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This Cat Is Obsessed With Potatoes | The Dodo Cat Crazy ctm magazine

Woman is jealous of her husband because her cat is obsessed with him so she plans the funniest tactics to gain his love back 😂

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  • Matt Zeñuka on September 19, 2022


  • please don't eat the animals on September 19, 2022

    Apparently, you need to disguise yourself as a potato so Nugget will love you as much as he loves your significant other. 😄 I used to have a black and white tuxedo cat who loved when I brought in baby potatoes from the garden. She would bat and chase them all around the house. I think it was more entertaining for her to play with an unpredictable potato than a ball that just went in a normal trajectory.

  • Vampira Mayhem on September 19, 2022

    Are Nugget and Charlotte Dobre related? 🤣

  • James Cross on September 19, 2022

    You stink lol

  • Paper eater on September 19, 2022

    I'm also addicted to potatoes

  • Francine Becvkman on September 19, 2022

    what a smart cat she is very lucky to have him he's a 😍😍❤️🐈🌹😍🐾❤️❤️❤️😀🤩

  • Megan Valek on September 19, 2022

    I clicked on this because of how much he looks like my recently departed cat, Nougat. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I found out this kitty is named Nugget! 😻

  • Dhruv Sethi on September 19, 2022

    What an awesome cat ! Thats why cats are the best ! in love with potatoes 😁

  • StraightFashionMan on September 19, 2022

    Damn Cat!

  • krystal20 delight on September 19, 2022

    that not your husband he is the cat's husband not yours

  • Ice Goddess on September 19, 2022

    Dads who don't want cats be like: 0:36

  • Dr YASMINE Ayesha on September 19, 2022

    Toothless nugget❤️

  • Fatima Adreeta on September 19, 2022

    Nugget takes "potato lover" to a whole another level

  • LEAD BELLY on September 19, 2022

    Spuds smell of earth,makes sense!

  • Elis W on September 19, 2022

    Nugget's little noises sound like the Warden from Minecraft.

  • Eazy-V on September 19, 2022


  • brittle on September 19, 2022

    X potato

  • Mary Ailin on September 19, 2022

    Like my cat, I have taken care of her, yet she gravitated to my husband and likes him most more than anybody

  • Janie Do on September 19, 2022

    The potatoes are his safety potatoes

  • Kat on September 19, 2022

    That's always how it works: whoever didn't want the cat is the one that the cat ends up falling in love with.

  • Sathish Jayabalan on September 19, 2022


  • Nada B on September 19, 2022


  • Catalina Carvajal on September 19, 2022

    How wonderful this family is, thank you a thousand times

  • Prism on September 19, 2022

    Lol his little purr sounds like an alien 👾

  • Slice-O-Life on September 19, 2022

    Loves husband more because he gives tons of affection, loves potatoes and gets a fat lip. Quite the cat-ventures there lol

  • Avi Mondal on September 19, 2022

    Dis be an irishman stuck in a cats body

  • TimeIdle on September 19, 2022

    Maybe Nugget is indifferent toward mom is b/c she cooks the potatoes?

  • Elias Hall on September 19, 2022

    Minecraft warden

  • Dingleberry Bob on September 19, 2022

    I've said this a 100 times but cats are really weird!

  • Wawa Willegers on September 19, 2022

    Nugget brought joy and happiness to his mommy and daddy 💕 Nugget is very grateful for his parents. Thanking them by every moves, so adorable and sweet.

  • AKIRAASMR300 on September 19, 2022

    I knew the cat was Irish we love our potatoes

  • Mic The Oni on September 19, 2022

    This cat's pretty unique it doesn't want to eat the potatoes it just wants to be near them and furthermore I've never heard a cat make that type of sound before.
    It's an alien in disguise as a kitty

  • rose biff on September 19, 2022

    Adorably weird 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • opippy on September 19, 2022

    urgh, why so adorable? potatoes? i can't even…

  • Nikachu0906 on September 19, 2022

    I love that Nugget has an emotional support potato! That’s too cute!

  • Von Weeks on September 19, 2022


  • broadwaywes on September 19, 2022