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Tesla FSD, Dojo, Humanoid Robots, Future of AI w/ Yannic Kilcher – TSLA (Ep. 529) webfi network

I’m joined by @Yannic Kilcher , who runs a popular machine learning/AI YouTube channel, to discuss Tesla’s FSD approach, Lidar, AI humanoid robot, Tesla Dojo, and latest advances in artificial intelligence by OpenAI, DeepMind and others.

Yannic Kilcher on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ykilcher
Yannic Kilcher on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/yannickilcher
Yannic Kilcher analyzing Elon Musk’s FSD comments on Lex Fridman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd3R_G6_UfY

00:00 – Introduction
00:58 – Impressions of Tesla FSD
03:00 – Fundamentals of vision and autonomous driving
06:10 – Computer mistakes vs human driving mistakes
09:05 – Lidar integrating with vision
11:50 – Pros and cons of Lidar vs vision only
13:20 – Who is in the lead for physical world AI
15:16 – Can Tesla expand into other fields of AI?
17:30 – Importance of data to physical world AI?
18:35 – Data advantage in autonomous driving?
20:!6 – AI expertise vs data advantage
21:35 – Tesla Dojo
25:44 – Limits to neural nets performance
29:00 – Tracking AI improvements
31:25 – Github Copilot, DeepMind AlphaCode, OpenAI Codex
34:27 – Why is artificial intelligence important?
37:00 – Augment jobs or replace?
38:36 – Who’s leading – OpenAI, DeepMind/Google, Facebook, etc.
30:20 – Nvidia thoughts
41:45 – GPT-4 expectations
32:15 – Main challenges in creating AI human robot
48:30 – Conclusion

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  • Justinian Kepler on February 6, 2022

    Tannic, are you high?

  • Dara Phean on February 6, 2022

    Dave, can you do BrainChip by Akitda AI vs Tesla maybe next interview

  • D R-K on February 6, 2022

    Thanks for bringing this guest to my attention. I am going to check out his content and truly enjoyed this conversation.

  • J. C. on February 6, 2022

    What happens when the cameras lost vision? The hardware has to be really reliable. What happens when those cameras are 10 years old? It's not the first time we found jittery cameras after 2-3 years.

  • Peter Lund on February 6, 2022

    For people who don’t know: Yannic’s channel is THE place to go to if you want to keep up with the important papers in deep learning without actually reading them.

  • Kenneth Varnes on February 6, 2022

    Yannic better not cut in front of me…

  • Billy Norris on February 6, 2022

    Yannic's parents are brother and sister. Who also wear sunglasses inside.

  • PFO on February 6, 2022

    Whats with the sunglasses. Looks plain silly.

  • ADMIRAL PIETT on February 6, 2022

    He looks like a 1980s cop 😂

  • Bob Dyck on February 6, 2022

    Very interesting presentation. Thank you so much

  • kyle bhaskar on February 6, 2022

    Great interview Dave, very informative, and the fact that Yannic looks and talks like hes straight out of the Matrix😜 only enhances the content.

  • David M on February 6, 2022

    Great interview thanks for taking your time to help the community understand such topics

  • Cheese Pizza on February 6, 2022

    1) In future all cars will talk to each other to negotiate right of way.
    2) At level 5 fsd no wheel and peddles cars will have access to the web with live traffic update and new situations of any road change via starlink!
    Ei live update of constructions volume flow of traffic. Live events live update.
    3) Multi ubiquitous Drone live will update news and trafice !
    4) live update station cameras at all intersections and heavy flow traffic.
    5) advance rout planning base on live update.
    6) live data will be shared with all ROBOTAXI and personal car owner if there will be any left.
    Great interview as usual 👍!

  • Joseph Wilkerson on February 6, 2022

    If Tesla is to some degree modeling DOJO to HAL, a sentient artificial general intelligence computer that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft in the movie (2001: A Space Odyssey) and interacts with the ship's astronaut crew… does that mean that DOJO will also need to have a medical/science understanding like that of Ash (a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2[3] android) in the movie Alien, which functioned as a “science officer?!!”

