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UFC 250: Inside the Octagon – Nunes vs Spencer ctm magazine

In this episode John and Dan preview the UFC 250 main event, as women’s featherweight champion, Amanda ‘The Lioness’ Nunes, takes on Felicia ‘Feenom’ Spencer.

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  • One In A Million. on June 3, 2020

    Its cool and understandable, that «the outlaw» to «appreciate» and talk Spencer up, to make it a little more «even»… Spencer is durable, but has never ever faced top Elite 35/45rs and won. Nunes has fought and totally deestroyed ALL the female greates, within 1st round, in 2 weight classes. One fluke vs Zingano, 2 secs from finishing Cat in R1. So 1 fluke, then 10 in a row, 4 of which was belt defenses. Only GDR, ONLY GDR, has the power and technique striking-wise to show Nunes the door. But Nunes shut her down with TDs and GP and agressively seeking subs to finish.
    Nunes via KO/TKO R2.. (maybe a chocke to finish Spencer, she has skills and 5 2’ 75+ kg in the octagon. But there are openings ALL over Spencers game, reckless and not very athletic.
    You need heavier Ammo to even pose a threath to Nunes. Nunes via KO/TKO R1-2.
    Good luck Spencer, and to the lioness, Amanda Nunes.☝🏼😎✌🏼

  • Ravi Vishwakarma on June 3, 2020

    1 round is going to be tough for challenger .

  • One In A Million. on June 3, 2020

    «A real 145r»..?!??? Nunes destroyed Cyborg, the Queen of 145 for 10 years, so I think Nunes can handle Spencers size…. I do think so…🤔🙄☝🏼✌🏼

  • A-12 on June 3, 2020

    Amanda will be too quick and too strong for her.

  • Pace Ragged on June 3, 2020

    I wish inside the octagon was in a ufc game. how cool would that be?

  • T W on June 3, 2020

    Coming back to shit on all of you who give Spencer no chance after this. Not saying she's going to win but I think her performance will surprise you

  • Luis Osorio on June 4, 2020

    Stop lying to the people.

  • J San on June 4, 2020

    I get they have to do everything in their power to sell the fight but c'mon…. this girl is going to get slept by the Lioness.

  • TuleeMaster on June 4, 2020

    Dana said Nunes power is like if a VW bug would hit you at 35mph.

  • Angelo Carl Cereneo on June 4, 2020

    Felicia Spencer is good in submission.. I hope she's gonna win.

  • Vajrahaha Shunyata on June 4, 2020

    Ananda gets an easy paycheck…

  • Ricky Rodriguez on June 4, 2020

    🤣🤣🤣 they're trying so hard to make Felecia seem like a threat💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤮

  • Billabong on June 4, 2020

    Nunez is great but Spencer might win. (A little more of everything though)

  • Zeekey1221 on June 4, 2020

    Spencer finishes Nunes in the 4th Round. 💸🏦

  • Van Goghs Severed Ear on June 4, 2020

    I wouldve preferred them break down the Garbrandt fight. "Nunes beats her round 1, fight has been analyzed" wouldve sufficed in this one. Women's division has such a gigantic disparity in the top athletes its hard to even find a challenge for people like Nunes and Shevchenko. I guess we will see if Im wrong or not on Saturday

  • Super Skunk on June 4, 2020

    If you think this fight sucks for a main event just look at next week's card…

  • Sirios Star on June 5, 2020

    Wow, an intelligent discussion of the fight game . really well thought out and presented .
    Not your usual “ she gonna knock that B out “ crap.

  • Ben A on June 5, 2020

    Just not the same without the studio. The screen makes it.

  • TexasWelder on June 5, 2020

    Another lamb to the slaughter.
    Let's see schevchenko vs Nunes 3

  • Big Cat on June 5, 2020

    The lioness is such a fitting name. She might want to change it to the goat(greatest of all time)

  • Dadbod on June 5, 2020

    Nunes looks like a fierce pro athlete, Spencer looks like a slow punching Karen, you see fighting for TV's on black friday. Nunes within 1minute!

  • brad leary on June 5, 2020

    Love these two!

  • dees corgis on June 5, 2020

    Might be a good fight. ALWAYS pay the big bucks to watch Nunes and other women fight. Have to do PPV this time though. I don't understand why he is talking like Spencer's grappling might be an advantage against Nunes, a full-on jiu jitsu black belt???? No way does Spencer have an advantage on the ground.

  • Marcus Jones on June 5, 2020

    This is a bad bad match up for Amanda Nunes….

  • kiNdnesS spRinkles on June 6, 2020

    I love you baby

  • Yamabushi Warrior on June 6, 2020

    Felicia isn't a true striker, at least not with her fists. Her kicks are cool. But Amanda is going knock her out, 2nd or 3rd round.

  • kobe bryant on June 6, 2020

    Oh man i can just imagine people with their bye filicia jokes.

  • eazle on June 6, 2020

    i hope spencer win this for her! but i think nunes is to strong and to fast for her.

  • K Visualz on June 6, 2020

    Amanda beat cyborg spence couldnt beat her i dont even see the point in the fight

  • Artesian on June 6, 2020

    John Gooden must be earning well, to have a car collection like that.

  • ri3it483qthirf on June 6, 2020

    Felicia looks like she likes to throw caution to the wind and push to the cage. She's gonna get caught doing that against Nunes, mark my words.

  • William Mazur on June 6, 2020

    Nunes will TKO fast , even if it goes distance Nunes is far more skilled and her cardio is improved, she can last in longer fights

  • hasarutoe tensakey on June 6, 2020

    I love Amanda she is truly putting woman ufc on da spot

  • al1970able on June 7, 2020

    Women's sports are dog shit to watch……..always.
    No joy watching girls trying to fight….it is dull.

  • Lord Berus on June 7, 2020

    Spencer will get mauled period

  • Spoiler ! Nunes has a penis !!!!!

  • Mine Torres on June 7, 2020

    WTF!!!! I can´t see the fucking fight!! this is so bad for me xD

  • Ranveer Singh on June 7, 2020

    Megan anderson vs amanda nunes she can beat amanda nunes

  • Ranveer Singh on June 7, 2020

    I want megan vs nunes

  • David Negrete on July 8, 2020

    Can't WAIT for the Usman vs Masvidal episode!

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