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Strong Storms in the Northeast ctm magazine

As a strong frontal system pushes through the northern tier of the country, a risk of severe weather exists along the I-95 corridor. A rainy pattern sets up over the west coast. Meteorologist Erica Lopez has your Monday forecast.

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  • Benjamin Peters on September 12, 2022

    Raining hard in central Arizona with a lot of thunder and lightning.

  • Coin Collecting Time  on September 12, 2022

    Who invited fall into summer?

  • • SaltRock on September 12, 2022

    I’m sitting on my porch in East Feliciana and feeling a slight NW breeze, nice. You said it was comin, thanks.

  • Aaron Jones on September 12, 2022

    Awesome video Erica. Great job.

  • Penny Burns on September 12, 2022

    Hi Ken, wondering if the lower Ohio region will have average snow fall or above average? So I can stock up on salt or not. 🤔 Thanks. And thank you Erica. Have a great day.

  • Valérie B. on September 12, 2022

    Erica, That color blue looks amazing on you! Thank you for the weather.

  • Witty Aliacane on September 12, 2022

    You look beautiful Erica. Thank you for the update. I’m in the Southeastern part of PA under the severe weather forecast today from the storm prediction center. I appreciate your update at the same time as my update from the MyRadar App! 😂 perfect timing!

  • Stacy Milligan on September 12, 2022

    Good morning you're a meteorologist do you know where you get your weather information from that year broadcasting I'm sure you have your studies but it's Lockheed Martin Lucky Martin gives the weather predictions gives the weather Stations in meteorologist the forecasts ask and there are the ones that instead build military weapons it's not a forecast it's a scheduled flood coming to California it's all scheduled and you're not as good as you are if you don't believe that