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The Queen lies in rest at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh ctm magazine

Members of the public are viewing the Queen’s coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh before it is taken to London.





  • Scott Gair on September 19, 2022

    Died in SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇬🇧, a country the Queen adored so much; I think the Queen would have wanted this.

    Rest in Peace, Your Majesty. 💔

  • Andromeda on September 19, 2022

    I think there is no Queen's body in the coffin. I believe her body is being preserved in a cool box somewhere or her coffin has some kind of a cooling system

  • Webster on September 19, 2022

    How about a moment of silence for those who are going to freeze to death this winter because they can't pay their bills

  • Rose Heart on September 19, 2022

    Rest Peacefully Queen🌺

  • Karola Heimann on September 19, 2022

    Farewell. See all of them who come to say goodbye to their beloved Queen. May the Lord keep her soul.

  • Ssquared on September 19, 2022

    Bury her already!!

  • TheJesusofJoinery on September 19, 2022

    Andrew is a sick old man!

  • Sakikog Oo Kheng on September 19, 2022

    00:00 is that Louis Theroux?

  • C-Historia on September 19, 2022

    Long live the king!

  • Dominic Lobo on September 19, 2022

    Is the queen's body in the coffin. How do they preserve a body for so long without refrigeration

  • Ukri1 on September 19, 2022

    Damn what's the deal? She was so old no wonder she died.

  • Ewa Stanecka on September 19, 2022

    What's the official name of those Scottish guards with arrows?

  • Maria Rosa Lanusse on September 19, 2022

    A que hora es su retorno para buchingham

  • Cristina lexy YouTube on September 19, 2022

    Rest 💞 in peace Queen Elizabeth II 🇬🇧👑🙏🕊️🏳️

  • rob inchley on September 19, 2022

    Only be a blow up doll in that coffin queen is in a safe underground bunker somethings a foot don’t trust the corrupt elite always lie

  • Callum Bush on September 19, 2022

    Beyond pathetic

  • 20alphabet on September 19, 2022

    She's gotta be carsick by now.

  • Nelchid on September 19, 2022

    I have a question. Has more people died who has known of the Queen than there are people alive today?