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TESLA GIGA BERLIN Reveals When It Will Offer Public Tours To Anyone webfi network

Tesla says as soon as the construction of the main building and visitor area are completed, Giga Berlin will open tours for visitors.

Several hundred people came to the Tesla information event at Giga Berlin electric car factory on Sunday in the Müggelspreehalle in the Grünheide district of Hangelsberg (Oder-Spree). A company spokesman spoke of around 500 visitors by the afternoon. Around 40 Tesla employees awaited them on site, who provided information on various topics relating to the industrial settlement in Grünheide at ten information stands. These included the controversial water consumption of the plant, the logistics concept and the battery factory, which Tesla is currently building.

Our friend Jurgent, who tweets at GF4Tesla also attended the event, and drew attention to information that would be of interest to everyone, regardless of their country of residence. He tweeted that Tesla Giga Berlin will offer public tours of the factory to visitors once the main building and visitor area are fully completed. The Tesla employee did not provide any more information, so any additional details will be announced later.

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This is Armen Hareyan from Torque News. Please follow us at on Twitter and for daily automotive news.

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  • Andrea N. N. on September 12, 2022

    The big Problem for the inhabitents is, that Tesla Giga (near) Berlin is located in a Water Protection Area! The question was and is, how dangerous would the production be, according to protect the water. Its a very Importent Ressource for this Region and Berlin. We do drink water coducted from there.

  • Filip Delannoy on September 12, 2022

    Good report Armin, thanks!
    Please remove those bots from your channel…

  • lulu minator on September 12, 2022

    Tesla is now also a tourist attraction. Regardless if people think this is it or not, this still helps local businesses in a big or small way.

  • André Andre on September 13, 2022


  • Per Laursen on September 13, 2022

    I will drive to Berlin in my M3 as soon as possible, to see the Giga inside. I live in Aarhus, Mainland Jutland, West-Denmark.