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The Secret of El Dorado (S1, E11) | Digging For The Truth | Full Episode ctm magazine

It was a fable that fueled a thousand fevered explorations into South America. The mere idea of El Dorado–a city of gold buried in the jungle–fired the imagination of Spanish conquistadors, in Season 1, Episode 11, “The Secret of El Dorado.”


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  • Makes me think of WindRose~Diggy Diggy Hole

  • Johnathon Castro on May 22, 2022

    I'm curious who tought ancient man to process gold and metal workings? It's not like they found full sheets or pieces of gold to carve.

  • William Spann on May 22, 2022

    I'm fairly certain the native tribes sent the Spanish and other European explorers on a wild goose chase hoping to get rid of them

  • Ryan Black on May 22, 2022

    Go to India where there really is a golden building where they found treasure worth a trillion dollars buried beneath.

  • Litfield on May 22, 2022

    I like this ,thx

  • Unlike the west and the Europeans the Mayas oldies was not about the money and greed like the Europeans were.. that's why you have got rich Robin and pillaging different countries around the world now what goes around comes around now you're scrambling alongside America.. which is also crumbling..

  • Cheryl Callahan on May 22, 2022

    History of Eldorado Truth Josh Greg Cusco (Peter Frost) Gold City appreciate your videos Listening 🌟 from Mass USA TYVM 💙

  • Cheche Chacha on May 22, 2022

    Conquistadors makes them sound legit. Call them what they were…thieves, murders, and rapists.

  • it is true

  • stonerman15 on May 22, 2022

    Why is the audio echoing? I cant do this.

  • Matthew Noble on May 22, 2022

    Why would you dive for gold and not take metal detectors?

  • A Rober on May 22, 2022

    Very good job fellows!! I'm fairly certain the native tribes sent the Spanish and other European explorers on a wild goose chase hoping to get rid of them.

  • Not KEVIN DURANT on May 22, 2022

    Searching for a city of gold while every government in the world is on standby to come and take it.

  • badbiker666 on May 22, 2022

    I think by now we all know that the City of Gold – Cibola – is located inside a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But there's no point looking for it because Nick Cage and Helen Mirren already found it.

  • Tom Dalton on May 22, 2022

    Two points.
    How in the world did the Incas carry ALL that gold over that terrain ?
    Next, if there was so much..just laying on the ground, since we have metal detectors etc today, why don't they just pick up some themselves ?
    So they have to dig a few inches, no biggie.

  • R. Vail on May 22, 2022

    At 39:48, the on-site jungle recorded audio begins echoing, although the studio voice-over does not echo. Very annoying audio from that point to the video's ending.

  • Nguzo Saba on May 22, 2022

    El Dorado County CA.

  • Plastic_straws on May 22, 2022

    Trust me it's been found the Smithsonian's have stolen everything

  • Jim Catanzaro on May 22, 2022

    Monkey pox is spreading fast people it’s the next lock down !!!!!!!! Prepare yourself

  • Cyan Kirkpatrick on May 23, 2022

    El dorado means the gilded one you're wanting to find the legendary Cibola and the 7 cities of gold. Sir Percy Wallace and son vanished while looking for the lost city of Z as he called it I believe it could be Pattiti in Bolivia

  • Ruben G. Madrigal Jr. 5-3-66 on May 23, 2022

    The book said at st. Boniface Church in San Francisco we understand that there is a split your Christian religion so we are leaving you are churches and hope that you made men to split Santa Monica Boulevard Highland California Hollywood I could sure use that gold I'm the one with a stick and a string on the cup thank you all the dollars have based on my name and signature of 22 signatures of the Treasurer and Secretary of the Treasury make it as large as you want sincerely Ruben G Madrigal jr.

  • Cyan Kirkpatrick on May 23, 2022

    Here's a fun fact there was a tax was on gold items like statues etc but jewelry wasn't 🤨😜 so certain people would melt the gold into bling and not have to pay any import tax 🤨😜😳🤔😁

  • Cyan Kirkpatrick on May 23, 2022

    They didn't see gold as the Western world has they saw it as tears from the sun, please I hope that Pizzaro and the others conquer's including the priests are enjoying the nice and cozy place they worked so hard for 🥵🥵I mean really they worked so hard in the name of..

  • Cyan Kirkpatrick on May 23, 2022

    No to crush the native culture, please don't white wash the lies. You left out alpaca's 🙄😂😁🙄😜🤨😳🥺🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Kowboy USA on May 23, 2022

    Perfect episode to top off the evening

  • Juney Shu on May 23, 2022

    Gold artifacts were fou d on these shores.

  • Christopher Elmer on May 23, 2022

    You wonder how many dead ends of the river are in the jungle? Always get the Topographical Map for the area of your search and you will know these answers.

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