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Tonga calls for ‘immediate aid’ as another large eruption detected | Volcano | Latest English News ctm magazine

Another large eruption has been detected at the Tonga volcano, two days after a massive eruption triggered tsunami waves around the Pacific.

#TongaVolcano #Pacific #EnglishNews

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  • Drew Peacock on January 17, 2022

    The unvaccinated will be blamed

  • Joseph Christian Roldan on January 17, 2022

    I'm certain marine life has died.

  • PINSON PATRIOT on January 17, 2022

    Volcano's don't just blow, especially to that enormous magnitude, without having some activity first. Watch the water..Q

  • Jeff on January 17, 2022

    The animation had me worried for the camera person

  • mr Truth on January 17, 2022

    Mother nature you are so beautiful, but at a same time you are so scary.

  • Ayub Khan on January 17, 2022

    Could it be new experiment of weaponry

  • OopsKapootz on January 17, 2022

    Cool accent!

  • Sunny Mishra on January 17, 2022

    Volcanic Eruption or an nuclear weapon test..??

  • Khaye Urdas on January 17, 2022

    ❤️Keep Safe Every1…🌊😷☝🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Rietha Crafford on January 17, 2022

    NZ prime minister looks like a drug addict 🙁

  • Himanshu Verma on January 17, 2022


  • S P on January 17, 2022

    Where are the American ships? They go everywhere else.

  • Michael Wachendorf on January 17, 2022

    Really heard to Alaska. Well I live in WA state we didn't hear shit. And no tsunami hit. Claim down

  • John Adams on January 17, 2022

    Mexico is closer, have them "help" Lord knows we're helping mexico….

  • viktor Roderer on January 17, 2022

    I like wion 💪🙏👍👍👍💙💙💙

  • manuel keats on January 17, 2022

    Awesome reporting…thumbs up from Canada!

  • Thanks so much for the video and info.
    I Wish All the best.

  • Hannibal Barca on January 17, 2022

    Imagine all the fish that got blown up

  • BonSang on January 17, 2022

    lounge nation that did not have any emergency plan or reserves despite the fact that the whole nation is housed on volcanic islands. give a man a fish he is fed for one day, learn him to fish he is fed for is whole life.

    tonga is overdue for a bit of though love.

  • Sladjana B on January 17, 2022

    Bravo WION!!! But, can we be sure that volcano is not triggered with some nuclear bomb? In these times of biological world war nobody would be surprised ….

  • Raymond B. Crisp on January 17, 2022

    Hopefully the volcano doesn't have a side wall collapse. If that happens, there will be a tsunami for the ages, like the one in Japan 11 years ago.

  • Frozen Tundra on January 17, 2022

    So if the valcano was underwater when it erupted then how did the ash get into the sky?

  • Andrew Elliott on January 17, 2022

    Always impressed by your coverage.

  • Exilian on January 17, 2022

    Viewers on this channel don't even listen to the news… they just drool of the anchors like brainless idiots

  • Kamala GivesHead on January 17, 2022

    bet some will say it's global warming. but mother nature > than lies

  • TheEdTeach on January 17, 2022

    anyone else notice the freakish eyeball @ 2: 40 ?

  • frances womble on January 17, 2022

    God be with everyone who is affected by this situation.

  • Chris Motley on January 17, 2022

    145 Mantle Adar

  • Go Shu on January 17, 2022

    See, if you accept Parent 1 and Parent 2 (identitiy politics) dont expect the Spiritual World to do nothing.
    Every place under 400 meters sea level, will be devastated by the Nature.
    Only High places will stand.
    The rest will be sacraficed, the same way you guys sacrafice Trees today.
    Thats what Nature will do and cant do anythjing to stop her.

  • paul chamberlain on January 17, 2022

    Be safe and have a good day

  • Ramadhir Singh on January 17, 2022

    2022 is just like 2021+2020

  • Big Picture Thinking on January 17, 2022

    Same thing ushered in the fifth extinction.

  • auto lover@%%$&^$&^$ on January 17, 2022

    Welcome 2022.☹️☹️☹️

  • Sheldon Miranda on January 17, 2022

    New islands in the making. Meanwhile, prayers to the affected families

  • Katrina Houston on January 17, 2022

    I'm still in disbelief about this eruption. 🤯😬😰😱🌋 our planet is reminding us of how unpredictable it is.

  • Wynnye Key on January 17, 2022

    No ham radios in Tonga?

  • Larry Portouw on January 17, 2022

    Well done report.

  • IfEyesHadLaser on January 17, 2022

    Unique? Did it ever cross your minds that it could be nuclear instead? To trigger a tsunami. – which is a much easier way to depopulate the world! For governments around the world… DISASTER = MONEY! Look at the scamdemic! Billions! Trillions!

  • SHILL POLICE on January 17, 2022

    In unrelated News, Rocket Man is now demanding 1 million dollars, franchise rights to the LA Lakers, and cloning technology..

  • MILAN SOOD on January 17, 2022

    happy new year, now 2022 has started

  • Awaken Now To Love & Truth on January 17, 2022

    Most Polynesian people on Tonga and Samoa live in simple open palm leave huts
    With not much protection ..i was there ..so sad…praying for them to be helped by international efforts. They may need to relocate.

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