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Tensions boil over as Jewish nationalists march through Palestinian district of Jerusalem's Old City ctm magazine

‘Jerusalem Day’ sparks clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians as Jewish nationalists march through Old City. CNN’s Atika Shubert reports. #CNN #News



  • 𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼ッ on June 13, 2022

    Israel4life, Palestine and many terrorists chant death to Israel and Israelis, they are God’s chosen people. We can return the favor , no one gets mad at them when they return the favor.

  • Yair Baruch on June 13, 2022

    There was never such a thing as Palestine and Palestinian district in Jerusalem. Check real history.

  • Xavir Co on June 14, 2022

    I say let the Middle East hash it out King of the Hill style last one standing is the winner because at the end of the day day don't care of what any of us do Islam Christianity Judaism just seems like a waste of time to me and land has always been decided by who is the strongest and who can keep it so fuck it

  • Solomon Thampi on June 14, 2022

    How it will become provocation for CNN?Jews have all rights to be united!

  • Muhammed Alabas on June 14, 2022

    Full support for the Palestinians

  • RhodesianSAS1994 on June 14, 2022

    Ancient civilisations of middle east (Thrace, Levant, Egypt, Persia, Babylon) need to rise up and reject the islamic stranglehold. Israel is a leading example in the struggle

  • bar balabekov on June 14, 2022

    Excuse me, but i don't understand why citizens can't lift their flag in honour and pride 🤔

  • Sunny Agniwesh Singh on June 14, 2022

    India ❤️ Isreal !!!!!

  • Gitano Espana on June 14, 2022

    The meek shall possess the earth and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

  • AHEELALHANNAN on June 14, 2022


  • Osman Abe on June 14, 2022

    Palestinian or Israel these both belong to Muslims, Jewish and Christian and now it’s making nonsense by Israeli forces killing, beating and tortured all Muslims in Palestine just to take over whole Palestine to belong Israeli ???

  • Eduard on June 14, 2022

    So there s crazies on both sides.what a shock

  • jai woolveridge on June 14, 2022

    Reminds me of the orange order marches. Not meant to do anything but to insult and intimidate those considered as others

  • Eyal Jerome on June 14, 2022

    I hate how y’all making the Jews look so bad in these videos y’all don’t understand what we go through because of your hate upon us

  • Lawrence Taylor on June 14, 2022

    They gotta have a drone to fly a flag in their own homeland when they were there before their oppressors

  • Alfonso Alvarado on June 14, 2022

    Blue nazis

  • cm m on June 14, 2022

    Are these guys suicidal?

  • Arsalan Ali on June 14, 2022

    Europe send weapons to Ukrainian but helping Israel to invade Palestinian and kill civilians

  • Robbb on June 14, 2022


  • Jacob Null on June 14, 2022

    long live Israel

  • DontKnow9000 on June 14, 2022

    She sounds like Elenwen from Skyrim

  • Jonathon Isaza on June 14, 2022


  • John Goodrest on June 14, 2022

    All this does is promote anti semiticism worldwide.

  • Firas Ajoury on June 15, 2022

    Finally cnn is showing some truth

  • Konnen on June 15, 2022

    Fake Israelis
    Imagine these washed up Europeans thinking they’re the real Israelites 😂🤡

  • wadi halid on June 15, 2022

    Jewish is anti christian and what Islam call Da jal ….Fake god will born and let Jewish take A over world (end world) true Christian and true Islam will become one

  • Big Hawk on June 15, 2022

    The world would be better off without religion.

  • Anita Gold on June 15, 2022

    We paid a heavy price

  • Anita Gold on June 15, 2022

    CNN is anti israel
    Common knowledge

  • Anita Gold on June 15, 2022

    Your comments are just that

  • PayPerboii on June 15, 2022

    When a racist calls you a racist, i really wish there was a word for that. In a sense, for people who want to live in peace, they cause chaos. So I guess the word is hypocrisy.

  • Ksar Anthems on June 15, 2022

    Europe: Criticizes South africa for Apartheid Rule
    Also Europe: Nah, let Israel Seprates Jew and Muslim so that they become the enemy of each other.

  • Fabiafidus on June 15, 2022

    I hate religious talkingpoints no matter the religion .. all i see is wasted potential and a pile of corpses for no reason due to holy wars : /

  • Sahil Prakash on June 15, 2022

    All Islamic nation ruins other religions monuments, temples ,culture and heritage then built their religion monument and mosques. These people are hypocrite and uncivilized. WE SUPPORT TEMPLE MOUNT 🕎✡🕉LOVE FROM INDIA

  • Larry Medina on June 15, 2022

    Provocation make people look insane!
    The world is watching!!! 🌎

  • Yanay Bolbachan on June 15, 2022

    It's lovely how you CNN twist reality to make it look like those people marching did something bad.

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