The UnXplained: Jack the Ripper’s Unsolvable Killing Spree webfi


  • @HISTORY on April 26, 2024

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  • @zenarcher9633 on May 16, 2024

    "Saucy Jack, you’re a naughty one/Saucy Jack, you’re a haughty one."

  • @weMANed. on May 16, 2024

    Hh homes

  • @justtango4741 on May 16, 2024

    This footage is nearly as old as the actual killings!

  • @Asnodor22 on May 16, 2024

    Charles Allen Lechmere was the Ripper Google it

  • @timrutter5025 on May 17, 2024

    We can't even have a decent murder mystery without the Yanks trying to get in on it.

  • @colinglass1342 on May 17, 2024

    Yes but who was the white Chappel Jack the Ripper sort out fact from fiction

  • @colinglass1342 on May 17, 2024

    ALOT of red herrings People will think they know who was jack the ripper guesses CONPIRICY theories by the dozen. They are only guessing. What is fact what is fiction IS ANOTHER STOREY mind you im not an expert im not a dectective.

  • @alissacaithness9236 on May 17, 2024

    I still think it was H H Holmes

  • @willduke1656 on May 17, 2024

    Remember folks H.H Holmes was in London at that same time then returned to the US.

  • @buddyscaglini on May 17, 2024

    Wow. The idiots have bled into the poor ole history channels comment section. What a surprise. Can’t even appreciate this content that free for your poors

  • @darius75240 on May 18, 2024

    William Bury seems the most likely to have been the Ripper.

  • @RobinGilstrap-ln9dw on May 18, 2024

    Might not ever know It might have been hh homes he was in London at that time trying to sell skeletons to London school and he was a doctor because when he returned to America he started construction on his murder hotel for the world fair or could been a cop or anyone

  • @bndl98 on May 19, 2024

    ah first start of this documentary…racism. good ol history channel

  • @uktruecrime on May 19, 2024

    thanks history channel, I had never heard of this obscure case before, and I live in London.

  • @cynthiagibson6793 on May 20, 2024

    I thought the last one was Coles

  • @alexduggan68 on May 20, 2024

    Jack the Ripper a New Investigation, is a great book on the subject. Not only does it go into the mystery, it also details why we are still so fascinated even today.

  • @joshthomas580 on May 20, 2024

    Hung out with Nathaniel Essex

  • @robertreeser1174 on May 20, 2024

    Aaron kosminski Is jack the ripper.

  • @matthewjones9565 on May 22, 2024

    Typical Americans, they even try to take the credit for a serial killer.

  • @jakehammond12345 on May 22, 2024

    ' jack the ripper' was the name given to him via the letter by the ' media' to stop anti Jewish sentiment surrounding the killings. 'Jack the'… was a very common naming practice when referring to an English lad known for a certain thing. It seems dark and sinister to us now but reading it at the time it would have almost been comical.

  • @Betterworld47 on May 22, 2024

    Was he American or from Britain?

  • @prodigalflower1178 on May 23, 2024

    I believe Jack the Ripper was actually a female man eating Real Black Panther…. (Sharpened Claws)
    Or an Upright Walking, trained Ape dressed up to Kill… (Sharpened Tools) LITERALLY
    Call me Crazy but that's my THEORY 😂

  • @jasonmorgan5058 on May 23, 2024

    Dragging this dudes name through the mud. If I'm family of this dude I'm suing

  • @AirForceFalcons_9922 on May 25, 2024

    He was Sweeney Todd's ancestor.

  • @WelshDude1984 on May 25, 2024

    Jack The Ripper, was a time traveller. Him and the Zodiac killer are the same person. Explains why both, have never been caught.

  • @NaillHaig on May 25, 2024

    Kosminsky … most likely. These women were members of families, some were wives and mothers … their descendants are still alive today … SHOW SOME RESPECT.

  • @SportingIcons on May 25, 2024

    Here we go, Americans wanting JTR to be theirs. Always wanting to be involved 😏

  • @steveb6916 on May 27, 2024

    I love America

  • @user-zo3yw5eo2n on May 27, 2024

    John Williams ciurgian 😢 by johnny from Lisbon Portugal

  • @lawrencemoore3863 on May 27, 2024

    LL Cool j is jack the ripper

  • @Rain-Dirt on May 27, 2024

    Legend has it he ate a lot of beans.

  • @lunamoona1645 on May 29, 2024

    This is one thing if I could go back in time I would really want to find the answer to 🙌🏻🕵️

  • @heyokaempath5802 on May 29, 2024

    Tumblety was over 6 feet tall…and that was very tall for the time. He was also much older than the descriptions given by witnesses. While eyewitnesses are never very accurate, it could be possible that their guesses were incorrect. I would imagine a man of leisure like Tumblety would look a lot younger than a half-starved man of the East End of the same age. But the height is difficult to reconcile.

  • @rickandosca8262 on May 30, 2024

    At all times there are ALWAYS some weird people everywhere. If it could be deeply looked into, White Chappell 1888 you would find MANY just in that area so… people try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Lechmere is the most likely one that has been mentioned to me. BUT— it could have been that the Ripper might not be ANY of the men that are known about.

  • @youthberktempest on May 31, 2024

    nah i think he was not the Ripper. I would say that the Ripper is Joseph Barnett

  • @youthberktempest on May 31, 2024

    the best channel on this case is Lemino

  • @danielwebster5748 on May 31, 2024

    Even all the channels seem to describe and there's always a picture of Jack looking like a wealthy man. This is almost certainly not the case they nearly hung two different men for carrying black bags. All the way back in the 1880s where it was started the myth of him being wealthy. A wealthy man would stick out very hard back then and if you walked around with a cape and a top hat and a black bag you would be strung up. And all probability he was practically illiterate eastender that was very poor doing menial jobs. And he certainly did not carry a black bag because that's a good way to get home as two men knew very well. You can't blame the people nowadays because all these myths were started shortly after the murders. I'll I'll go on record and because I'm 99.9% sure he wore an okay he certainly didn't wear no dear stalker or top hat and he certainly didn't carry a black bag. Only one doctor believed he had medical knowledge the vast majority of the other doctors said he didn't even have the knowledge of a butcher.

  • @stephenhampson2861 on June 1, 2024

    Jack the Ripper was an ordinary man not a demon he blended in he probably killed 3 of the five where he got the idea from the media who created a monster , to keep Mary Kelly off the streets he was madly in love with Kelly who finally rejected him for another man Nichols, Stride were killed by other men the clues were the lost key Mary Kelly’s clothes neatly folded on the chair she had gone to bed early morning he knew her movements even the rag the double event left in the doorway gave direction he was heading Dorset street the broken window stuffed with a rag . Eddow and Chap WERE KNOWN to Kelly and-is why they were chosen ,after Kelly murder this is why it ended with her. NOW who could have had the lost key obviously her boyfriend who she kicked out .

  • @micwafflin on June 1, 2024

    Charles Lechmere or Aaron Kosminski/Kaminski are the two most realistic we got robbed on some evidence it’s alleged the killer wrote on the walls something about the Jews were or would be responsible for the killings the police never took a photo of the writing on the wall and scrubbed it clean there was lots of antisemitism in London and all the late 19th century

  • @kellyshomemadekitchen on June 2, 2024

    I’ve always thought “Dr” Tumblety was the Ripper. Of course, we will probably never know for certain.

  • @matthewchittle958 on June 2, 2024

    It was me

  • @craiglittle1437 on June 2, 2024

    Its Lechmere