• @connieeveritt5704 on April 30, 2024


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  • @17Jroach on April 30, 2024

    Whose the thumbnail girl

  • @jamesdeegan211 on April 30, 2024

    Great video. May they all rest in peace. One part of the vid did make me chuckle a little! When he said 202023😂

  • @markkenny2001 on April 30, 2024

    RIP Barbara Rush and Joss Ackland.

  • @Looper on April 30, 2024

    Rest In Peace to them all.

  • @enayexx on April 30, 2024

    May their souls Rest in Peace🕊🕊

  • @ruddiato on April 30, 2024

    I noticed in a few years, you guys and some ppl always pronounced the word "singer" stressing on the letter "g". Why is that?? 🤔🤔

  • @Rob-Raz on April 30, 2024

    That’s the thing about life. Some of us are given 90 seconds. Some of us are given 90 years. Most of us fall in between. 😢

  • @HappywifeTaylor on April 30, 2024

    Rest in peace, Richard Belzer and Lance Reddick😢

  • @lolmao500 on April 30, 2024

    Parasite actor killed himself because he was addicted to drugs probably and south korea treat drug addicts like total sub human trash… so stupid… drug addiction is a disease and anyone who thinks drug addicts are loser trash have never lived it themselves.

  • @lolmao500 on April 30, 2024

    So many epic talents left us… meanwhile the trash lives forever… looking at you corrupt politicians and dictators… Only the good die young. When actors die, people are sad, when politicians die, people cheer.

  • @MegaMikeStrike on April 30, 2024

    Still don't know why everyone forgets Adan Canto 🙁

  • @lolmao500 on April 30, 2024

    Dying at 34 from chronic drinking? Goddamn his liver was weak.

  • @Deonte-eg1wr on April 30, 2024

    Dale died? Damnit Bobby

  • @packedentertainment2866 on April 30, 2024

    I did know Lily Salvatore died actually. R.I.P.

  • @water7apple on May 1, 2024

    I didn't know about Cindy Williams!

  • @shantimoyghosh9985 on May 1, 2024

    Ray stevenson punisher best than thomas jane

  • @Gor85 on May 1, 2024

    May they rest in peace and with angels. So many legends. Watched to 18:32

  • @Sn00zeDog on May 1, 2024

    I wonder how many fell fowl of the AZ admission that their "wonder drug" actually has a side effect

  • @srizanchowdhury on May 1, 2024

    RIP. Awesome voice over btw

  • @rolfsinkgraven on May 1, 2024

    Time is ticking for the rest off us……………………………………..

  • @nostupidid1981 on May 1, 2024

    Reddick started his career on HBO's OZ, imo best show ever

  • @SylvesterAshcroft88 on May 1, 2024

    Stevenson was very underrated in the Book Of Eli.

  • @ffpunk777 on May 1, 2024

    Lance riddick was also Sylens in the horizon zero dawn games and omg was he complex I never knew whether he was a friend or foe.

  • @ffpunk777 on May 1, 2024

    RIP Captain Holt. I’ll always be a thirsty bitch for him lol.

  • @ffpunk777 on May 1, 2024

    We not gonna mention Tom Wilkinson as the villain for rush hour

  • @ffpunk777 on May 1, 2024

    Annie W was also a villain in the rookie

  • @joshuagarbett on May 1, 2024

    I’m too scared to take my own life.

  • @ericstevens2554 on May 6, 2024

    So young bless them all ❤❤❤

  • @brighteyes4927 on May 8, 2024

    I don’t think anyone “totally missed” Matthew Perry passing away