

    I agree, it's very clear that the Democrats don't believe in democracy. They want the illusion of democracy while actually having a tyrannical authoritarian dictatorship. They don't care about "climate change", law and order, laws, or Americans, and they don't care about America, all they care about is money, power, and control.

  • Michael stephen Lancellotti on September 20, 2022

    Tell the fools we are not a democracy . Check to he Constitution the word democracy does not appear. America is a REPUBLIC I'm

  • Jeremy Romero on September 20, 2022

    Maranathm! Praise our lord and savior Jesus Christ! 🙏

  • Jeremy Romero on September 20, 2022

    Although later Hebrew prophets named the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah as adultery, pridefulness, and uncharitableness, the vast majority of exegesis related to the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah view it as an exemplative condemnation of homosexuality.

  • Jeremy Romero on September 20, 2022

    Drain the swamp! Immigrants are being threated and chased away with no place to go!

  • Jeremy Romero on September 20, 2022

    The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct by officials. Offenses by officials also include ordinary crimes, but perhaps with different standards of proof and punishment than for non-officials, on the grounds that more is expected of officials by their oaths of office. Wikipedia

  • Jeremy Romero on September 20, 2022

    Impeachment in the United States is the process by which the House of Representatives brings charges against a civil federal officer, the vice president, or the president for misconduct alleged to have been committed.

  • Peter M on September 20, 2022

    A bit rich from the party that tried to steal the 2020 election. Read the recent NY Times article about how scarily anti democracy the MAGAGOP wing of ths Republican party (AKA the semi fadcists) have become.

  • James Taylor on September 20, 2022

    The Dems have become an un-American party, looking to make America into a socialist country without knowing the history of that type of government. I've heard some complain about graft but they have no idea that socialistic governments, and communistic governments have 10 times the graft our current government has, if not more. I've been to China several times, and to some of the smaller communities and I've seen the real life they live. Even the worst case here is better than that. I've seen people who mine coal in the side of a hill to sell just so they can have food, they are black from head to foot with coal dust. They die at extremely young ages, but their government gives them nothing at all, not even health care.

  • joevil on September 20, 2022

    Ronald Reagan said it best…"one day fascism will come to the USA in the form of liberalism" .

  • Swift Bird on September 20, 2022

    It seems the democrats say pro-democracy but mean anti-constitutional republic.

  • See Banff on September 20, 2022

    Dear America:

    Since by now you all know our word is only worth the paper it's written on, let's all make a verbal contract instead.

    Furthermore, as always you should do…
    Listen to the men who are leaders of our mainly white christian nationalist party. (We do allow women and others to represent us, but only if they share "our" values, if you know what I mean. wink wink.)
    We know what's better for all of you. Better than you do.
    Don't forget that when you vote.

    While we're on the topic of voting and eligibility, maybe that should change later too?
    Afterall, we know better than you.

    (the MAGA brand Fascism party)
    ((we used to be Republicans, remember?))

  • Auggie Dogg on September 20, 2022

    Youtube "Survivors of child exploitation in St.Johns pizza shop"
    Hidden in plain sight. Sound familiar?

  • Joanne Agnew on September 20, 2022

    They can't debate! They have nothing to say! Not even in defence of themselves!

  • Sralaine 007 o-007 on September 20, 2022

    I think you are Correct about the Democratic party…..

  • Luis Zepeda on September 20, 2022

    You're not a z Republican you are trumpita,let be clear

  • Viral Duck Films on September 20, 2022

    Fox-Trump-Bannon fed you the Big Lie while they Ripped you off for $$$—Suckers

  • Misty Faraday on September 20, 2022

    Yes and if they wish their IRS agents they should first audit the IRS. Then audit. Every government official who has been in office for more than one term

  • Weldor Worx on September 20, 2022

    Only thing dems are concerned about is votes and thier next adrenochrome drink ! Pedos shouldn't be in the white house ! Period !

  • James Swindell on September 20, 2022

    The Democrats that are and have been in power are nothing short of modern day communist…and they need to be gone asap if you want to be a free and independent nation again…

  • Derrick Yodes on September 20, 2022

    DEMOCRATS ,..are going to LOSE ,..A VERY UGLY nasty election November 2022,,,

  • Rocker on September 20, 2022

    You keep talking about the Republicans against the Democrats when the war is really between the Far Right and regular Republicans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dino Bonaventura on September 20, 2022

    Dead people voting

  • gary tru on September 20, 2022

    What do you expect from commies