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The Best Beef Tri Tip – Roast Beef – Food Wishes ctm magazine

Learn how to make the “Best” Beef Tri Tip! I got a food wish for roast beef recently, which can be done with many different cuts, but I decided on using the always amazing beef tri tip, since it’s affordable, flavorful, and using this roasting technique, nearly fool-proof. Visit https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2019/07/the-best-beef-tri-tip-pro-tip-literally.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this delicious Tri Tip Roast Beef recipe!

You can also find my content on Allrecipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/”



  • dialect64 on September 27, 2020

    I wanna see one of those vids where a musician plays the notes of a person's speech to one of John's videos! Very identifiable up and down pitch at the end of every sentence ;D

  • Chrysta De La Cruz on September 27, 2020

    🤨u left on ur silver skin…

  • Sunny Dee on October 2, 2020

    Just made it. Perfectly delicious
    😋 🥩 🍽 😋

  • organicgroove23 on October 4, 2020

    Rosemary leaves ?? Please explain !!!

  • Leap Frog on November 29, 2020

    I was so ready to rub my meat after this video. Thanks chef!

  • knifeforkandaspoon on December 5, 2020

    I just made this for the first time, so here's a tri-tip tip: After roasting for the first hour, I would recommend checking for desired doneness every 15 minutes. I was going for medium rare but ended up with medium-well.

  • Gary Pratt on December 11, 2020

    I was so distracted by the way this guy talks I forgot to learn how to cook my tri tip

  • Edward Schultz on December 15, 2020

    I have never seen anything labeled tri tip. Is it sold as anything else?

  • Gary Korabeck on December 17, 2020

    I have never commented on a YouTube video.
    Less than 1/2 way through this, I decided to let you know that you're the shit!
    Keep up the good work.

  • TDRacing13 on December 25, 2020

    This was so salty it knocked the wind out of me! The gravy tasted like it was made with ocean water.

  • Elliott Raven on January 6, 2021

    I'm curious if I could do something similar with ground beef meatballs? I reckon those would be a lovely party snack!

  • Mary Lee on January 15, 2021

    He’s trying so hard to have an enticing voice! Lol

  • Richard Lo on January 21, 2021

    I ran out to the market to buy the tri-tip, then did the prep and cooking all within 2 hours. It's absolutely delicious! The best Roast Beef I've ever tasted. The cold meat sandwich next day was almost even better. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  • Wade Parker on January 21, 2021

    Very helpful and easy recipe for a bachelor like me thank you! 🙂

  • Claudia Weise on January 28, 2021

    PSA – I prepared this for my meat eating family members and used sea salt as they did not have Kosher Salt. The feedback was that it was too salty and my best guess is that sea salt is more concentrated than rock salt. I should have scaled back. This is no reflection on the recipe but more of a PSA to the next person that may want to improvise with salt. Thanks for the recipe Chef John!

  • Casey James on February 1, 2021

    such a soothing voice

  • don koerner on February 16, 2021

    came out perfect!

  • Christmas Crustacean on February 20, 2021

    Chef John… it has been almost two years since the last Tri Tip video

  • House on March 19, 2021

    Gordon Ramsay would not approve of the thin slices, thicker slices stay hot longer and less likely to dry out.

  • Smell Ya Later on March 29, 2021

    Basically what I do but I use the Santa Maria rub I found On google. I use a similar blend as this on way too many things. Looking for something different. Thanks though, love your Hungarian Goulash recipe

  • Colleen Mahony on April 3, 2021

    Are you using your Detroit-style pizza pan for this? 😉😊

  • Dresh on April 13, 2021

    No such thing as tri tips on east coast.

  • Jo Daddy on May 1, 2021

    Can I put some potatoes in with it?

  • Black Pill Yellow on May 8, 2021

    Watched this again this morning and making it now except…I couldn't find tri tip so I ended up getting a bottom round roast. Should still come out great. Roasted smash potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts as sides

  • Hailey Kief on May 14, 2021

    Something about your tone makes it hard to watch lol

  • Nick Cunningham on June 10, 2021

    Good recipe but I almost pulled out my hair hearing his voice

  • J David on June 14, 2021

    I'm making this right now with smoked paprika and cumin as the main rub flavors. I thought cumin would work well cuz the leftovers are going into Mexican food.

  • Jim Lasswell on June 15, 2021

    That knife sure looks familiar

  • Mario C on June 15, 2021

    Your voice dude high to low high to low

  • Radsk8r Bigollies on June 20, 2021

    The voice inflections of the narrator annoys me. Every single sentence has a high pitch inflection on practically every third to last word spoken. Hard to listen to. I'm grumpy.
    With that said, nice video and recipe.

  • Daniel Tong on June 21, 2021

    In Venezuela we call this cut Pollo de Res, which translates to Chicken of Beef. I’m not kidding😂

  • Junior Aguilar on June 26, 2021

    Its like good porn for me!!!

  • BKNb 77 on July 15, 2021

    Why not cook it on a rack? Then you wouldn’t need to flip it

  • Twila Johnson on August 29, 2021

    I made this tonight. So yummy!

  • Ms J. Randel on September 8, 2021

    Ty. Chef Michael Simon said after 130° it's shoe leather..dont over cook..

  • Adam Hammack on September 28, 2021

    I've always loved "the Scottie Pippen of your Beef Tri-Tippin'", but only just got "and that's no Bull". Bravo, Chef John. lol

  • rhomotor on October 8, 2021

    I just bought a 3 lb. piece and this looks simple enough for me to do. Thanks for the info.

  • BAT MAN on October 26, 2021

    Tri-tip is one of my favorite next to tomahawk steak

  • Hobo Golf on October 31, 2021

    Too bloody for me. I like mine well done. I'm a Santa Maria Style Tri Tip born and raised in Santa Maria since the 50's. Cook my tri tip on the grill for another 30 – 40 minutes.Dry rub all the way to San Jose'.

  • Katherine krauss on December 5, 2021

    I estimate that my Utube history spans at least five years, and I have channels that I quietly follow and wholly appreciate- most relate to music, art, dance, and FOOD
    This recipe was a curiosity among countless others, and I chose to try it because it seemed strange and because tri-tip is a rare grocery store item here and it was on sale .
    As a fan of good food and sharing with my very good friends, I must say this one changed my game! The dry rub, and the strange low temperature cooking are the perfect and unexpected combo.
    Heartily recommend this one .. YUM! Thank you for this

  • Why_I_Game on December 22, 2021

    1:05 Well, that escalated quickly.

  • Why_I_Game on December 22, 2021

    You were close with "uniformness", it's "uniformity".

  • Elizabeth Shaw on December 27, 2021

    Is this the same as a sirloin tip roast? I am from New England and it's not a cut we use in general.

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