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Trey Gowdy’s call for unity on 9/11 anniversary ctm magazine

Fox News host Trey Gowdy reflects on 21 years since the September 11th attacks on ‘Sunday Night in America.’

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  • D—E—S on September 12, 2022

    Trey should first honor the J6 subpoena if he wants "unity"….

  • T. Emery on September 12, 2022

    Nist and Barr "we found no evidence…… What , we was supposed to look? If you watch the first 48 the cops are always claiming they don't believe in coincidences , too bad they didn't get the case.

  • clroger on September 12, 2022


  • Harbinger 8 on September 12, 2022

    Biden & Harris's Folly = 26AUG2021

  • POWERHOUSE on September 12, 2022

    When will these videos start informing the people that it's The Lord Jesus Christ we need? If you want a better world, one of grace and unity, then bring God into your souls. The reason we are going in a perverted godless direction, is because this dem movement have rejected God, Jesus Christ. They are walking with the devil, doing his bidding.

  • The Federal Farmer on September 12, 2022

    We learned that kerosene melts steel but not passports.

  • Dreamwell on September 12, 2022

    That's rich – you support the man who tried to reverse the vote count in a presidential election by means of domestic terrorism.

  • Rat King on September 12, 2022


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  • Vinvin Cris on September 12, 2022


  • Semper Fi on September 12, 2022

    You want unity on September 11th I want unity every day in this country Don't preach about unity on one day in this country and say that you want unity preach about it everyday and then I'll believe you

  • Michael Konopka on September 12, 2022


  • Kimmie jo Clark on September 12, 2022

    Usually, we have the morning news on. We didn't that morning. But my daughter, in her room getting ready for school came tearing up the stairs, turn the news on! A plane was just run through a building! We turned it on. Just in time to see the second building hit. The world changed that day. And our one true commonality came forward. We were all Americans. Where we lived. Our Great losses. Nothing set us apart. 21 years and we've lost that truth. Not all of us tho. My children tell their children why that Day is important. Who will tell their children. And maybe we can remember why that Day is still important. Because beyond the superficial events, we are all Americans.

  • Thomas Tinglan on September 12, 2022

    Well said

  • Chris Browne on September 12, 2022

    Trey. you forgot one other enduring legacy—-shoddy investigations

  • Good Comments on September 12, 2022

    FOX lives/loves NY, MAGA loves to drop F-Bombs.

  • Felix Rivero on September 12, 2022

    Trump is the biggest disaster can human being can be .Mr spoilers.

  • PeterPeli on September 12, 2022

    You don't want "Unity"..
    Unity would mean ALL P.O.C..
    vs Whyties.

  • Diamond Ray on September 12, 2022


  • rector kirk on September 12, 2022

    Sorry i cant unite with anyone who supports biden or dems period.

  • SPOKE on September 12, 2022

    Gowdy…….unity…………'re a blind idiot.

  • bobbyfluffynoodle on September 12, 2022

    Unity gets you know where when the other side wants war

  • Jose Luis on September 12, 2022

    That’s what America needs, but FOX has to lead, and the rest of the MSM.

  • Paul Dempsey on September 12, 2022

    Very well said Trey. I am very worried about the future of this great Nation

  • Midlander NC on September 12, 2022

    There will be no unifying with communists.

  • Anthony LaChute on September 12, 2022

    democrats are placing America back into the fray ,, record crime, unsecure borders, this is agenda over life should be illegal not just immoral!

  • Your local potterhead on September 12, 2022

    Why does he look like a unpopped popcorn kernel-

  • Sims Fish on September 12, 2022

    No sir, the murdering terrorists don't have a distorted view of their cult. They're the good mou ham madam who emulate their prophet. All you have to do is read the medina sentences in the kouran.

  • Kahuna234 on September 12, 2022

    You hold and almost advertise and perpetuate division! I'm a Canadian, but I know you and your Congress very well. I actually respect you. But you are definitely divisive. And you know it!

  • s G on September 12, 2022

    I.dont remember unity- we still hated each other the day befire the day after and now.

  • Dark City on September 12, 2022

    Republicans are domestic terrorists

  • Thomas Jordan on September 12, 2022

    War has been declared between the two factions and the first casualty in any war is the Truth.

  • Nash on September 12, 2022

    There can be no unity under the biden regime

  • pittbullds D's on September 12, 2022


  • Clint on September 13, 2022

    Braking news ! Independent sources have revealed to Fox News that the president of Mexico is in talks with President trump for the final details of a deal for the government of Mexico to finally pay for the BORDER WALL !!!

  • Rod Manderson on September 13, 2022

    America is toast. Donald J Trumpet Virus is just the nail in the coffin!!!

  • SAM007 on September 14, 2022

    This is how you con a man who knows alot about the law, you offer him alot of money than give him a job Fox and soon he will be singing the same tune like the others.

  • DrumGalaxy on September 14, 2022

    Sorry Trey. It's not happening. It's only getting worse, unfortunately.

  • m0ntheg3rs on September 15, 2022

    Unity comes from knowledge of the Truth, it’s no something we can will or artificially enforce. Their will be no unity in this country until we acknowledge where truth comes from or at least where it does NOT come from. It sur as hell doesn’t come from the government and when half the population believes the other half is a threat to democracy and your nations leaders are perpetuating that lie it will never happen.

  • Ken Manes on September 15, 2022

    Did they replace the Real Trey Gowdy with a demonic clone? We wrestle not against flesh and blood; but against principality and evil people in high places.