• @mistec34 on April 1, 2024

    Jordan Klepper cameo for the bathtub toaster?

  • @SpukiTheLoveKitten75 on April 2, 2024

    Someone should test Chump's latesd claims, "Okay, Donnie! Pay up that money you owe!".

  • @thefranktalk1287 on April 3, 2024

    If you, in your heart, believe that Biden is a good leader, defend his presidency, and you are content with “Biden vs Trump” who are worst of both ends of the spectrum and mock a candidate because he stood his ground and offered people a third option without bending his will to either of the parties then you are either bought by your media corporations or you are sucked in so far deep into this no-win system that you are absolutely blinded and rid of reason.

  • @shilohartisan on April 3, 2024

    Awww, I miss John Batiste! "Cold Blooded!"

  • @begoodalwaysbegood9519 on April 3, 2024

    Alfio how you doing. Stay far away from those cats you king of silly ness you. Reboot. Present. Now. Eternal. In Jesus Christs name we pray amen.

  • @jimmartin7437 on April 3, 2024

    Great show

  • @Jdvc-yd5tx on April 4, 2024

    Trump claimed he was a billionaire, probably after converting it into Mexican Pesos. M🇺🇸GA.

  • @leavingitblank9363 on April 4, 2024

    Louis Cato is only 38 years old. Why does he get all these throw-back jokes that I don't?

  • @Brittany.Bonilla on April 13, 2024

    If Trump's wealth keeps surging, soon he'll be able to buy back all the Sharpie markers he's ever used!

  • @KAS6558 on April 15, 2024

    I have no regrests about the ACA.

  • @mandirants on April 20, 2024

    I am a Democrat and a fan of the Obama presidency.
    But –
    Obamacare is a collosal failure. It's the MAIN reason people voted for Trump in the 1st place in 2016!!

    Biden is making HUGE missteps right now and I REALLY wish someone he trusts would tell him… for the sake of the nation. Truly. This is terrifying.
    Missteps like:
    1. $6 billion given to Samsung while the Affordable Connectivity Program for internet and phone service for low income families was cut from the budget.
    2. Endorsing Obamacare when people are struggling to find doctors and healthcare providers "in their network" and are NOT receiving care or are being assigned to Nurses and PA's instead of actual doctors while they pay as much out of pocket anyway – and it's more than they can afford while their prescriptions are being rationed because of the high costs.
    3. Investing BILLIONS into the railway system because… trains. (???) This one is ludicrous.

  • @realityjunky on April 21, 2024

    I hope the rest of the world is watching the US as we go through this insane year. The USA does everything best!! Even insanity!! Watch us as we crash and burn yet again instead of solving actual problems.

  • @alvincook8888 on April 25, 2024

    Did you know Tic Toc is banned in China? Really!

  • @direktive4 on April 30, 2024

    if he was doing the Enforcement Droid Series 209 voice, that's RoboCop

  • @barbaramedlock4337 on May 4, 2024

    Eat mushy peas english people love it

  • @irisb7205 on May 5, 2024

    Why is Trump and his son are BEGGING for money " $ 5 ,
    $ 10 or even #25 " , from his uneducated, poor followers if his net worth has balooned to $ 4 billion ? Unparalleled GREED.

  • @RedPenguin2 on May 6, 2024

    0:42 Damn first, Joe Budden causes Eminem to beef with him, now Trump is beefing with him about the ACA. When will Joe Budden stop?😂

  • @ronlem9235 on May 7, 2024

    I love Sony, you love Sony, we love Sony too!

  • @barbaramedlock4337 on May 9, 2024

    Narcisstics you will find in jail,they are all innocent never did anything wrong never held accountable or take responsibilty , do you know someone like that?

  • @feiradragon7915 on May 20, 2024

    Digital World Acquisition Corp. sounds like a villain organization in Digimon.

  • @binglim1 on May 28, 2024

    Trump is not the problem. He is a symptom. I post the prose written by Terrence Kenneth

    After 4 years of watching US politics largely because of Trump, this is my summation of the US. The United States has peddled the sense of exceptionalism ever since the end of World War II, that their system of governance was superior. The United States is a country built on hypocrisy. They claim to support democracy, but they have widespread voters suppression of blacks and brown people. And also toppling democratically elected governments when they don't suit their foreign policies. They claim to be a champion of human rights, but they cannot even guarantee justice for their own minorities. They claim to be incorruptible, but their politicians are for sale in a process they call “lobbying”.

    When a system is so corrupt, when a nation is so divided along class and ethnic lines, when politics is about divide and conquer while the wealthy get obscenely rich; it was inevitable that a person like Donald John Trump can be elected as President. The electorate has been kept intentionally ignorant by a deliberate underinvestment in education. The defence policy uses under-educated, disenfranchised youth, and sends them to foreign lands to fight and die, in foreign wars to advance their empire. These people come back with little prospects, angry, betrayed, and looking for a villain. The Christian Right has twisted Christianity to such an extent that if Jesus Christ were around today, he would be branded a socialist libtard. Donald John Trump is not the problem. He is the consequence of the problem, a broken system.

    That it took this long for the unwashed masses to be directed by an elected criminal, supported by a morally bankrupt party, against another branch of the government, run by another version of the same party, is amazing. Despite the partisan bias, at a deeper level, the centrist Democrats are not very much different from the Republicans. The United States is run by a Right and a Right of Centre political party.

    Considering the extreme militarisation of police forces in the US, we are not likely to see an immediate full-blown civil war. Unlike what the Parler crowd claims, we are not going to see a replay of 1861. What we will likely see is an upsurge of domestic terrorism, driven by white supremacist libertarians. Many of them have law enforcement and military backgrounds, their beloved veterans. If the states and the federal government is not seen to clamp down as hard as they have the BLM, we will likely see radicalisation on the Left as well.

    What we are witnessing is a generational shift. The US is not in danger of falling apart, but it has lost ground in soft power and international clout. Her allies will wean themselves of her, and forge their own foreign policy, such as the EU deal with China. American-lead institutions such as the IMF will be weakened, and regional alternatives pushed by groupings such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will fill in some of those gaps. We are seeing the first tangible evidence that an empire is in inexorable decline. The media focus on attacking personalities, groups, and parties but fail to address the problem. It is the system that is broken.