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The Sensei | Full Action Drama Movie ctm magazine

***This film is under license from KDMG. All rights reserved***

The Sensei – In 1985 Colorado, a long-absent woman, proficient as a black belt in martial arts, returns home where she agrees, secretly, to train a bullied teen.

Stars: Diana Lee Inosanto, Keith David, Melissa Taylor

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  • My stuff on July 5, 2020

    Made up hate. This is 99% a good country.. complete lie not to bury people with AIDS. How many lies can these people manufacture. There is a conspiracy to disrupt America and this is what they do.

  • Jason Champagne on July 23, 2020

    Same the Karate Kid movies

  • larnizzo91 on July 25, 2020

    This movie is weirdly shot, with some awkward performances, and yet it’s still so gripping! Good acting and great writing really do a lot of the heavy lifting for this surprise hit. 👏🏼

  • BORRET TPメ on July 26, 2020

    Donde la puedo ver en español?

  • Pokerface1337 on August 3, 2020

    Well… not all Karens are entitled. Especially not THIS Karen 🙂

  • Maurice Kola on August 18, 2020

    Please I would love to download the series prison break. The whole of the seasons

  • Johan Terpstra on August 21, 2020

    A teary eyed movie

  • Deval Asakura1995 on September 14, 2020

    Similar Fighting Indian Woman

  • Cory Quiddaoen on September 23, 2020

    The rolling blunt scene was funny asf lmao

  • علي عسيري on October 1, 2020

    ياهو نبي ترجمه عربيه تكفون

  • BEELICEE Maketh on October 7, 2020

    I loved it thanks.

  • سلمان ا on October 22, 2020

    من تيك توك

  • sharla Batangan on November 20, 2020

    Loved this movie. D Lee Inosanto is my favorite actress.

  • bobby G on November 25, 2020

    What a utterly ridiculous movie. So stupid

  • Krazy Arkay on December 2, 2020

    Growing up doing martial arts this movie is nice. Didn’t relate to the other stuff besides the weed part

  • DXPunx74 on December 11, 2020

    McClains friend has a big mouth. You never tell anyone you know martial arts. There are too many people who think they are tough guys who like starting trouble. Believe me, I lived in a town like this. Funny thing, if you beat them up, they run to the police and play victim and want to sue you for it. Even though they brought it on themselves. But fighting should be a last resort.

  • maria santos on December 28, 2020

    Excellent story

  • Ken Managbanag on January 24, 2021

    Damn, I should be more careful next time I fight someone. I might not know the person I'm beating might be infected

  • Khadijah Joy Sams on January 30, 2021

    Powerful. Thus is the best movie I've seen all year

  • Jim Harmon on February 12, 2021

    Such an excellent movie. I've watched it multiple times and I know I will again.

  • Jacqueline Crabb on March 17, 2021

    Very heartfelt movie. I remember the time when we first learned about AIDS and the fear and phobia accompanying it. We know more now and medications have been developed to help those who become infected. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Tom Courteney-hoare on April 11, 2021

    Been looking for this for years.Diana Lee Inosanto.Daughter of Guru Dan Inosanto, Goddaughter of Bruce Lee

  • Tom Courteney-hoare on April 11, 2021

    What a triumph of a movie.Superb

  • Static_101 on April 28, 2021

    Good movie, this is what Karate and Martial Arts is all about, defending one's self against bullying and hate.

    I loved this movie, it goes to show how hateful, paranoid, and ignorant people can be.

  • Jurgen Roscher on May 24, 2021

    I 💘 Love how the movie portrays the truth, and essence of reality. Still now. Who else?

  • Jeff Walters on June 6, 2021

    This movie is amazing and Kudos to the Inosanto family for making it! It touches on a variety of issues of fear and prejudice! Incredible acting and lessons for life!

  • edilson on July 7, 2021

    This movie was awesome!!!!

  • Rickey russell on July 13, 2021

    That was a really good movie👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Megane on July 19, 2021

    This is beautiful ❤️

  • Dollie on December 6, 2021

    A rollercoaster of emotions! beautifully portrayed, its not often a film moves me like this one did.

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