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The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday January 27th, 2022 ctm magazine

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  • A G on January 27, 2022


  • Bob Rogers on January 27, 2022

    "So, Mike, how many DAWGS did you take AHT of this earth?"

  • Golden Pheasant on January 27, 2022

    Steve 3:07 🍻

  • Kevin Tierney on January 27, 2022

    Deinterlace your video at the source. Hire me please

  • Rod Steelington on January 27, 2022

    The phone call with Steve might be the funniest thing I've ever seen 🤣😂💀

  • Bla Bla on January 27, 2022

    What does Vick think about “fur the brand”

  • Gabe Bierschenk on January 27, 2022


  • Jr cell on January 27, 2022

    I would love to see Aron Rodgers go to the Cowboys just to see Skip squirm and finally admit his greatness.

  • Andrew Wright on January 27, 2022

    That call with Steven was electric 😂

  • Chuck Schultz on January 27, 2022

    Computer froze? Sounds like AJ was right….shotty craftsmanship. Great show guys!!!

  • Mikey Flores on January 27, 2022

    It’s Pat’s world and we’re all Steves just trying to get a call in.

  • Jackman1st on January 27, 2022

    3:07:17 for Steve 😂😂😂

  • Harrison A. Hemmerly on January 27, 2022

    I love when pat nerds out about kicking!! Like actually gets into the intricacies of different techniques

  • Evolution Station Music on January 27, 2022

    Steve did not deserve that

  • coltsgotluck on January 27, 2022

    Has anyone actually kept a running tally on the Hammer Dahn boys? I seen a reddit post where someone said over the last 6 months they are 51%, so if you made every bet they gave out when all is said and done you might have won a couple coffees lol

  • Adam Olson on January 27, 2022

    I was CRYING for ol Stevie Bois phone call. That’s how you do an internet show.

  • Jacob Wallin on January 27, 2022

    Mike Vick reminds me a lot of Darius Butler in the way he speaks. Good interview boys

  • Dilly-Bar3 on January 27, 2022


  • Cody Horne on January 27, 2022

    Aj the movie you were thinking of is "Only the Strong Survive"…..classic

  • Jim Yoss on January 27, 2022

    Wonder who Coach Chuck is pickin' this Conference Championship Weekend?

  • jimmy23 on January 27, 2022

    3:07:17 is all you need to know about the show. My god. I saw a lot of STEVE comments dahhhhhn in the comments. It might be the best moment in the history of the Internet….Zeet with the JUUUUUUST TALK

  • AlexCorona on January 27, 2022

    AJ was insane on this episode, my stomach literally hurts from laughing so much.

  • Daniel Kitchen on January 27, 2022

    3:07:20 Steven did not deserve that 😂😂

    Good Lord that “bit” went on way longer than I expected 🤣🤣

  • Shannon on January 27, 2022

    I want to see pat and the boys live stream themselves watching the games. I would find that very entertaining.

  • Jason PDSI on January 27, 2022

    Pagano may be one of my favorite human celebrities

  • Dargeton on January 27, 2022

    STEVE!!! STEVE!!! STEVE!!! STEVE!!! Some stuff’s for us…lmao

  • Nathaniel Thomas on January 27, 2022

    You stink Steve lol

  • Bob M. on January 27, 2022

    The "Steve" phone call will be on the next "PMS funny moments" video. I was rolling.

  • Justin Johnson on January 27, 2022

    As a Bengals fan, I thought the Bengals traveled on the cheap as well

  • Chris Smith on January 27, 2022

    If Rodgers doesn't stay or retire with the packers he'll go to team that ready for a superbowl ie a team that's went to or barely missed the playoffs without a stellar QB ie Tennessee Indianapolis , Pittsburgh not Denver, and he already said he isn't going to free agency. Since he said FA is off the table I highly doubt packers would trade him to a team that just hired their offense coordinator. I think honestly he trying to get GB to get a deal done with Devante Adams.

  • evolintentz1 on January 27, 2022

    This show is AMAZING….A REAL DAMN TALK SHOW…..between this show and my Chargers content I'm good😂🤣….btw…..BOLT UP BABY ⚡⚡⚡⚡💪 💪💪💪💪

  • Amanda Kenas on January 27, 2022

    I agree with Pat on everything he is saying about Rogers. Rogers is not about himself. Like Pat said Rogers cannot win. Criticize him for being a closed book, and then when he opens up he is selfish. I think what is really going on is lets destroy Rogers for the whole covid thing. Because they are not ripping apart other quarterbacks to the extent they are with Rogers.

  • Amanda Kenas on January 27, 2022

    I do not blame Rogers for going somewhere else. The Green Bay Packers wasted an awesome and extremely great quarterback.

  • Amanda Kenas on January 27, 2022

    Don't know what you got until it's gone!

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