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The Bidens have a confession ctm magazine

Raymond Arroyo details the Depp-Heard trial and the Bidens’ texting confession Wednesday on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’
#FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Tom Williams on June 2, 2022

    How longer must we be the laughing stock of the world with this President and his party destroying the all that is Great about the United States.

  • J. Dsl on June 2, 2022

    She’s a bad actress … weak

  • Flame Heart on June 2, 2022

    It's 10.35 million. Virginia only allowed 350,000 dollars punitive damage not 5 million the jury decided.

  • 🙄 on June 2, 2022

    I don’t believe he can text.
    She’s trying to fabricate competency.

  • roger warnike on June 2, 2022

    It’s amazing to me that y’all would waste your time and mine on Hollywood theatrics. Is this really journalism ??? Please. F J B.

  • Reynaldo Luna Jr. on June 2, 2022

    Was the baby formula outsourced from China as well, because if that's the case it could be enriched with melamine like they did to the formula for their own children.

  • Luthier Vandros on June 2, 2022

    Johnny won on merit and while using a fake accent 😂😂

  • Ross McCulloch on June 2, 2022

    Watched a lot of the trial Johnny depp is a trainwreck so is Amber for him to win is just a reflection of the woke country so sad

  • Pussin Boots on June 2, 2022

    Will Smith get in line to see a real man and keep your slaps to yourself you wanna be actor…

  • ClassicalnAustrianEco on June 2, 2022

    Biden can hardly speak properly

  • Saul Letner on June 2, 2022

    Wooooweeee he’s really getting the job done!!

  • Frank S on June 2, 2022

    We don't have a government anymore.
    It was overthrown on Nov 3 in the last election
    The CCP is now in charge
    How else can you explain what's happening?
    Incompetence? I think not

  • Whosoever on June 2, 2022

    That Judge did us all a favor.

  • Dorothy Lucero on June 2, 2022

    Just one? I don’t think so…criminal family and I’m sure they’re loaded with confessions to make!
    Trump won 2020!
    Buydan needs to go!

  • Trevor Day on June 2, 2022

    Jill texts Beijing Joe because she's a genuinely evil woman. That's why she is allowing her Alzheimers' afflicted husband to be humiliated and exploited daily; she couldn't stand to lose the POWER of being the First Lady

  • Robert Ekis on June 2, 2022

    Why do you keep showing videos of children having an argument? I could care less about these babies. Please stop with the Depp Heard crybaby crap. I'm tired of having to fast forward past this inane and childish squabbling. Same goes for Biden and his petulant wife.

  • Lil'Yeshua on June 2, 2022

    They admit they rigged the election and their minions that helped them get elected illegally are bat crazy?

  • Ricky Deer on June 2, 2022

    The other bby formula is for the white house ! Biden needs to feed too!

  • Adam Fox on June 2, 2022

    Rise up and remove all present politicians

  • Marvin Spencer on June 2, 2022

    Biden’s are a nasty disgrace.

  • John Schaller on June 2, 2022

    She pooped in his bed!

  • Sal vaje on June 2, 2022

    Fexting ? Ya right ! That mfker can't even read a teleprompter yet let alone read and write fexting ! LIAR !

  • Spring Hollow on June 2, 2022

    they're perverts?

  • tiger one on June 2, 2022

    Disgraceful this guy. Straining to read, means he doesn't even know what he's reading, much less remembering.
    Do us a favor Uncle Joe….retire

  • Kai on June 2, 2022

    Their confession is they suck!

  • Lumeron Swift on June 2, 2022

    By text… so that he doesn't forget the last line each time, maybe?

  • Jay Belanger on June 2, 2022

    her actings really bad 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ looks so fake

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