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The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday March 16th, 2022 ctm magazine

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  • Uncle Fido on March 16, 2022

    I'm wondering when Rogers is going to be back on to easily shine on you? Pat don't buy the Brooklyn Bridge from Aaron he doesn't actually own it!

  • hunter watkins on March 16, 2022

    Love this show can't wait to download

  • The Prime on March 16, 2022

    Stop the Keto. It almost killed my sister and she had to have her gal blatter chopped out of her. Took 5 months to recover.

  • 0to60in1day on March 16, 2022

    Someone better isolate that cigarette talk and post it as a clip. 😂

  • Dylan Foley on March 16, 2022

    SHOW START ~ 4:50

    End of 1st Break ~ TJ Lang aint take no breaks

    Start of 2nd Hahr ~ 1:04:50

    End of 2nd Break ~ 1:40:25

    Start of 3rd Hahr ~ 2:04:47

    End of 3rd Hahr ~ 2:52:43

  • Anthony on March 16, 2022

    Pat, please tell your production guy that the rapid switching back and forth between camera frames is going to give me a seizure!

  • Jordan on March 16, 2022

    I love how Rupp finally said it’s not Penguins talk

  • k9crazyny on March 16, 2022

    Why did I have to wait 4:20 minutes to watch a live show that has ended already? Ridiculous!

  • Talon Yadiggg on March 16, 2022

    bring dylan foley on the show

  • Shane Barva on March 16, 2022

    Is Zeto shirtless? Awesome

  • Nestor Heredia jr on March 16, 2022

    Baker is going to Seattle

  • Jorden Ovshak on March 16, 2022


  • Dec0yZer0 on March 16, 2022

    I absolutely love Gump! His cam is 4K res and today he showed up looking like a zookeeper! Fuckin greatness!

  • Eddie Wrigley on March 16, 2022

    Ain't nobody eating no fish outta Allegheny or Delaware rivers

  • Logan Cross on March 16, 2022

    It’s amazing how different Aaron’s teammates talk about him. I don’t think that ESPN talks to any of his former teammates. They are a bologna manufacturer

  • Lord Keven on March 16, 2022

    1:15:49 what happened here boys?

  • Outtellect Anomaly on March 16, 2022

    The term E.Coli is a fancy euphemism. I’m old school, I call it, what it is💩.

  • silenttoxic707 on March 16, 2022

    I’d like to see someone like Ryan Leaf on the show. When he sits in for Eisen he does a pretty good job, might be a good guy to have hop on during the QB carrousel

  • silenttoxic707 on March 16, 2022

    to Stone Cold Zeet Austin 🖕Give me a HELL YEAH🖕

  • Scott Trotter on March 16, 2022

    Was Foxy having some sort of seizure during the show today? The camera cuts were making me nauseous.

  • C K on March 16, 2022

    Baker would be so much better than j g

  • C K on March 16, 2022

    J g threw the ball away on the last drive come on multiple times

  • Eddie Wrigley on March 16, 2022

    Hockey town might be tampa Florida

  • Levi Keller on March 16, 2022

    Best show in the genre

  • Josh Fancher on March 16, 2022

    Let's go Zeet 3:16 lol

  • silenttoxic707 on March 16, 2022

    to Stone Cold Zeet Austin

  • 310malik on March 16, 2022

    0 Days Since Last ”IO”

  • Levi Keller on March 16, 2022

    1:11:40 Buckeyes a 7 seed!!! Let’s go

  • Levi Keller on March 16, 2022

    1:12:33 F off sister gene !!! Hahaha

  • Jschout on March 16, 2022

    AJ’s head is like an upside down 1/2 gallon milk carton

  • BigUce on March 16, 2022

    Anyone else having problems not able
    To watch the show??

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