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UFC 267: Magomed Ankalaev Octagon Interview ctm magazine

UFC light heavyweight Magomed Ankalaev pushed his professional record to 16-1 with a unanimous decision win over Volkan Oezdemir to open up the UFC 267 main card in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

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  • Pietro Ferrari on October 30, 2021

    Glory to all russians fighters, made all of us proud. Mashallah we have more! ☝🏻☝🏻

  • Abdullah Hamid on October 31, 2021

    Wow ufc 267💀🙄🧠🤜🧠🦁🦁🦁🦁🖤❤💚

  • Sandra Bliss on October 31, 2021

    When it comes to the world of investing, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance.*…

  • Ahmady Waizy on October 31, 2021

    I wanna see him and Jiri Pohatska !!!

  • Daniel Kurlan on October 31, 2021

    Honey boo boo hasbula. Baka Bazi boi

  • Hector Badis on October 31, 2021

    Begs the question.

    "How good is Paul Craig?!"

  • Aizad Muhammad on October 31, 2021

    This guy mentality remind me of gane. Take less damage and did enough to win a fight. Mayb not entertaining but definitely very effective. The dark horse of LHW.

  • Dits on October 31, 2021

    Russia land of warriors

  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021

    Ankalaev Beast

  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021

    Ankalaev natural killer

  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021


  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021

    Анкалаеву нужен ещё один претендентский поединок и можно выйти на титульник!

  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021

    У Анкалаева нет слабых мест, он просто красавчик!

  • Диего Орландо on October 31, 2021

    Интересно, кто будет его следующим соперником?
    Только Ракич на ум приходит

  • Shanshu Photo on October 31, 2021

    Russian🇷🇺…. Fighter y?? Tey don't speak English

  • TUHAN ULANG TAHUN on October 31, 2021

    Gudang fighter terbaik ada di Russia

  • JLP PRODUCTIONS 1995 on October 31, 2021

    why is the translator wearing pyjamas?

  • 潜沈 on October 31, 2021

    He looks like a bran owl

  • Klefthoof Robert on October 31, 2021

    Volkan was just too slow, no change he will ever beat Ankalaev after that showing, when you're 32, you ain't gonna get any quicker 😛 actually the opposite.

  • Abrorbek Sobirov on October 31, 2021

    Magomed Lider ufs

  • Abrorbek Sobirov on October 31, 2021

    Ankalaev Ufs

  • Mu Qani on October 31, 2021

    Light heavy weight is full of killers now no wonder Jones run away, every division is stacked now hope UFC continues to recruit the best fighters from all around the world. What a time to be an MMA fan.!

  • Faisal Alharthi on October 31, 2021

    أسد 🦁

  • 이지승 on October 31, 2021

    Jiri vs glover for the next title fight and ankalaev vs Rakic for the title challenge and Smith vs Jan are the fights to make 100%💪🏼💪🏼

  • Albert torres on October 31, 2021

    Are all these khabib clones train together? Wth is goin on.

  • Абдулхамид Умаров on October 31, 2021


  • Ren Nohara on October 31, 2021

    This guy is so undrrated and a frack of nature

  • Lucas Claro on October 31, 2021

    The Guy Just came out of the old testament to fight lol

  • FFocus Tv on October 31, 2021

    He can be champ!

  • Don Cabron on October 31, 2021

    Looking forward to Magomed vs Jiri in the future

  • Ugo Dasilva on October 31, 2021

    Bon les gars d'Europe on va se déter, les gars à l'Est sont entrain de nous faire passer pour des petits. Les gars, en vrai ils grandissent dans la merde, on a des putains d'infrastructures. Mais justement, je crois que les temps durs font des hommes forts, et lorsqu'il y a prospérité cela donne des hommes faibles…

  • Al Foster on October 31, 2021

    It’s a Dagestan take over!

  • Stepdad on October 31, 2021

    I got Magomed as champ by 2023

  • Jamil Ragab on November 1, 2021

    الله يحميك يا انكلاف

  • Mu Qani on November 1, 2021

    Was surprised how good he was, didn’t even look like he fought in the end interview

  • Russo Ferreira on November 2, 2021

    Magomed ankalaev será futuro campeão do UFC 🙏🏻

  • Шамиль Шмель on November 2, 2021

    Ц1уй Мух1амад Ц1уй☝️👽

  • sherif nabil on November 2, 2021

    Ankalaev vs Jiri or Rakic… and then winner gets title shot

  • Manish Gusain on November 3, 2021

    Khabib already said that Ankalaev will be a champ in his division and boy is he wrong? He's that good

  • hasan el on November 3, 2021

    ankalaev…pleas learn english, speak english. it will give you more benefit

  • Adrian Ceptureanu on November 3, 2021

    His striking accuracy is so good, he got good grappling skills also.I think this guy is verry underrated.. i see him going vs any top 5 in LHW.Looks so humble even if he dominated this entire fight.

  • George18798 on November 5, 2021

    Magomed Ankalaev vs Aleksandar Rakic
    Jan Blachowicz vs Anthony Smith
    Thiago Santos vs Dominic Reyes
    Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka

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