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Tomi Lahren slams Gavin Newsom: Democrats love coddling criminals ctm magazine

The Fox Nation discusses the vice president’s approval rating and rising crime in California. #FoxNews

TOMI LAHREN: Democrats have a weird affinity for coddling criminals, and they love those felon coddling policies. And that comes from the top down. It comes from our absentee president to the absentee governor of California. But I’ll say this after Governor Newsom survived that recall, he’s taken a special affinity to not doing anything similar to our Vice President Kamala Harris. So it must be ineptitude in that California water. But we’re coming back to that discussion of his book tour. That’s taxpayer time that he is on to go promote a book now. It might be a noble book. It might be great, and that’s wonderful. But your state is your first priority. You need to get to work there. And I’ll say this about him passing this off to the mayors. You know, he had no problem issuing edicts and infringements and mandates for his state during COVID. But now he wants to sit back as the state is failing and the culture of lawlessness is taking over and sit back and push that off to mayors. It just goes to show you that he is so smug, he is so arrogant that he’s going to flaunt it in everybody’s face. And to make it worse, he’s going to go on a book tour and promote himself over his state.

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  • emily schwellenbach on December 11, 2021

    Doesnt matter how much you slam Newsom, Pelosi was in on his reelection, thank you very much. I hate that woman

  • Tom Wade on December 11, 2021

    camel harris has no interest doing anything but getting her big money

  • Ray Ray on December 11, 2021

    Newsom is a career criminal just like the rest of his ancestry

  • Lipstick Lunatic on December 11, 2021

    If you voted for Gavin Newsom OR Joe Biden, look yourself in the mirror, THEN punch the mirror in the face!

  • leonard harris on December 11, 2021

    Harris can never be the president of the USA, not because she is a women ,not because she is black, because she is a bully to her staff ,she is a nasty person, she collected money in the summer riots of 2020 to pay fines and get people out of jail for Antifa and BLM, and she wants to be president ,not now not ever.

  • Jim Figgerty on December 11, 2021

    If she claimed Willy Brown made inappropriate sexual advances to her she may get a barrage of sympathy from the Democrats like the Blasey-Ford woman.
    At this stage she must be getting desperate so anything's worth a try.

  • Easy Grows on December 11, 2021

    Demonic Rats = Democrats

  • LUMİYA ODEMBİT on December 11, 2021


  • LUMİYA ODEMBİT on December 11, 2021


  • Frank Bradshaw on December 11, 2021

    They don't worry about polls because they count the votes.

  • Maurice O'Ray II on December 11, 2021

    "Unfavorable" because "disapprove" is too harsh?

  • solar man on December 11, 2021


  • David M on December 12, 2021

    Eventually a Republican will win CA governor again. It had better be well before China attacks CA shores.

  • David M on December 12, 2021

    Dems don't care about USA citizens. It all about image, money and pride for being elected.

  • Richard Willette on December 12, 2021

    So glad Trump never hung out with criminals

  • Peter B on December 12, 2021

    Gavin Newsom is taking Texas’s lead and he’s going to ban assault rifles and some guns by using similar tactics that Texas used to ban abortion. Anyone can sue a gun owner for possession. Be careful what you wish for! Gavin could become president in the next few years!

  • Dean Macka on December 12, 2021

    Haha I love this Tomi Lauren she says it how it is bunch of lazy arse people in office Gavin newsom is a criminal

  • Benjamin Nunes96 on December 13, 2021

    She figures she will cry Racism, and people will be guilted into voting for her sadly

  • James Jowitt on December 14, 2021

    I don't feel sorry for Californians Voters because they love Governor Newsom no matter how Bad it's gets High Gasoline Prices Homeless High Food Prices and Lawless Neighborhood in soft on Crimes that why Californians people are Rude Hateful Unfriendly and Terrible people that why they love Domocratic Party no matter how bad it's gets

  • billy jr baker on December 17, 2021

    Clean up these crime ridden liberal cities.

  • billy jr baker on December 17, 2021

    Chicago or Crime-cago?

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