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UFC 245: Alexander Volkanovski & Max Holloway Octagon Interview ctm magazine

After a very close bout in the co-main event, hear from Alexander Volkanovski & Max Holloway.

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  • Rasul Allaniyazov on August 17, 2021

    Max Hooloway champion

  • Огнян Йордaнов on September 26, 2021

    Joe Rogan is humiliating himself calling Max the greatest featherweight and to increase the level of his foolishness he even said "without a doubt" . How come he is "the greatest" when Jose Aldo is levels ahead of him? Max fought 8 title fights, lost 3 of them and defended his title 3 times. Jose fought 10 title fights, won 8 and defended his title 7 consecutive times. Not to mention their records, Max is 22-6 and Jose is 30-7. Yes max won against him but that is not an argument for him to be the greatest. Either I am mistaken or Rogan tried to hype Max up. But the disrespect to Aldo is unreal.

  • PERKIO DERKIO on September 27, 2021

    3:19 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Troy Gregor on September 29, 2021

    Wanna hear a crowd? Bring a Volkanovski title fight to Australia!!! Guaranteed you'll never hear a crowd like it!!!

  • HRISTO GAEL GOMEZ DELGADILLO on September 30, 2021

    What a shit

  • Дмитрий Медведев on October 16, 2021

    This dude claims he's the best boxer in the world but gets outboxed by a rugby guy.

  • YoloSwaggXD on October 25, 2021

    I remember when they said Max got robbed in this fight. Keep hating. He’s gonna be here for a long time.

  • Benjiii on November 10, 2021

    Clearly 50 – 45, maybe a 49 – 46 but if all judges put that down it would’ve looked like Alex whupped Max’s ass. That did not happen. Alex just had the perfect gameplan, executed it and outclassed max. The leg kicks stopped max from being able to keep the volume and unstoppable pressure on. Good fight regardless

  • Nice on November 13, 2021

    2:05 me at the ufc tournament.

  • A M J on November 14, 2021

    Joe calling max the GOAT of fw is a joke… Aldo will never be topped in that division

  • Uncoloured Steve on November 15, 2021

    Max really thought he won this fight lmao

  • MDM on December 27, 2021

    With all the backlash Aspen Ladd's coach was getting few months ago I want them to see this, I mean what were Max's coaches were telling him that he thought he won this same in the second fight he was up with 2 rounds and 3 was super close I don't think Max went all in round 4 and 5

  • Master Jenkins on January 4, 2022

    how do 2 judges go so 1 way then 1 so far the other way wtf

  • Dynamo_0 on January 27, 2022

    Almost burst out laughing at the two 48-47 scorecards and then the one 50-45 . Its like the first two judges tried to sugarcoat it for the champ and the third just comes through with brutal honesty

  • Sukhdev R34 on February 25, 2022

    Why is this idiot calling Max the greatest featherweight of all time? It NEVER has been Max. It used to be Aldo and now you can make a very strong case for Volk.

  • Sukhdev R34 on February 25, 2022

    That uppercut didn't even land.

  • Sukhdev R34 on February 25, 2022

    I think it's 50-45 or 49-46.

  • m t on March 30, 2022

    Holloway sucks. That little laugh at the end sounds stupid. And I'm from Hawaii. Go back to Waianae with the rest of the homeless crackheads

  • Omen Fn on April 2, 2022

    Lol doesn’t even mention Conor as a champion

  • Georg Jordis on April 12, 2022

    "And you are without a doubt the greatest featherweight of all time" to Max Holloway, after he lost a championship fight?
    Holloway now has a(n outstanding) record of 23-6, Volkanovski now 24-1, McGregor 22-6.
    He's definitely one of the greatest of all time, but to call him THE greatest? That's probably highly disputable

  • pussyhammer69 on April 13, 2022

    Wasn't close at all, great fight.

  • Fabio D on April 30, 2022


  • Əlirza Babayev on May 26, 2022

    Underrated fighter of all Time!

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