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Texas police struggle to explain response to Uvalde shooter ctm magazine

CNN’s Ed Lavandera reports on the law enforcement’s shifting timeline of the response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.
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  • Waynetech on May 27, 2022

    Officers wanted it to happen had it been a white suburban school they would went in so fast this was genocide the police was working with the gunman

  • Tyler Durden on May 27, 2022

    I know if I hear shooting at a school I would take over an hour to get their, I mean come on, they just kids. 🤷‍♂️ (americans)

  • So glad the USA in unique and that I was smart enough to move away to anywhere else.

  • freebeing on May 27, 2022

    I will keep repeating myself because this was hidden in El Paso's mass shooting at a Walmart. El Paso Police arrived in 6 minutes. Didn't go in until 21 minutes. Shooter literally drove off and turned himself in. 23 dead.

  • Joe BiGLotto on May 27, 2022

    People are very confused. Police are not Robo cops. We need to stop being disrespectful. We lost alot of innocent children true but this is from one Gun man . We need to understand only one class was accessed could have been worse. This guy has a weapon that even the Army is afraid of. This is not Colombia. We live in a country with no gun control and right to have deadly weapons and we expect police to fight and stop it. This guy does not care he was on suicide mission and in addition police is lucky they didn't get killed. If the parents went in they will meet a Machine gun if police went in they will meet a Machine Gun. We built a system with a lock 🔒 down feature but we want the police to be in in one hour. Police are not mind readers this guy barricaded himself more like hostages so going in or not won't stop body count. We live in a world the police was not design for. One hour might sound alot but when was the last time this system solves any problem in one hour .it has happened before. The country wants the right to bear arms. 100 guns for every single human in the united States and you think police can stop this when was the last time police did. This is the culture of law not mind readers. The Solution is simple we Need to redesign the school building so a crazy Gum man can't easily walk thru if they do they will pass different level of Check point. And number two we need to have police drill on how to respond including secret police entrance ways. We currently do not have Robo cops but police can have better tools in the trunk like Robo rovers that can break thru doors and shoot to kill all enemy with Ai intelligence. If five police car arrives at a school shooting that is five Robo rovers inside their trunk to deploy to start the fight with Machine gun and Ai intelligence 🤓 You see if Ai intelligence heard a gun shot within one mile of any school Ai will automatically begin to activate school lock down and Ai intelligence can automatically deploy bullet proof verse to all the children in the class like oxygen mask in an Airplane. And Ai intelligence can deploy machine guns to teachers if security is bridged. Ai intelligence could have heard the Gun shots of him killing his grand mother within one mile of school that is enough time for Ai intelligence to automatically get students into security rooms and the Gunman will have difficulty getting inside and enough time for police to respond so much can be redesign in all schools.

  • JET show on May 27, 2022

    What gets me is that they say "arm the teachers ". Well the police are armed and they still didn't sort it out. I thought they were trained on how to use firearms. Shocking

  • Brother Nero on May 27, 2022

    Seems like the good guys with guns won't engage the bad guys, even if they're being paid for it.

    A minor flaw in the gun lobby's argument, to say the least.

  • Scarter63 on May 27, 2022

    The cops can't stop an active shooter, and Republicans want to arm teachers instead?

  • Johan Svensson on May 27, 2022

    Should kids have to be locked up during school and pass metal detectors on their way in? It is insane that they don't realize that the big problem is THE GUNS! Land of the free? Not so much…

  • peter b on May 27, 2022

    Hey, I can understand the actions of the cops. Why put yourself in harm's way when instead you can bravely threaten to violently assault unarmed innocent people? Seems like a no brainer to me

  • Gary Katzenmaier on May 27, 2022

    More Texas shithole

  • Mohamad Sudani on May 27, 2022

    Tactical disadvantage; as in we are a bunch of coward cops that can't weild a gun and do their job. I think that the police should be dismantled, save the tax payers some money, they have only one task and still fail to get it done

  • Vinayak Krishna on May 27, 2022

    I would request everyone to send them some baby diapers, they shit in their pants. Cowards.

  • California Condor on May 27, 2022

    Most people are not aware, that the phrase "To Protect and Serve" is not, to protect and serve the public, it's to protect and serve the law❗ The cops are over there, to make sure the suspect doesn't get away, it doesn't matter how many casualties or how long, as long as it's not one of them.

  • Lone soldier on May 27, 2022

    Police are so brave when they pull over a person of color, there is 10 -20 police cars for one man unarmed but when it comes to a shooter killing our kids they are cowards, I live 5 minutes away from my kids school and I will do whatever it takes to protect kids, so god help us that nothing like that happens at my kids school because I will not think twice to go and engage any shooter with my own rifle and if cops want to stop me from saving my kids or any kids life then so be it I will engage with the cops too because our kids lives are our future!!

  • Spade Comics on May 27, 2022

    Police doing damage control because they know a storm of angry parents are gonna sue their pants off

  • Clark Kent, aka Superman on May 27, 2022

    I believe gun controls will help somewhat, but only a step in the right direction. Other steps may be increased security in the schools- no more multiple building schools, with instead one entrance in a one-building school, guarded and with a metal detector. Multiple exits in case of fires, locked on the outside, but can be opened from the inside. Also important- having armed security outside the school building from the parking areas to the entrance. The problem still exists though of shooters still being able to target other crowded areas, like shopping malls and crowded city streets. At least in those areas it wouldn't be all kids, and a better chance of cops around.

  • Adam Weinberg on May 27, 2022

    The police in that town get 40% of the budget. Heavily militarized. Maybe defund the police wasn’t wrong.

  • Lisa Peck on May 27, 2022

    These Cops R A Joke ..This Guy Sayen Oh Well I Still Get To Go Home And Hug My Kids This Guys A Joke …There Was No Officer Guarding The School ..

  • Lisa Peck on May 27, 2022

    Sue Them Useless Cops ..

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