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Turkey & Rice Meatballs – How to Make Albondigas ctm magazine

Learn how to make Turkey & Rice Meatballs! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2015/11/turkey-rice-meatballs-albondigas.html for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Albondigas recipe.



  • Jaydon Bourda on September 20, 2017

    LOL you're right, ground turkey is a pain!

  • maserin1 on September 21, 2017

    I'm happy to inform you, Chef, that it's alBONdigas, with the emphasis on the BONE! Source: Una bailarina del tango en Buenos Aires.

  • tarjei99 on October 28, 2017

    Am I the only person that thickens with mashed potato powder?

  • Jessica S on November 12, 2017

    Pero, asere, you said “red MEATLESS meatballs”—I thought that implied vegetarian. I was disappointed 😔

  • Catherine Jacobs on November 15, 2017

    I love your candor, and your on-liners, "try to remember what you forgot!"

  • Laura K on November 20, 2017

    Using the broiler is not cheating; that's just you cooking! 😉

  • Javier Llaneza on December 12, 2017

    It's pronounced Al-bond-dee-gas, pretty much like you said the 2nd time 🙂

  • Carmen Dawn Allan on January 25, 2018

    I prefer Turkey,Over Chicken .😍 👍

  • Mykiel Zingara on February 10, 2018

    Damp hands make smooth balls….I will have to tell my wife lol

  • Losttoanyreason on March 16, 2018

    Damp hands make smooth balls!

  • Bit Goblin on April 18, 2018

    lol sounds like he says "Hot me balls"

  • Nickie IDRUS on July 11, 2018

    That's not nice. My best friend likes ground turkey or chicken because of its low fat content and he is a guy who doesn't like anything too fattening. There are people who love ground turkey or chicken.

  • brandowag3 on September 3, 2018

    Ok. 1:1 ratio of salt to rice

  • Gregory Thoman on October 13, 2018

    I've just watch 3 episodes with Chef John using Turkey and it is clear he has no respect for Turkey! Haha

  • Daveh H on October 14, 2018

    I like ground turkey 🙁

  • franciine shimizu on November 2, 2018

    I can’t wait to try out this recipe this weekend!

  • Mary Beth Leib on November 3, 2018

    "Applyin' the cayenne". Love it. For those w egg allergies…these are delish and you don't need the egg.

  • V N on November 16, 2018

    oh my god why do I keep getting the same commercial for you're videos. I've watched over 50 videos all with the "I lost my sight when I was 14 years old, I navigate the world by touch… bla bla nla" avahebshbahsah

  • LionHeart on February 1, 2019

    I love this guy's videos but, is it just me or is the cadence of his voice a bit unusual?

  • Angela Hernandez-Bischof on February 23, 2019

    I will try this over pasta. Thankx

  • musiclover on April 6, 2019

    I love ground turkey!

  • Oksana K on June 20, 2019

    Great dish! My family loved it . Thank you 🙏, chef John ! 👏👏👏♥️

  • Mike James on August 6, 2019

    Ground turkey is great because it's low carb – high protein. That alone makes it tastier. I love love LOVE me some albondigas. I can't wait to make this Chef John. Thanks for putting really good food in our reach. We thank you!

  • M Mahtnart on October 7, 2019

    Was there a small chance that you over seasoned?

  • Ross Temple on October 15, 2019

    We make Mexican Meatball Soup a lot. In our meatballs we add the 5min rice uncooked into the meatballs. Then we put the meatballs raw in prepared liquid and cook till the rice and meatballs are done. If you’re having a wave of sickness in your house, this is a comfort food that will clear sinuses and make you feel better. Matter as a fact I think I’ll make these for supper. Thanks chef John

  • Turkey is my favorite ground meat…

  • John Boyd on November 19, 2019

    Really enjoyed making this. I used a sauce made from squash, as I didn't have a marinara sauce. Will be much better with a good marinara. Finally, im grinning, because I seldom eat ground beef; mostly TURKEY. I must be OK as a cook, because my turkey meatloaf has been enjoyed for years. Love your videos. Thanks

  • Ryan GUNSTRUCTION Hayward on December 1, 2019

    I actually love ground turkey lol…..I know all ways that one person right…

  • Michael Orr on March 24, 2020

    Damp hands make smooth balls

  • Tony Salvatore on August 22, 2020

    Al – bon – dee – gah's

  • maggierose97 on October 4, 2020

    Can I use bulgur wheat instead of rice in the meatballs?

  • El Corajudo Carpincho  on October 17, 2020

    es albóndigas con acento en la O maestro! buenísima la receta ídolo!

  • Russell Todd on November 3, 2020

    I've had this recipe bookmarked forever and finally got around to making a batch today. Delicious! I would never have thought that turkey meatballs could be this good. I added onions, as Chef John suggested, and it turned out great. This is going to be my go-to meatball recipe from now on.

  • Chelsea Chelsea on March 1, 2021


  • C G on May 21, 2021

    LOL Albóndigas. Thank you.

  • Dirk Diggler on October 26, 2021

    I really wish you made this into the soup version, but that did look really good.

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