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Transmorphers (Robot Wars) | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie ctm magazine

**This film is under license from The Asylum. All rights reserved**

Transmorphers – A race of alien robots have conquered Earth and forced humanity underground. After 400 years, a small group of humans develop a plan to defeat the mechanical invaders in the ultimate battle between man and machine.

Stars: Matthew Wolf, Amy Weber, Shaley Scott

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  • Educatedh20 on January 25, 2021

    It looks like robocop but without the excuse of it being made in the 80s

  • Frankenoise on January 27, 2021

    So we can send messages to a planet 20 million light years away and 5 years later get an answer? Doesn't make sense guys!🤣

  • Tyrander165 on January 29, 2021

    My math is a little weak but "We discovered life 20 million light years away" and sent them a message of peace (at the speed of light?) causing them to invade five years later? Factoring in the time it would take the aliens to gather raw materials, ramp up their manufacturing, assemble a force large enough to take over a planet and launch it, I think five years is a little unreasonable even for machines.

  • Jenny C on February 17, 2021

    Ok I’ll be honest this is one of the few Asylum films that aren’t as bad as I thought.

  • Defultz on February 28, 2021

    This whole movie is about people talking no action

  • martin perez on March 10, 2021

    Is this part 1? What ever watching it anyway

  • dedd bebbb on March 11, 2021

    this movie has been brought to you by XEROX…..copy that!

  • Hunter Jordan on March 14, 2021

    Who else is here because of diamondbolt?

  • John Murkwater on March 15, 2021

    The Asylum is always so close to making a really good movie.
    This just isn't it.
    Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad film and it is entertaining to say the least, and I did watch it to it's conclusion.
    3 out of 5 ⭐

  • David Depierri on March 16, 2021

    At this is weird I'm a little over halfway through an asylum movie that I'm actually going to continue to watch it and I'm enjoying it. my whole world has been thrown out of balance

  • David Depierri on March 17, 2021

    I read some of the comments but I know that's what some people just have to find something wrong in everything this was one heck of a movie especially finding out that Ben was a little fun what a twist. Two thumbs up thank you for the upload

  • David Depierri on March 17, 2021

    Sorry about the misprint that last part was to say that to find out that one man which is actually a robot that was a heck of a Twist never saw that coming but again to thumbs up

  • firelord9000 on March 23, 2021

    I feel bad for immigrant parents who picked this up thinking they were updating their kids on pop culture

  • Robert on March 29, 2021

    Not even going to watch this Transformers parody. I can already tell this is the equivalent of going to China town in the city and buying knockoff Jordans made from bubble gum wrappers and scotch tape.

  • Faithful-Honest&True. on April 11, 2021

    The moment they go all woke in a movie I move on, this is woke dribbling rubbish.

  • Andrew Stinson on April 14, 2021

    Really good movie!

    Lots of girl-power stuff going on.

  • Nuzlocke Comics on April 20, 2021

    This is like if Transformers and the Matrix had an unholy love child

  • Yefu Zhang on May 9, 2021


  • Devin Harbert on June 20, 2021

    I Loved Movie more than the first transformers

  • Steven Obiol on July 4, 2021

    Please stop, just awful.

  • triforian king on July 28, 2021

    Those designs could make the perfect robots for a power rangers Zeo fan movie

  • triforian king on July 28, 2021

    Either way it's an okay movie (for bootleg transformers)

  • Sunky84 on August 2, 2021

    It's rip off of transformers

  • Cassandra Roper on August 8, 2021

    Bunch of kids, pushing a bunch of adults on a robot mission.🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Random Reviews on August 18, 2021

    Better than gladiaformers

  • Joseph Peters on September 29, 2021


    If you know where I got that from, good on ya'!

  • Angel Vandash on November 13, 2021

    1:26:28 The perfect moment 👌🏻

  • Brian Roberts on November 15, 2021

    I love Asylum movies. Who doesn't? But the science is just a tad off.
    If you send a message to a planet 20,000 light years away, it will take 20,000 years to get there. Then you have to add their response time. So I guess it's a given that the alien attackers have faster than light travel.
    Response to the signal, 20,005 years
    Not 5 years.

  • Christmas Optimus Prime on December 14, 2021

    Wait What

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