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UFC 243 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1 ctm magazine

On Episode 1 of UFC 243 Embedded, middleweight champion Robert Whittaker enjoys the calm before the storm, playing video games and wrangling his kids for a family photo shoot. Lightweight Al Iaquinta acclimates to Australia in the gym. Interim middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and lightweight Dan Hooker are greeted in Melbourne with a traditional haka. UFC 243 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the middleweight title unification bout taking place Saturday, October 5th. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV 
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  • humboldtalvarez707 on October 4, 2019

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to not know he's been snitched on by 69..

  • KJ on October 4, 2019

    Robert Whittaker is the Tyson Fury of MMA.

  • benjamin pazrosas on October 4, 2019

    FFWD to adesanya 3:38

  • Angus T on October 4, 2019

    Adesanya = professional victim

  • han solo on October 4, 2019

    Still waiting to see ferguson vs werdum

  • Monkenaut on October 4, 2019

    Whittaker looking sharp.

  • Hugh Joel Caulk on October 4, 2019

    3:59 Those performers could definitely use a new costume designer and f**k "Supreme" I'd much rather have that "Emotional Baggage" tote bag. That $hi+ is DOPE!

  • smackdowner on October 4, 2019

    Robert Whittaker with this one by KO

  • nicolasl on October 4, 2019

    Surely the doom part was sponsored? Doesn't UFC have to state in the description that it was sponsored?

  • Both of these guys are so chill. I think Rob is more genuine about his chill tho

  • 90s on October 4, 2019

    that airport dance shit looks stupid as fuck hahahahas

  • Magical YouTube Poop on October 4, 2019

    Based and redpilled dancing Kiwis.

  • Jon Gib on October 4, 2019

    Adesanya gonna learn some respect come Saturday

  • morbidmanner on October 4, 2019

    (4:38) now we know what Soa the Hulk has been up too

  • Sizwe Jin on October 4, 2019

    Al doesn't deserve to be co main event .

  • Muranda Corson on October 4, 2019

    4:45 did adesanya just kiss that guy in the. Mouth lol

  • moody edge on October 4, 2019

    Nigerian born New Zealander…….🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ Welcome to 2019.

  • Mesüt No Massistchenko on October 4, 2019

    Al Iaquinta let’s go !!! 🙏🏻

  • Max Moore on October 4, 2019

    Isreal…you are NOT the Champ.

  • محمد الامريكي on October 4, 2019

    Robert is a straight up gamer lol

  • Opportunity Y.B on October 4, 2019

    Adesanya wasn't born in New Zealand!?

  • Yumjoy Style: Your favorite bully on October 4, 2019

    5:17 can anyone tell me about the problems the Pacific Islanders and African youth are having in Australia, I'm not from there.

  • Dicken Cider on October 5, 2019

    Emotional Baggage 😆😂🤣

  • Ben Melluish on October 5, 2019

    Playing Doom on Zen? Rob is the GOAT.

  • Daniel Benisti on October 5, 2019

    4:00 wtf???

  • Alen Kikić on October 5, 2019

    C'mon Rob a Radeon, really?

  • Diamond Back on October 5, 2019

    Only samoan champ I've ever liked was the USOs in WWE lol

  • nieooj gotoy on October 5, 2019

    Rob: "Is that Dada? Is that Dada??" Daughter: "Dad, this is a shirt.. you're right there… Are you ok?"

  • kidk007 on October 5, 2019

    Tony is the type of guy to arrange to have Polynesian dancers welcome Israel to Australia.

  • Craig Timmis on October 5, 2019

    4:57 Good to see Korg making an appearance to support Stylebender

  • MultiBearsfan54 on October 5, 2019

    Never knew Robert Whittaker was a straight up gamer lmfao.

  • R S on October 5, 2019

    Haka Dance. Good stuff 👍.

  • DREVM on October 5, 2019

    Adesanya might be the biggest spaz in MMA I was surprised to see he’s almost 30 because he speaks like a teenager who got some fame.

  • Soinas Doyi on October 5, 2019

    If Ortega got paid every time that commercial played he’d never have to fight again

  • DREVM on October 5, 2019

    The narrative that UFC “always stacks their cards unlike boxing” needs to stop. I’ve been tracking all the full cards this year and outside of 2-3, most are one good-great fight, one decent fight and then average to crap the rest of the way. Iaquinta Hooker is not a PPV co main and the the rest of the card is average to crap.

  • kris rolton on October 5, 2019

    Robert Whittaker is the everyday man, plays video games, doesn't act fake he's just the real deal. From myself and all of Australia, you are a true legend of this sport and will be a hall famer in the land down under !

  • vaux_man vv on October 5, 2019

    0:58 you know Rob loves tech lol

  • James D. Blanchard on October 5, 2019

    Robert Whittaker is as real as it gets…I mean as Adesanya is on stage crying about memes & all that Middle School 🐂💩 RW responds by saying "I don't believe I've talked any 💩 outside of sharing a pic someone else posted, I'm Sorry"… or as a Reporter asks RW what he thinks about IA.? His immediate response is "I don't think about him"… only to IA pop off saying "just come with that same energy blah F'n blah" he needs to distance himself from Marty Usman cause almost every other word that comes out of his mouth is literally the same garbage Usman tries to throw out there…only difference is, once Adesanya & Usman agree on what stupid 💩 they intend to say, Marty tries to use his very best LL Cool J tone that only makes him sound just a little worse than when IA gets his turn to use their 🐂💩…

    I cannot wait for The Reaper to be the First Style Bender & derail this hype train… Great Fighter, no doubt about that, but sometimes you just need to reminded that you are human, you are in the UFC, & everyone who enters that Octagon has the potential to end your streak…hype…life.!!

  • James D. Blanchard on October 5, 2019

    Just to add to the novel of a Comment I wrote below, is it just me or has Adesanya looked as if he's nervous or injured/sick.? On multiple occasions I've noticed he's had this weird look on his face, like he has a little less of his usual confidence, or is he just extremely focused on this Fight.? Looks to me like he's thinking he bit off more than he can chew & isn't ready for a stage this big, a Fight of this magnitude, & although some of you will say the Gastelum bout was just as big or just as significant as this bout but it's a different Killer he's facing in front of his people…& if his confidence is diminished just a little, he won't get past the 2nd or 3rd Round vs RW…

  • Tribal Chief on October 5, 2019

    I predict Israel Adesanya knocking out Robert Whittaker in a few hours by the most spectacular knockout that you'll ever see mark my words.There's a new KingPin in town and he goes by The Last Style Bender trust me

  • opzz xsin on October 6, 2019

    These guys deserve a ton of respect. “Escaping reality” I understand every word brother.

  • DeeDeePolishton TV on October 6, 2019

    Lol i though he was black. He has a black style of haircut and beard. Hilarious.

  • samuell208 on October 6, 2019

    Is it true Whittaker plays RuneScape? What a legend if he does 😁

  • Eric Hoskinson on November 26, 2019

    Video games take over so many ppls lives he fights once a year so he can play video games all day lol

  • JZZYNZ on December 31, 2019

    “To support a Nigerian born New Zealander that’s fighting a New Zealand born Australian” was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, beautiful

  • Johannes Iithete on September 8, 2021

    Who's here Sept 2021.. Izzy all days no doubt #andstill much love From Namibia 🇳🇦

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