  • TheCrazyAndTheWild on February 6, 2022


  • spelare2 on February 6, 2022

    What about FLIR that Sandy Munroe is talking about??

  • Frank on February 6, 2022

    Don't know the guy but the sunglasses are kinda cheesey

  • vidainvestor on February 6, 2022

    I were my sunglasses at night

  • BatmanRises on February 6, 2022

    Think there needs to be some sort of Global Standards for FSD and AI type driving. When in the future many or majority of cars are using it at least there could be some predictability in what the car could or may do. ie the car you’re driving already has a damn good idea what the other car will do so they can all work together to avoid an accident. May be as simple as how to give way. Letting people in.

  • williampmcd on February 6, 2022

    Guys the driver is successful because their two eyes are informed by truth

    Does a.i. comprehend truth then bingo

  • Joseph Santarcangelo on February 6, 2022

    I have a PHD and have been working in AI for 7 years, Yannnic is amazing he breaks down the latest research on his channel

  • lol on February 6, 2022

    For those who don't know, Yannic's channel is THE place to go if you want to keep up with the latest deep learning papers without having to read them.

  • Elliptic K on February 6, 2022

    One of the more underwhelming interviews. Long answer, but haven’t learned anything new.

  • Zach Nunya on February 6, 2022

    Dave looks so silly without any sunglasses on.

  • Alan B on February 6, 2022

    We KNOW there are ways of using a lot less data to understand the world. WE use a lot less ourselves. We only need a few examples of cats to distinguish them from dogs. So it's just a matter of time before we figure out how our own brains do this and implement it in a machine.

  • D. R. on February 6, 2022

    How does this guy not afford real ray bans

  • Tom Mornini on February 6, 2022

    I think Elon has made us abundantly clear what the fundamental benefit of Dojo will be: shorter training time begets more frequent iterations begets increased rate of improvement.

    42 years of software development taught me many things, but one of the most important lessons is that short iteration times benefit pace of development, both in terms of calendar time AND developer morale.

  • Daniel on February 6, 2022

    what the fuck is up with those glasses….

  • D. R. on February 6, 2022

    an AI that washes dishes is called a dishwasher, everyone.

  • J Ko on February 6, 2022

    Sorry to say, I don't think I learned anything more from this guest.

  • Mark Ryan on February 6, 2022

    Awesome – excellent crossover episode.

  • Juan Ugarte on February 6, 2022

    Something to consider. Telsa intial deployment of Optimus with each bot programed for a discreet task. They collect and refine those processes then shared across the neural net to expand the collective bot's knowledge base. Then slowly expand various environments with this same process.

  • John Kwikk on February 6, 2022

    IDEA: what if the tesla bot is being developed to aid in having deeper understanding of phyisical world AI to which helps self driving?
    LIKE to push this comment in the algo

  • Najeeb105 on February 6, 2022

    OMG I can't believe you made this happen!

  • jeffrey Maines on February 6, 2022

    Here's a thought. Optimus Subprime before Robo Taxis.. Doesn't require as much life and death software issues that need solving..

  • Michael Stott on February 6, 2022

    Has anyone checked if this guy is made out of liquid metal?

  • Rob Baker on February 6, 2022

    The only thing harder than FSD in vehicles would be a bot performing surgery on a human. All other AGI will be easy after FSD.

  • Marc Khan on February 6, 2022

    OMG he looks extremely cool with those glasses 🤓

  • importon on February 6, 2022

    nice glasses dork.

  • Robert LoPinto on February 6, 2022

    Never heard of Yannic before and he is clearly very knowledgeable on the topic of AI, but man, I really dislike when guests wear sunglasses. I want to see his eyes and facial gestures. It makes the person speaking seem less trustworthy.

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