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Ted Williams on spike in police officer deaths: I blame politicians ctm magazine

The Fox News contributor joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the nationwide crime wave as dozens of officers have been killed in the line of duty, spiking 50% in 2021. #FoxNews

TED WILLIAMS: I blame politicians on both sides of the aisle and all over this country. We had this so-called defunding the police movement, where law-abiding citizens in these various communities were crying out for more funding for police officers. The politicians were talking about defunding. A lot of it started clearly with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but that’s some of the stuff that’s going on, unfortunately in the country right now.

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  • WhereIsJustice? on December 27, 2021

    Drugs are pouring in from the open southern border

  • Max Mustermann on December 27, 2021

    Interesting that FOX doesn't mention that the majority of police officer deaths in 2021 (322 in total) was due to COVID.

  • Bud White on December 27, 2021

    Its because nobody is being allowed to take out the trash.

  • Karis Duncan on December 27, 2021

    Biden's new normal

  • Gary Prinz on December 27, 2021

    Democrats want more crime and Republicans want less. Voters need to decide which they'd rather have.

  • Thomas Rudzik on December 27, 2021

    12/27: "Global Warming" is an EASY "Condition" to CORRECT! Just use MATH. Not: "Voodoo/Science." Increase "Photosynthesis Efficiency!" Idiots have been AFRAID to cut down OLD TREES that NO LONGER Absorb CARBON. TOO LAZY to Clear DEAD TREES that EMIT CARBON? A "Real" PROBLEM is: Trying to Find a "Nice Vintage Paisley Shirt." peace

  • David Jansto on December 27, 2021

    Fox News can you please turn your volume up

  • Degih frivod on December 27, 2021

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • Mike Ord on December 27, 2021

    hmmmmmmm not news so last year

  • Tony P on December 27, 2021

    So the overall respect of the police community is the fault of Democrats and not the fault of the "bad apples" that are rarely held accountable for their actions according to Fox News. Interesting.

  • SC on December 27, 2021

    Yet their locking up Cops for killing criminals 🤔

  • Dion Moore on December 27, 2021

    When celeb s like Lebron, say things like "They huntin us every day" Not sure that is helpful.

  • Sarah Pamula on December 27, 2021

    Darn, Jesus, men, creating "safe" dead, Jesus…..

  • 0neeyeopen on December 27, 2021

    Watch 1st Amendment Audits. Police are digging their own graves by their actions. There is a HUGE disconnect between police and the people. You shall reap what you sow.

  • Jeremy Allen on December 27, 2021

    Its hard to feel sorry for the tyrants doing the politicians dirty work while politicians get away with breaking the law on a regular basis and are never held accountable

  • TheMystic Ruler on December 27, 2021



  • Barby Bubbles on December 27, 2021

    I was PRAYING for her to make it through… HEARTBREAKING!!! 🕊️💔

  • TheMystic Ruler on December 27, 2021


  • Your Neighbor on December 27, 2021


  • White rabbit Jeronimo on December 27, 2021

    All this because trumps big mouth and Racist. SO BLAME TRUMP

  • RogueSouth Racing on December 27, 2021

    Brandon, The Squad and Pelosi caused this… This is what AOC and Omar wanted the whole time.. God Bless our Law Enforcement Officers.

  • Matt W on December 27, 2021

    I blame LeBron James he started it, cop started getting killed when he put that Target on that one police officer on Twitter he should be banned for inciting violence against police officers, for saying that black people were being hunted every day.
    F*** LeBron James and f*** Joe Biden

  • My Name Is on December 27, 2021

    Politicians and the media is to blame to this.

  • Stuart Damien on December 27, 2021

    Its blm they have demonised the police so much that innocent people including officers are the ones paying the price. This is what you get when you Martyr criminals

  • Cindy Hughey on December 27, 2021

    The problem is that nobody teaches their kids about God and the Ten Commandments and repentance. Parents need to let their kids know at a young age that they will have to answer to God, we must preach the Gospel and teach our children about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and give these kids hope for a future. They will not only ruin our city's but they will end up in Hell.

  • Rusty Folts on December 27, 2021

    Get a different job, you have choice. It is what the rest of us are told.

  • James Rush on December 27, 2021

    Would cops behavior have anything to do with this?

  • Valerie Louise on December 27, 2021

    With out law and order we have nothing!

  • Ramina Linten on December 27, 2021

    This is why I couldn’t date a police officer. Imagine living in constant fear for the life of a loved one. RIP to all the brave, amazing human beings who lost their lives. Sending love and prayers to their families.

  • Smokey mountains NC on December 27, 2021

    Democrat hate

  • Valerie Louise on December 27, 2021

    With out Law and order, we have nothing!

  • Christian HHansen on December 27, 2021

    democrats are the people responsible!

  • Sami on December 27, 2021

    Blame fake news media as well

  • John conner John conner on December 27, 2021

    Let go America 🇺🇸!!

  • Derrick Woods on December 27, 2021

    To bad the political figures are not dying

  • wolfu597 on December 27, 2021

    All because of Left wing politicians that lives in a bubble.
    And the greatest insult: they're going back on their words, and they actually we've forgotten all about them and their 'defund the police' ranting. WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL NEVER FORGET, OR FORGIVE THEM for what they've done.

  • Aliengrogg on December 27, 2021

    we should have a day a year where we light a candle for the victims caused by the BLM and spoiled champagne socialists who made this happen.

  • Mary Joyce on December 27, 2021

    Corruptions at all levels! Some of the police, unfortunately, are thugs also. They need to clean their ranks, increase their pay and benefits and hire vetted individuals after a complete investigated background check including citizenship. Rotten cops spoil the barrel.

  • Anita Sokolis on December 27, 2021

    I blame this whole leftest administration for the deaths of our country men. I hope one day they will be held accountable.

  • Gregory Donrovich on December 27, 2021

    I blame our politicians; but these pigs are out of control too. They will shoot anyone for anything. Honestly leftist politicians and bad policing is the reason this is happening. It's our government rotting as a whole. From the inside out. When you have one bad apple the rest in the bag get moldy too.

  • Joseph Talmadge on December 27, 2021

    Now the left will call him a racist and he's black SHAMEFUL

  • Michael Guill on December 27, 2021

    Definitely a good thing to start a conversation about the best way to get past this is to get rid of racist Democratic Mayors like lory Lightfoot I mean if you think about it what has a Democrat done other than Joe Manson that's had a positive effect on our country we had to go back to one of those old Snake plissken movies like escape from New York put a big wall around California or New York City and dump all the Democrats there

  • hydrolito on December 27, 2021

    Democrat Judges and District attorneys letting criminals back out has a lot to do with it.

  • johnmicalizzi126 on December 27, 2021

    Drugs stopping ,THE BOARDER ! THIS ADMINISTRATION IS the problem this is treason!

  • Chris Utech on December 27, 2021

    I blame cops

  • Ashley Chicka on December 27, 2021

    elected government officials voted for corrupt policies that has resulted in the murders of our police

  • The Led Zeppelin on December 27, 2021

    Biden sounds like the starter when the battery is low.

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