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Sweet Pepper Sauce with Grilled Prawns | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

A quick and easy dish of the delicious Sweet Pepper Sauce, to go great with grilled prawns.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • haya alsulaiti on February 26, 2018


  • Recycle Bin on March 1, 2018

    so.. I added olive oil, now I am being held at gunpoint by ISIS in the back of a van. Where did I mess up ?

  • Flight Reacts on March 6, 2018

    So good 😋

  • 𝙰c̸𝚎 on March 9, 2018

    I can barely see. Maybe they should zoom in more next time

  • Mateo Mancero on March 25, 2018

    In a summary
    Just put olive oil to everything and will become delicious

  • CallOfPundy1192 on April 23, 2018

    Is he sponsered by olive oil?

  • Ayush Goplani on April 26, 2018

    I can't see anything

  • Nikola Ilic on May 2, 2018

    Its Ajvar, not pepper sauce

  • Daaim Rehman on May 4, 2018

    He is sponsored by Olive oil.

  • Paul Gabel on May 28, 2018

    All those close ups…

  • Ohlive ole

  • Adumb Guy on June 25, 2018

    Zoom in more

  • Una Kenny on July 19, 2018

    God he makes it sound so easy

  • Shyam Vora on August 19, 2018

    I love that he never uses knorr stock pot

  • A B on August 29, 2018

    Why leave the head on?

  • Llll Kljhgg on September 25, 2018

    Why he didn't clean the shrimps?

  • InsaneFameNYC on October 13, 2018

    Gordon, you forgot to "devein" them, which you said you should do here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNtpqxAd3eU

  • Jeminatu Sesay on October 17, 2018

    Am just here to read comments and 😁 😁

  • Toni Hurani on January 4, 2019

    Zoom in more i want to see the Shrimp's asshole.

  • Canada vs The Liberals on January 18, 2019

    hey Gordon, I'm allergic to olive oil, do you have any good recipes for me? XD

  • Chibz92 on February 24, 2019

    Pause at 0:54 you can see salt and pepper on the prawns… YOU LIAR!!!

  • Nathaniel Barnes on April 8, 2019

    You fucking donkey

  • Doge McDogeface on May 3, 2019

    I think it needs more OLEVOL

  • B d on September 20, 2019

    its called romesco lol

  • Warren Mc Cormack Jnr on November 24, 2019

    anyone for grilled prawns

  • Reet Jaiswal on November 24, 2019

    Prawns turn red automatically on the griddle it's almost like they're saying
    "COME N EAT ME!!"

  • lequesha on December 5, 2019

    What the fuck? Why was this so much zoomed in?

  • tourist 7R on December 15, 2019

    Recorded with a Sniper Rifle

  • Hemant Samtani on December 17, 2019

    When cooking these prawns would you remove the digestive tract? Or cook them with it in?

  • Grungus Jarvis on February 9, 2020

    He's Funny And Cool.

  • Zookee The Hunter on March 18, 2020

    Why leave the shell on the prawns?

  • Jolie Johnson on March 23, 2020

    Love you

  • D T on April 14, 2020

    That was essentially a romesco sauce, right?

  • Andrea Gonzalez on April 26, 2020

    Oh my goodness! To my ears 🍤 & i thought it was a mole sauce or some kind of brown chipotle but this is BETTER.

  • VI VA on May 9, 2020

    Can the cameraman PAN DOWN more?

  • netweed09 on June 7, 2020

    Why prawns? We can all access prawns. Why doesn't he ever do langoustines?

  • Imam Rafi on June 19, 2020

    No salt?

  • davids11131113 on August 11, 2020

    Tilley! Pan out for fucks sakes!

  • Baker on September 15, 2020

    this is what happens when you don't season the camera first

  • Kiran Rajendran on September 22, 2020

    Thts the most complicated dish I have ever seen, also it's so lengthy.

  • The Art of Crochet by Chandra on September 26, 2020


  • The Makkawi Bros Show on November 2, 2020

    he makes it look so easy

  • santi sg on November 4, 2020


  • santi sg on November 4, 2020


  • santi sg on November 4, 2020


  • Borgie on December 1, 2020

    So don’t devein these when going on bbq

  • Jack biddly bee on February 22, 2021

    Gordon hast lost his edge

  • Guillermo Procel on March 3, 2021

    I can’t see shit

  • sito on August 24, 2021

    Salsa romescoo

  • pcasarian on October 9, 2021

    proportions of ingredients?

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