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The Fight Life – Stephen Thompson ctm magazine

P3 Presents The Fight Life with Stephen Thompson. Thompson tells his story from family history in martial arts to his daily hustle and current training as a UFC welterweight contender.

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  • DanCampbell on April 3, 2020

    'karate faces on' awh 🥺

  • Técnica de pesca e tarrafa on April 3, 2020

    O brasileiro está Aki

  • TrillWill on April 3, 2020

    " Toes straight ahead, karate faces on "

  • Mark Desmond on April 3, 2020

    Wonderboy vs. GSP for the 170lb Nicest Mutha Fucka belt. Make it happen Dana!

  • PillageMontage on April 3, 2020

    Am I liking an advertisement? I see WB, I like!

  • BernardTheGod on April 3, 2020

    Legend has it the Steven still has a busy day.

  • Trace Finlay on April 3, 2020

    Imagine Stephen Thompson being your bus driver…

  • Tzar Leonardi on April 3, 2020

    Wonderboy’s a school bus driver? That’s pretty badass 😎

  • Zack Waters on April 3, 2020

    I love Wonder Boy I wish I lived near him so I can train at his gym

  • Jared Galarza on April 3, 2020

    He needs to just go up weight an take that belt from Izzy.

  • Hot Dogg on April 4, 2020


  • Judgement Day on April 4, 2020

    Of course p3 decided to have wonderboy endorse their couple bites of bullshit, wonderboy isn't capable of saying a bad thing in life. I feel like p3 took advantage of the wonder bro,

  • Husman on April 4, 2020

    This is what every fighter should aspire to be. Vicious in the cage and an awesome dude outside of the cage.

  • Victorio Faria on April 4, 2020

    Um dia serei um Wonderboy da minha geração oss!!

  • fuuman5 on April 4, 2020

    Future Hall of Famer!

  • Bigman oncampus on April 4, 2020

    Remember ladies Thomson made ya boi masvidal look bang average at striking that's how good he is

  • Metal District Metal On Metal on April 4, 2020

    Great fighter and human being.

  • Michael Anvari on April 4, 2020

    so is this an ad for p3 protein pack? ive tried them and its not that good…

  • Leonid Vishniakov on April 4, 2020

    wait he is a ufc contender and works as a bus driver?

  • WaZar on April 4, 2020

    I’m happy for this man, seems like a good life

  • Tin Man on April 5, 2020

    Nice advertisement. Gotta love Wonderboy.

  • QuiteDecent on April 5, 2020

    All of this for P3 plugs? Really?

  • STK 87 on April 5, 2020

    Was this a portable protein meal ad?

  • Terraformality on April 5, 2020

    Never knew i needed more bus driver Thompson in my life until now

  • Remy Martin on April 5, 2020

    One of my fav fighters

  • The Isaiahnator on April 5, 2020

    Let's see him rematch Gamebred. Masvidal deserves to avenge his loss and Wonderboy deserves to solidify his legacy by repeatedly beating a more popular version of Gamebred. It's a win-win for the fans and matchmakers.

  • Mcdoonalds Manager on April 5, 2020


  • B69ne on April 6, 2020

    This was a really good commercial. My adblocker didn't pick it up.

  • LunatiK on April 6, 2020

    So I knew Wonderboy was a great guy but wow. He's like a movie character, he doesnt have a bad bone in his body. Crazy.

  • John Holmes on April 7, 2020

    God this dude is Great💯

  • Julian Pauls on April 7, 2020

    Wait so this whole video was just a P3 ad?

  • Equi on April 9, 2020

    The reason he's my favorite welter weight is because he's a fucking sniper. I swear i love the precision from the long distance. He has this beautiful overhand that goes right over some blocks and it's totally fucking sick.

  • Emir Keser on April 10, 2020

    nicest guy ever.

  • vimal bhojwani on April 10, 2020

    Guy is a saint!

  • Bryant Diaz on April 11, 2020

    love this guy

  • Jay Nix on April 12, 2020

    Haha a a ron

  • Howabouthetruth on April 13, 2020

    That may have been a commercial for P-3 snacks, but that was the coolest commercial you'll ever see. What kid wouldn't want the coolest "bus driver" in the world in Wonderboy Thompson. What an all around great man. Loved the ending: the choice of "1000 push ups"……."slow dancing"…….or DODGE BALL!!! Man oh man, as kids, we ALL loved dodge ball…….and I'm 58 yrs old, lol.

  • Southside 609 on April 14, 2020

    2:51 where the fuck is that shell block kid

  • Hotep Tiger on April 16, 2020

    The NMF in MMA history 🙂

  • Jared Crites on April 29, 2020

    I hate how you got me all the way into a stupid commercial!!!!! arg

  • Bobby Hill on May 9, 2020

    Love this guy

  • oldair junior98 on May 10, 2020

    how do you buy this p3 ?

  • Baba Semka on May 13, 2020

    How can you not love this guy?

  • Хороший человек 💪💪💪 прекрасный спортсмен💪💪💪

  • Shivanshu Roy on May 23, 2020

    Stephen is awesome

  • Hano Kohatsu on June 9, 2020

    How can you not like wonderboy

  • Pavana Arts on June 23, 2021

    rooting for wonderboy

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