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UFC 249: Weigh-in ctm magazine

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  • dftns on May 9, 2020

    Jairzinho vs Derrick Lewis! Will be like this "find the seven difference" newspaper entertainment!

  • Liam C on May 9, 2020

    Come on cruz!!!

  • Lil ZUZU on May 9, 2020

    Was it jus me or cowboy looked drunk

  • Tholu on May 9, 2020

    Some of them are fat as fuck… Are they really a fighter?

  • Alexander Morrell on May 9, 2020

    pettis 155 cowboy 171?

  • Kram James Aloera on May 9, 2020

    dunno if its Kattar or Max Kellerman, im confused rn

  • This Is Sewious on May 9, 2020

    Cruz losses 2nd round by ground and pound

  • Not Sure on May 9, 2020

    Don't know why Tony didn't wait for the Russian. Also why is Dom Cruz fighting against the champ. Dom is good but he hasn't fought in a long time

  • Top Fish on May 9, 2020

    who the fuck is that guy @2:30 ?

  • David Cleveland on May 9, 2020

    I was hoping they would add crowd noise in the background. Still is great to see some fights but I think that would make it more normal

  • Dano on May 9, 2020

    my prediction? PAIN.

  • Harley Likes Magic on May 9, 2020

    Hey, look…

    Werdum is indeed fighting on Tony's undercard.


  • Lee Watts on May 9, 2020

    I guess that big head will be an easy target for dominick..believe is a good thing, arrogance is just annoying.

  • M S on May 9, 2020

    Why cowboy look like he's weighing in after the fight? Dudes face was beat red 😂

  • valentino00o on May 9, 2020

    2:50 Spread the Virus on the scale .Poor next 2 fighters I think they got infected

  • Lee Watts on May 9, 2020

    What you think peeps… Justin or Tony? …….. For me, got to be Tony all the way.

  • M S on May 9, 2020

    Michelle waterson is the first mom to fight during a pandemic

  • Raj Barik on May 9, 2020

    Kabbibi hiding in the towel

  • Mahmod Nasser on May 9, 2020

    When will the fight be

  • Tricky Dicky Ball on May 9, 2020


  • Anthony Lopez on May 9, 2020

    Rip ring girls 😢

  • D M on May 9, 2020

    Say what you want about Cejudo, the dudes a stud

  • BrianNichol on May 9, 2020

    Cowboy be looking like a Farmer

  • MoodSwings on May 9, 2020

    powinni wazyc 1min przed walka ;p

  • Salah Salah on May 9, 2020

    Pls don’t lose tony

  • Absoloootly on May 9, 2020

    Please Cowboy, retire…

  • Supri Yadi on May 9, 2020

    Tony gak jadi sama Khabib yaw

  • PP ACADEMY on May 9, 2020

    Why Donald cerony keep fighting? He's been losing so many times….

  • PP ACADEMY on May 9, 2020

    Donald cerony doesn't have any spirit anymore to fight…why he keep fighting? Is it just because of the money? He is risking his life…do some bussiness if you wanna have money…not fighting.

  • Grin and Bear it on May 10, 2020

    This fight was bull shit. How many people ppv to watch a call like that. Fuck ufc

  • Alvin YpL on May 10, 2020

    Justin smash Tony easily hahahha..
    How could Tony beats Khabib???

  • Eggsy vT on May 10, 2020

    Became a fan just as fast he retired 😰

  • calamorta on May 10, 2020

    8:16 how does she want to look intimidating when she later makes one of the sweetest poses a human can make (basically 2 seconds later)?

  • Chris Muise on May 10, 2020


  • Dan on May 10, 2020

    Just a random question, why do some fighters need special weigh ins? Like Jeremy for example. Why does he have a black 'curtain' covering him? What's the purpose of it?

  • The Pondering Minimalist on May 10, 2020

    Tony cutting 2 times, he looks like a ribbed beef..no wonder he lost..

  • A Khosrowshahi on May 12, 2020

    UFC 249 Thanks Babe

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