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The Infamous Moment Gordon Offered A Convict A Job | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

This week on The F Word, Gordon gets into an onion cutting challenge with an inmate.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Jocelyne Delaney on November 10, 2021

    Love his videos

  • Corrine Howard on November 11, 2021

    Sure…I live on Cape Cod and I love Oysters…not that easy

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate on November 12, 2021

    I never ate brussel sprouts as a kid. I always avoided them because everyone said how horrible they were. When I was about 30 I finally tried them and they are awsome. I missed out for 30 years. They do smell bad but they taste really good. If you try them and they taste bad it's because whoever cooked them didn't know how to cook.

  • Whitney Martishius on November 13, 2021

    The moment is at about 31:48 in case anyone was wondering 😂🙌🏻

  • Mary Callejas on November 14, 2021

    ME!! I have been watching him religiously for 2 days… I can't stop… and as much yoytube as I watch I had never stopped on his videos until now … love him…

  • Mary Kopydlowski on November 17, 2021

    Great Chief. I love his family all together cooking. Awesome. I made chestnut mushroom dishes. Havent tried your desserts yet

  • Person Unidentified on November 20, 2021

    “Infamous moment” just have find it in a 46 min video lol

  • joy joy on November 23, 2021

    Turkey, amazing Bird
    Dead or alive?

  • Blue River on November 23, 2021

    I wonder if he took up the job offer.

  • Ni Ca Da on November 23, 2021

    I LOVE IT!!!

    …the onion…


  • Nodical on November 23, 2021

    That is a salad, Gordon

  • Janiece Williams on November 24, 2021

    Gordon's been on TV for years. I recently found him on U tube

  • Wellness-n-Mana on November 24, 2021

    Go Milla! Kia kaha, keep strong! 12:50 burn looks like it's gonna hurt every time you're in a hot space. Hope it healed over well!

  • Ben Tree specialist on November 25, 2021


  • Jayson Black on November 26, 2021

    cooking with love is serious business

  • Jayson Black on November 26, 2021

    Title: "The moment" hang on this video is 46 minutes long dafuq? WTF Chef? don't be a clickbait scammer your better than that!

  • Jill Gott on November 28, 2021

    WOW Sharon Osbourne's hair looks fantastic ! I did not recognize her until she spoke

  • Rissvin Panchadcharam on December 5, 2021
  • green or yellow on December 6, 2021

    "smells like an old fanny" Fabulous line by Sharon Osbourne

  • Jo Gorg on December 7, 2021

    Lolz. The only women Gordon doesn’t kiss is his own family. 14:40

  • Raven Preston on December 7, 2021

    Who is the man that made the chocolate cake ?

  • Music Cater on December 10, 2021

    They are commis chefs not convics – get your facts straight

  • Only God Knows Why on December 12, 2021

    Must be nice to be looked at and appreciated for who you are. Too bad the govt rather see people struggle then strive 😔

  • Patricia Davis on December 13, 2021

    I am not a lover of turkey but watching How Gordon cooked it I would try it

  • Patricia Davis on December 13, 2021

    Someone else commented that this was an amazing video and I love it it is showing Gordon in many different settings from hosting a Christmas party and going to the Vickers to help his wife cook on Christmas

  • Patricia Davis on December 13, 2021

    I love love love this video And when he gave his friend the silver high heels I almost peed myself

  • Bp on December 19, 2021

    I absolutely love Gordon…

  • The Shack Lady on December 20, 2021

    Your oyster stew is interesting. I come from a Norwegian family and my great grandfather would make it with heavy cream on the farm, fresh butter, salt, pepper, very minced garlic and sometimes finely minced chalets.you can also add to another type of stew oysters, stewed tomatoes, garlic, onion, potatoes, fresh thyme, parsley, garlic and carrots with heavy cream mixed in butter and a little natural tomato sauce.

  • B J on December 22, 2021

    That woman near the end has no idea what shes on about . All this nonsence about low fat this, low fat that…

  • Carol Harris on December 23, 2021

    I cook the turkey upside down for half the time and flip it over. Meanwhile all the juices went into the breast. And I melt butter with the herbs and refrigerate and put slices between the meat and skin.

  • dimspacha on December 24, 2021

    I'm sorry, but isn't the turkey WAY undercooked at 9:15????
    Thats a joke. EVEN THOUGH the joke does look beautiful and tasty lol
    But undercook means salmonella right?

  • maicah yamashita on December 25, 2021

    I've really want to taste Gordon's cooking ohh I love it .if only.i could visit..one of his restaurant… he's my fave chef I've learn the way he cooks.try it and it was very good..
    His soup recipe very well season ..

    maybe in a dream..☹️

  • Alisha N on December 27, 2021

    Rubish click bate had nothing to do with an offer he lost an onun coping race half way throuw sevrel rubish clips…

  • clide on December 27, 2021

    Not like American jail fuck me they got it good

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