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Taila Santos Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 43 ctm magazine

UFC flyweight Taila Santos secures the first submission of the night over Joanne Wood at UFC Vegas 43 ending the bout in the first-round with a rear naked choke finish.

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  • Figgy Newton on November 20, 2021

    Thank You Talia!!! Our only finish of night.

  • Daniel Patrick on November 20, 2021

    Brasil sempre representando os latinos

  • Lou Luna on November 20, 2021

    Why is DC constantly the translator? Is he that infatuated with the sound of translation?

  • Justin Kovach on November 20, 2021

    Santos vs Andrade would be a banger and a solid choice for a #1 Contenders fight!

  • Mr.Armstrong9999 on November 20, 2021

    Them Brazilian women voices be DEEP AF!!!

  • Saleh Cheema on November 20, 2021

    Remember when wood beat Murphy and Murphy fought Valentina lmao, this whole division is out of wack

  • Christo60 on November 20, 2021

    Nice but i did not watch this fight

  • Bob Loblaw on November 20, 2021

    Good job on having a qualified translator, UFC can improve on this, it matters.

  • Paul Fahy on November 20, 2021

    Is that another man

  • Peggy Elizabeth on November 20, 2021

    Great fight, great win ….the only way to win .

  • A Roger on November 20, 2021

    Dang roid for sure. I thought that was a guy when she start talking.

  • Isaac Sequeira on November 20, 2021

    Thats a mans body on a women damn shes alpha

  • Geetha Dany on November 21, 2021

    next challenger

  • Aldrin Gomez on November 21, 2021

    1:43 lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bet365 Community on November 21, 2021

    come on guys….Santos on Juice ??? Deep Voice…..Acne…..look very masculin

  • Marc Altamura on November 21, 2021

    these brazilians are juiced up to the gills

  • Steven on November 21, 2021

    Daniel "Let me get my hands all over you" Cormier.

  • Danny Lenard on November 21, 2021

    No personality Santos

  • KNOW UR ROLL on November 21, 2021

    Is that a man?

  • Alessandro Gambino on November 21, 2021

    Deadly and sexy!

  • Jozef Horniak on November 21, 2021

    who should be next for Valentina? She obviously wants to stay active.

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985 on November 21, 2021

    WTF has happened to Jo Jo man? Hope she makes some adjustments before stepping back into the cage. 🤙

  • archedes1337 on November 21, 2021


  • Fl Rn on November 21, 2021

    Deep deep deep voice huh? And the dude didn't call the Schevchenko? Chicken!

  • djodjino joe on November 21, 2021

    Bizarre cette voix.. 🤔🤔

  • Mr. Nobody on November 21, 2021

    DC has to hug the person next to him. No matter who that is.

  • Yamabushi Warrior on November 21, 2021

    Yo, "her" Adam's Apple is crazy. And the voice depth afterword. I honestly think "she" should get genetic testing.

  • Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈 on November 21, 2021

    All reviews about ☝️ are real I got my PayPal filled was able to pay my bills

  • Friedrich Engesser on November 21, 2021

    what a beautifull deep steroid voice

  • Denisa on November 21, 2021

    Just give her Lauren Murphy and tittle shot after that…

  • Lincoln Microphone LLC on November 21, 2021

    She's a contender for sure

  • Capitain Filmmaker on November 21, 2021

    Eu trabalho e sou um amigo próximo da Taila e família…então, saibam que ela vai sim conseguir o CINTURÃO da categoria dela…com toda certeza absoluta. Quem sabe da história de vida dela, entende que ela tá ali com um objetivo a ser concluído e vai conseguir. 🙏

  • Alberto eme on November 21, 2021

    I like how DC kept trying to shake hands with both of them and neither noticed till the end 🤣

  • Shin M. on November 22, 2021

    Is that jorge gurgel?

  • Jordan Chan on November 22, 2021

    1:56 translator starts scatting

  • Canelo p4p #1 🇲🇽 on November 22, 2021

    These Brazilian women keep on submitting these European girls & they make it look so easy😆 Parabens Talia Santos👍👊🏼

  • AletheAce on November 22, 2021

    That classic Brazilian women voice lmao

  • MKRM MD on November 23, 2021

    Taila Santos has the strength and striking power of a man lol 😆Soon as you get hit her opponents be like W?T*F#

  • Bryan DeAnda on November 24, 2021

    1:35 i get weird sexual vibes from the way DC is grabbing the translator and smiling like that

  • Kenneth on November 26, 2021

    Taila Santos vs Viviane Araujo‼️

  • Joshua Hurst on November 27, 2021

    That voice bruh😬

  • Sunil chakma Sunil chakma on November 28, 2021

    Taila vs Andrea Lee will be good Matchup

  • Tyro Cyr on December 10, 2021


  • Nina Durand on December 10, 2021

    Tiene voz de hombre.

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