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Torrone (Italian Nut & Nougat Confection) – Great Valentine’s Day Treat! ctm magazine

Learn how to make a Torrone recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2016/02/torrone-italian-nut-nougat-confection.html for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy these easy Torrone recipe!



  • quizás quizás on December 17, 2021


  • D D on December 18, 2021

    Wow! Yours came out great, looks like the real Torrone we get at the Italian Pastry Shop.

  • Elena Lujan Zarantonello on December 18, 2021

    Por favor, traducir la receta en español

  • Jayson Witting on December 19, 2021

    Not in a rude way but this is quite overrated, people should consider making almond nougat blended smooth (I'm NOT talking about marzipan) like the hazelnut version, it's not noticed enough. Not everyone can have hazelnuts…

  • Heather Gibson on December 19, 2021

    Should the nuts be unsalted for this recipe?

  • Raf Naegels on December 19, 2021

    How long could you store this?

  • Your OneAneOnly on December 20, 2021

    My mom makes it with marshmallows..,

  • Karen Hayes on December 20, 2021

    tried this and it turned out perfect.. Perfect Waste of Honey; Nuts & Rice paper 🙁

  • sretna zvijezda on December 20, 2021

    Awesome ❤👍
    I made thiss with walnuts
    Best 👌 ⛄☃️

  • Carmela Caso on December 22, 2021


  • mark krawczuk on December 23, 2021

    there no way thats 3 cups almonds and one cup pistachios . i put one cup pistachios and MAYBE 2 cups almonds and stll waaaay too much nuts in it.
    oh, and it doesnt go whiter when you cook the noughat.

  • Warda Ben,rani on December 25, 2021

    اريد المقادير بالعربية

  • Mojo News LK on December 26, 2021

    It;s look so delicious! thanks for sharing.have a nice day.

  • Manel Naitkaci on December 26, 2021

    Your way of talking is Amazing love it

  • Em Lo on December 29, 2021

    Can we cut this recipe in half or will it ruin it?

  • D'Anna C on December 29, 2021

    Getting gummy nougat from this recipe is a popular complaint and a costly result after hours of precision and top ingredients.

    But one ingredient may be the cause that you may not be aware of.

    It's very likely that honey you bought is NOT pure. It's cut with corn syrup or other ingredients by almost 50%!

    It already has too much water in it because of this and will not harden despite your clay test and 4-5 second top ribbon rule.

    This recipe calls for 1 cup + 1/3 cup of honey. If you've got fake honey it will not perform properly and you'll be stuck with a ruined batch you can't cut or manage at all.
    Chef's blog was LITTERED with feedback about gummy nougat.

    You can break your mind thinking about the altitude, cooking speed, stove top, cold nuts, etc. until you vow never to try this lovely holiday gift again.

    All those blanched almonds, dried cherries, etc. and you'll be wishing you bought it at a specialty store and ended it for how much time you spent squishing wet almonds between your fingers and roasting them with a bit of fresh ground cardamom for a hidden exotic flavour.

    There are several proper tests to perform to validate your honey.
    Yes, mine failed MISERABLY and no matter what became the stringiest, stickiest muck that wasted money and lots and lots of time.
    To be honest, find a recipe that requires less honey, and perhaps some French glucose and caster sugar.
    The recipe may be as old as the Romans, but may not be worth it in the end.
    Happy 2022 Chef. I wish you had addressed this issue in your video or your blog to SO MANY PEOPLE WHO WERE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE WAY IT FAILED. 🙏

  • Rita Chen on December 30, 2021

    Thank you very much for the video❤️❤️❤️

  • Seeker44 on December 30, 2021

    Why not use an aluminum foil

  • Test on January 2, 2022

    My final product was pretty sticky, did I do something wrong?

  • Test on January 2, 2022

    My torrone turned out quite soft. I was gradually smushing it as I was trying to cut it. Did I do something wrong?

  • A B on January 2, 2022

    This is a greatest torrone recipe. I've tried it and it turned out wonderful.
    The recipe is detailed, accurate, and full of practical advices. It really turns out great👍❤️!
    I have tried Anna Olson's recipe for torrone and it was very bad because I don't have a thermometer.

  • leela stoma on January 13, 2022

    I love his recipes but I really watch videos for his VOICE. He needs to do audio books. 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Hugh Muir on January 14, 2022

    What is the recipe, ingredients and measurements or weights.

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