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Top Finishes: Kevin Lee ctm magazine

Check out Kevin Lee’s top finishes from his UFC career so far.

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  • Danvers89 on March 15, 2021

    Anyone here after watching the rise of Gregor Gillespie🤦🏽‍♂️lol

  • Angelina Iadanza on March 19, 2021

    I miss Kevin Lee so much, I wish to see him back in UFC.

  • msh msh al-abdli on March 22, 2021

    Why I see kevin lee when I wanna download instagram 😂

  • jose Wilkerson on March 24, 2021

    Everyone said that lee did a comeback bc of he’s last win , I say nah because he’s not a humble fighter

  • B47ANCE on April 4, 2021

    I hope Kevin comes back with fire again he has all the tools to be champion if he really wants it

  • Hussein Hajibare on April 11, 2021

    “I see Lee in Khabib’s holes” – Kevin game

  • Waani Waaani on May 10, 2021

    Kevin Lee has a lot huge moment in the ufc.
    1: Don’t you ever talk about my mama.
    2: the chicken dance
    3: Gregor KO

  • Ted Jr. Sullivan on May 13, 2021

    Lee is so overrated he's always been Bellator material. There's way better fighters in Bellator.

  • Happy Lad on June 24, 2021

    at the last one I heard Windows shutdown theme😲

  • Coach Joe on August 4, 2021

    i hope he does well @ 170 he’s still young has all the potential to be a top guy he just needs to focus on his craft and start his redemption story I know a lot don’t like Lee but you gotta respect him he doesn’t turn down fights against some killas I hope he gets it going and upsets Brady

  • David Walker on August 5, 2021

    Is Kevin Lee related to Bruce?

  • MarJean Music on September 2, 2021

    This guys sucks

  • 8 mile on October 13, 2021
  • tony ponce on November 30, 2021

    whos here after kevin got released.

    i never iked him yet im pretty upset about this… surprisingly. He was a guy i rooted against and win or lose always had entertaining fights

  • Lawrence Hackett on December 2, 2021

    “Don’t go for the tough fights” none of these wins were tough fights. Kevin lee a joke

  • Random videos on December 2, 2021

    Too bad he was released

  • Jeremiah Freitag on December 2, 2021

    All this and yet hes released off of loosing 2 fights in a row…

    I declare…. FUCK SHIT

  • Derrick Gator on December 4, 2021

    Lmao love how this comes as a suggest an after he gets cut

  • jt shaffner on December 4, 2021

    Is there a reason I see this in my feed AFTER YOU RELEASE HIM?

  • كباس ١٩٨٤ on December 15, 2021

    Khabib so lucky 😂

  • orientalgolem on January 28, 2022

    Eagle FC 🦅

  • X on February 15, 2022


  • ERICK RBD on May 16, 2022


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